• FIFA 16:SSE TOP 10 GOALS Round 5 (Dec.3)

    10/09, 2015

  • Final Fantasy XIV Airship Guide for Rank 1-14

    11-26, 2015

    This guide is to promote the fine activity of Company Airship and to spur discussion on details which still remain a mystery. Hope you can learn something useful from this guide.When you and your comp...

  • SSE Top 10 goals of the week (4)

    11-25, 2015

    By subscribing to our YouTube channel, you might win 20K FIFA 16 coins. Here we’ve got TOP 10 GOALS of the week (4). Sorry for the delay. It’s been really late, but still congratulations to all t...

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Please enjoy our Thanksgiving feast

    11-20, 2015

    Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner. Here we’d like to express our sincere appreciation to your support to SSE all these years. SSE is a big family, and you, are among the ones who help us gro...

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