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World of Warcraft TBC Classic Warrior Guide

Hey there! We heard you like the Warriors?

WoW TBC Classic has a bunch of amazing classes, and undoubtedly one of the coolest is the Warriors; not only in its theme or looks but its varied playstyle and different builds you can play him in.

In this article, our team of experienced WoW TBC Classic players have put together a guide to let you know the ins and outs of the Warrior class.

Get ready, cause we're about to hop in!

How to Level Warrior WoW TBC Classic

When leveling your Warrior, whether you are running an Arms Warrior rotation or a Fury Warrior rotation, what is most essential is first deciding what is your desired method of leveling. There exist two main methods: questing and leveling.


While questing can be a worthwhile investment of your time when it comes to leveling, it usually favours some classes over others, and Warriors with their Warrior talents and specs aren't the most optimal for questing, especially the Icy Veins Fury Warrior build you'll find.

What makes questing worth it, especially if you are running a Fury Warrior rotation with Fury Warrior talents is leveling up your chosen Professions as well as PvP alongside leveling your Warrior, which gives you an easier time at level 70 as well as letting you enjoy the process.


Arguably the most optimal source of experience while leveling, progressing through dungeons, when especially equipped with Arms Warrior talents, can be a very efficient source for gaining levels.

If paired with 4 other teammates who have sufficient skill and stick around you for a long time throughout your leveling journey. Any Arms Warrior guide or even the Icy Veins Fury Warrior guide will elaborate on the importance of dungeon grinding.

For optimal leveling in dungeons, there are two dungeon groups which give you the most bang for your buck in terms of XP/hour. We are not going to talk about Spell Cleave as that does not have anything to do with the Warrior and its Arms Warrior DPS build or even Fury Warrior rotation. We are going to talk about…

Melee Cleave: Any guide speaking about Arms Warrior DPS builds are completely eligible to be part of the Melee Cleave dungeon grinding group. Warriors utilize rage to deal massive damage while gaining access to skills like Cleave, Sweeping Strikes, and Whirlwind that allow you to do high amounts of cleave damage to multiple targets at a time.
Warriors are also naturally tanky, and with multiple warriors in one Melee Cleave group, your focus can be on dealing with the enemies while your healer can make sure they regenerate your mana by themselves to avoid wasting any time at all.

This group is the most flexible and usually consists of 3-4 Warriors usually possessing an Arms Warrior DPS build or sometimes WoW Fury Warrior talents in their builds. The other 1-2 members are usually Shamans or Paladins, but can be easily switched around depending on your needs.

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TBC Classic Warrior Specializations

The Warrior class has three different specializations to choose from, all with their benefits and downsides. Let us talk a bit about them:

Arms Warrior Guide

In this mini Arms Warrior Guide, we talk about the most popular spec for the Warrior class, specializing in two-handed weapons which conquer their opponents slowly but surely. Due to the Arms Warrior talents, they are a very desired partner for raids due to the variety of buffs and debuffs they provide.

Are you wondering which Warrior Profession you should go for? Here are our recommendations:

Blacksmithing: If high damage output is what you want, look no further. The weapons you craft through Blacksmithing will last till the endgame of TBC.

Engineering: While not directly benefiting your main specialization, it gives you other boosts. The stamina trinkets you can craft are valuable to be effective as a tanket and you get access to various other tools!

If you are confused as to which race to choose from, Humans are a great, well-rounded Alliance race which helps immensely during the early-game. Orc is undoubtedly the best Horde profession you can pick due to talents like Blood Fury and Hardiness.

Fury Warrior Guide

A good Fury Warrior rotation is just as valued as an Arms Warrior one, in terms of leveling and early game. This class focuses on dual-wielded weapons that deal massive AoE damage and are the most desired DPS class with an abundance of WoW Fury Warrior talents to choose from.

Here are our recommendations for Fury Warrior Professions you should go for:

Enchanting: Enchant Ring - Stats gives you a massive +8 in all your stats, adding to your health, Critical Strike Rating and Attack Power.

Jewelcrafting: Very useful if you feel like the standard gems aren't doing enough.

Stuck at choosing a race for your Fury Warrior? Why not take advantage of the new content released in TBC Classic and choose Dranei in the case of Alliance Races, as their talents benefit not only you, but the entire party. For Horde, we will stick to recommending Orc just like for the Warrior, for the same reasons. Don't fix what isn't broken, eh?

Protection Warrior Guide

Unlike a Fury Warrior Rotation, all of the Protection Warriors builds are aimed towards being a valuable tank for your party, especially for raids. If leveling efficiently is your main concern, then we suggest you pick either of the two previous specializations instead of this.

Here are our picks for the best professions you should go for as a Protection Warrior:

Engineering: The trinkets, utility items and various explosives offered make Engineering the ideal profession as a tank for a spec like Protection Warrior.

Enchanting/Leatherworking: The prior provides a +8 in all your stats and the latter is useful if no other player has access to drums in your raid group.

Which race should you pick for Protection Warriors? In terms of Alliance, Human is a great race for early game reputation farming through Diplomacy, being a well-rounded pick in general. As for Horde, we would undoubtedly recommend.

Tauren, as talents like Endurance increase your health drastically and make you an amazing tank.

And that has been our TBC Classic Warrior Guide. Enjoyed our content? Be sure to share it with your friends and browse our website for similar stuff!

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