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WoW TBC Classic Cooking Guide

World of Warcraft has many professions, cooking being one of the minor professions. However today you will see how important it is to try cooking in TBC. Whether you're a mage or warrior no matter the race or class, you should do cooking, as it can be extremely profitable and helpful for leveling and raiding.

This guide will show you the easiest and fastest way to level your cooking, with no need to buy resources at the auction house. Just simple, free, TBC Classic leveling.

What is Cooking in WoW TBC Classic

Cooking is a minor profession that shares its place with first-aid and fishing. Since cooking is a minor profession, it can be taken with major professions like mining, blacksmithing, herbalism, etc.

This makes it an invaluable profession to keep you boosted while questing without having negative expenses. Everyone likes buffs in dungeons, why not use the food of Azeroth to help boost you through.

The WoW TBC Classic Cooking Trainers

▪Stephen Ryback in Stormwind City.
▪Daryl Riknussun in Ironforge.
▪Alegorn in Darnassus.
▪Gremlock Pilsnor in Dun Morogh.
▪Tomas in Elwyn Forest.
▪Zarrin in Teldrassil
▪Mumman in Exodar.
▪Aska Mistrunner in Thunder Bluff
▪Eunice Burch in Undercity.
▪Zamja in Orgrimmar.
▪Duhng in The Barrens
▪Mudduk in Stranglethorn Vale
▪Pyall Silentstride in Mulgore.
▪Sylann in Silvermoon City.

These are the trainers representing the horde and alliance. All of these trainers can be found in major cities. Additional cooking recipes can be found throughout your leveling journey from either quests or random drops. 

Leveling WoW TBC Classic Cooking

While you level up your cooking, be sure to visit your cooking trainers often to learn new recipes.

(1 - 40)

The starting cooking levels are easy to get and require no hunting. At your cooking supply vendor you can buy 60x Spice Bread - 60x Simple Flour, 60x Mild Spices. With these ingredients, you want to make spice bread till it goes gray. These resources are easily accessible as they come from the cooking vendors.


Remember once you have hit level 50 in cooking you can increase your skill to Journeyman Cooking. Your cooking can only go to level 75 before you are forced to learn Journeyman Cooking or else it will not progress. This is why it is important to visit your cooking trainers often!

40-80 skill is relatively easy and has many varieties to choose from, namely:

▪40x Smoked Bear Meat - Requires 40 Bear Meat
▪40x Boiled Clams - Requires 40 Clam Meat 
▪40x Spiced Wolf Meat - Requires 40 Stringy Wolf Meat 

When leveling your cooking from 40-80 choose any one of these recipes to level your cooking. The resources can be gathered in most starting areas or bought for very cheap off of the auction house making them great for early cooking.


We're starting to get higher up on the list, and you should be mastering how it all works at this point. 80-130 is still easy to level, we will focus on the Boiled Clams from earlier till 110. A great place to farm Clam Meat is in Westfall along the coastline, or in Darkshore. Pretty much any place that has a coastline in the early levels will supply you with plenty of meat. A bonus to opening clams is that they can often drop pearls which can be sold to the auction house for a tidy profit.

Once you have gotten to 110, you want to focus on making 30x Crab Cake from 30x Crawler Meat.

This should get you to level 125.

125 - Expert Cooking

Once you hit level 125 in cooking, you will not be able to get any more levels. You need to purchase the Expert Cookbook to be able to continue leveling the cooking profession. Here is where you get the Expert Cookbook:

Alliance Expert Cooking

Alliance can pick up the Expert Cookbook in Ashenvale from Shandrina. 

Horde Expert Cooking

Horde can pick up the Expert Cookbook from Keena in the Arathi Highlands.

Once you have picked up these books you can right-click them to become an expert in cooking.


Once you've become an expert cook it's back to business as usual. Finish off your Crab Cakes till you get to 130.

From there you will need to cook 50x Curiously Tasty Omelet which is made from 50x Raptor Eggs. This is the easiest and cheapest way to level from 125-175 and can help you farm skinning and general experience. This also puts you in the correct zone for the next phase of cooking levels.


As from the previous step, you will need to be in Arathi Highlands. You can farm raptor flesh and raptor eggs from the same raptors.
You can pick up the recipe - Recipe: Roast Raptor from Hammon Karwn for the alliance and byKeena for the horde.

You will need 50x Raptor Flesh to make 50x Roast Raptor which will get you to 225 in cooking.

225 - Artisan Cooking

Just like with level 125 in cooking, you need to go through another obstacle before you can level up your cooking again. However, this time, it isn't a book you can buy, but a quest you need to complete. You will get this quest once you've reached 225 in cooking and no sooner. So make sure you level your cooking to 225 before you go for it.

The quest location is in Tanaris and you get it from Dirge Quikcleave. Before you go to him make sure you get:

▪12x Giant Egg
▪10x Zesty Clam Meat
▪20x Alterac Swiss

This is important because this is what you will need to hand in the quest and continue leveling your cooking. Save yourself some time, gather all of these ingredients, and get to 225 in cooking before heading to Tanaris.


After you've handed in the quest and gotten Artisan Cooking, your next step is to get the recipe for Tender Wolf Steak in Tanaris from  Dirge Quikcleave. This will require you to farm 25 Tender Wolf Meat to make 25x Tender Wolf Steak. That should easily get you to 250.


Farming for 250 - 285 is some of the easiest and best cooking levels. You have the choice between:

▪Charred Bear Kabobs
▪Juicy Bear Burger 

These two recipes can be bought and farmed in Felwood. You can buy the recipes from Malygen for the Alliance andBale for the Horde.

This is quite a simple task, farm 50 or so bears for their Bear Flank and choose which recipe you want for its stats.


This is when things get a bit tricky again. You need to complete two quests in order to get this recipe. Luckily whilst doing the quest, you can farm the materials needed to level your cooking.

The two quests needed to get this recipe are in Silithus and are as follows:

1.Desert Recipe
2.Sharing the Knowledge

While completing the quest you can farm 15x Sandworm Meat which will be enough to get you to level 300.


Congratulations, you've completed cooking in Classic. Now it's on to TBC content. First things first, you must get a Master Cookbook. This will allow you to level from 300-375 (max level of cooking)

The two recipes from 300-340 are as follows:

▪40x Ravager Dog which you will need 40x Ravager Flesh 
▪40x Buzzard Bites which you will need 40x Buzzard Meat 

Make 40 of either one, both are great for current dungeon content and boost your party's DPS. So it's your choice which one you make. Both of these ingredients can be found in Hellfire Peninsula.


Your next step is to make 20x Warp Burger from 20x Warped Flesh which comes from Terokkar forest. It's relatively easy to farm these and they're great for stats. Also if you're a skinner you can make quite a bit of gold from skinning while you're farming the meat.

The recipes come from Supply Officer Mills for the Alliance and Innkeeper Grilka for the horde.


Last step. This is a personal choice, but both of these recipes will get you to level 375:

▪60x Crunchy Serpent which you will need 60x Serpent Flesh
▪60x Mok'Nathal Shortribs which you will need 60x Raptor Ribs

These recipes can be purchased from Sassa Weldwell in Blade's Edge Mountains for the Alliance and from Xerintha Ravenoak for the horde, also found in Blade's Edge Mountains.


Cooking in WoW TBC Classic is a journey, and it's best to start that journey as you begin your adventure in WoW. No need to rush, cooking is a relaxing and profitable way of life. Check out SSEGold for all our guides and our cheap prices on TBC Classic Gold. Happy cooking!

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