• Hot sale: ESO gold

    03/31, 2017

  • SWTOR credits: cheap price and fast delivery

    01/13, 2017

  • Video: Why SSEGOLD can be the best site to buy FFXIV gil

    02-17, 2017

    Thanks for watching.It’s now the 11th year for SSEgold to provide our service to you. As one of our main products, FFXIV gil is the always what we are proud of. Sufficient first-hand supply allow...

  • Combat System in FFXIV

    05-25, 2017

    I have played enough pvp in my years gaming to have a broad list for comparison. All the PvP skills are now PvP specific. You have combo actions that auto-advance to the next action in your combo. For...

  • Stormblood major changes from the lastest Producer Live

    05-24, 2017

    The latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live has completed and, as usual, it is packed with an almost overwhelming amount of information. With Stormblood literally around the c...

  • Basics guide to Vvardenfell--Morrowind Early Access

    05-23, 2017

    The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Early Access program has started, a full two weeks ahead of the release of the expansion. In addition to players finally getting hands on the game, the site has been...

  • FFXIV Stormblood Job actions

    05-23, 2017

    The skills looks great. And the new jobs Samurai and RDM actions look so cool. And the last Paladin cast? Don't say you want more DPS...FFXIV Stormblood early access is only 24 days away. We believe y...

  • FFXIV Stormblood main theme song--Revolutions &lyrics

    05-17, 2017

    Revolutions, the main theme song of the coming FFXIV expansion, Stormblood, was presented. Listen to it here:Lyrics: Sing, a song of dawnDawn, the day rebornBreathe deep of the dawn before t...

  • ESO morrowind early access kicks off on May 22

    05-11, 2017

    Morrowind actually has got early access. Less waiting, less patience needed. Yes, it’s on Monday, May 22. This exciting news is for PC and Mac players who have purchased the Digital Upgrade version of...

  • FFXIV Heavnsward Beginners Guide for Tank

    05-10, 2017

    If you are a new player to playing Tank in FFXIV, this guide is definitely useful for you. This guide is to give some tips for tanking in FFXIV. Please remember that if you're a healer or dps, going ...

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