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The Best WoW TBC Classic AddOns you can Install Right Now!

What exactly are WoW Classic TBC AddOns?

Fans of WoW play the game because they love the game. But the things and people that you love are not always perfect, and the same goes with WoW TBC Classic. The game does have its flaws, and no one can ignore them.

But love is all about helping your loved one through their tough times, isn't it? And this is why, fans of the game who happen to be adept at coding, create these scripts that can be added in and function within the game.

These scripts are known as "AddOns" (or mods, UI, and so on), that change, and usually improve the game in some way. Many tiny flaws that the game might possess as perceived by the general public can be "fixed" by the creation and employment of such WoW Classic TBC AddOns.

You may think that all of this sounds a little shady and illegal, but Blizzard actually encourages players to create their own AddOns for the game.

What is NOT allowed, however, are .exe files that happen to be called AddOns. These extensions are usually against Blizzard's Terms of Service and can possibly be malicious, stealing your private and sensitive information when installed; so be wary of them.

Our Top 5 TBC Classic AddOns!

Not all AddOns are created equal, and you deserve to know which ones are worth your time without having to break your head by figuring it out yourself. This is why our team at SSE Gold has figured out the 5 best TBC Classic AddOns you can use the next time you play WoW!


Everyone knows about the notorious WoW Classic auction house prices, and what a tough time players have making sound decisions.

The Auctionator AddOn is here to make your life as an auctioneer that much easier. The WoW Classic TBC Auctionator AddOn is designed to get rid of all the tedium that goes into posting and managing auctions.

The Auctionator Classic AddOn allows you to seamlessly and accurately add WoW Classic TBC Items with a laser precise search, allows you to make a full scan of the auction house, makes everything regarding selling and the selling tab much more convenient, and more!

With Auctionator, the WoW Classic TBC auction house prices never looked simpler, and you now also have bragging rights for your friends to show them what a master auctioneer you are, whether it be Auctionator Classic or for TBC.

There are new updates coming frequently for Auctionator, so make sure to constantly be on the lookout to improve your auction house game!

There exists the Auctioneer AddOn too, which helps with sorting out WoW Classic tbc auction house prices, posting and purchasing in auction houses, and providing you with tools to be an auctioneer more efficiently, so check out the Auctioneer AddOn as well!


One of the most popular WoW TBC AddOns is Bagnon. This is a bag AddOn Classic WoW, as well as TBC Classic supports, which makes a player's life much simpler.

WoW flaunts an inventory system that is quite the horrible experience, having multiple bags for the variety of items you come across.

Bagnon WoW Classic takes this issue away by making one gigantic bag to keep all your items safe, along with other nifty features like a helpful search option, a colouring system to help you discern rare and valuable items from the trash, and more! Don't miss out on a WoW Classic bags AddOn such as Bagnon.


WoW's hot bars are something that have been frowned upon by players since time immemorial, and it is TBC Classic’s AddOns like Bartender 4 that are here to save a player's day.

Your small, essentially non-customizable hotbars are going to be replaced by ones whose macros can be customized, whose keybindings and positions can be set up just as you want to allow for completely comfortable and optimal play.

Weak Auras

Weak Auras 2 is a TBC Classic’s AddOn that can be a little daunting to some users, especially if you aren't too savvy with WoW's UI.

This AddOn functions as a system that portrays various visual elements on screen, indicating status effects, buffs and whatnot while further having extreme levels of customization, some essential and incredibly practical while the rest can be for aesthetic purposes, or just for fun.

Even if, for any reason, don't want to create your own customizations (because let's face it, it can be quite difficult in the beginning), you can simply import templates from the players that have created them, using scripts that you can trust in.


The reason we have listed BigWigs instead of the more popular boss encounter Classic TBC AddOns is because this mod way less intrusive than its competitors.

There's nothing worse than fighting against a boss, having to make split-second decisions just to have a loud and distracting alert flash on your screen which just makes the fight worse for you.

The messages, sounds, timer bars, and so forth all remain the same from the other AddOns, while also being smooth and less obstructive than the rest.

But if such AddOns are not enough, and you still have trouble with the bosses in this game, you can always get a little extra help from us at SSE Gold.

We at SSE Gold are a team of gold sellers that have been operating since 2007, having over a decade's worth of experience in selling gold to thousands of happy and returning customers, who settle for nothing less than our impeccable service.

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Honourable Mentions :

Petopia WoW

While not exactly an AddOn, wow-petopia.com is a very helpful website that can aid you in everything with regards to pets. Petopia Classic is another version of their website that guides you in WoW Classic's pet universe.

Petopia WoW lets you in on outdated looks and models of pets that previously existed, so it serves as an amazing directory of information for WoW pet enthusiasts.

And if you have an affinity of WoW Classic, the Petopia Classic version of their website will list all of the information you could ever desire on the pet universe of WoW Classic TBC. Petopia Classic also has its official forums where you can ask question and just discuss your love and adoration for the pets in WoW.

Whether it's Petopia in WoW Classic TBC or Petopia Classic, you will learn everything from every species of pet and choosing your pet to each pet's specific diet chart, and more!

How to Install TBC Classic AddOns:

Here are step-by-step instructions on how you should be installing WoW Classic TBC AddOns:

●Open your World of Warcraft game folder
●Open the folder titled 'Interface'
●Inside the 'Interface' folder, there should be a folder named 'AddOns'; open it
●Move the folder of the mod that you have downloaded into the 'AddOns' folder
●Open up World of Warcraft and visit your Character Selection Screen
●There should be an 'AddOns' button in the bottom-left corner; click on it to open a window thatlets you choose which AddOns you wish to turn on or off
●Proceed to play the game with your desired AddOns up and running for your pleasure!

And that is pretty much it.

There you have it, our guide to WoW TBC Classic AddOns and the best ones that you can use today. Enjoyed our content? Be sure to browse through our website for more!