• Hot Sale: Blade & Soul gold, items, powerleveling--Read these tips first

    01/25, 2016

  • Blade & Soul Review

    02-03, 2016

    Since the first releasing version of Blade & Soul in Asia, it has been four years. For western fans of Blade and Soul, the wait has been torture. But it is finally here. Now both North America and...

  • Blade &Soul : Gem Insert System

    02-01, 2016

    In Blade & Soul, players can enhance weapons with gems they get in the game. Open bag interface, and you can insert gem any time by selecting an option on the top. When gem is inserted to the weap...

  • Blade & Soul: Skills Training

    01-29, 2016

    This is a guide about Blade & Soul skills training. If you have played Blade & soul, you must know all attacks in Blade and Soul are triggered by skills. There is no normal attack and automati...

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