• Revelation Online products hot sale

    03/01, 2017

  • SWTOR credits: cheap price and fast delivery

    01/13, 2017

  • Introduction of Revelation Online products at SSEGOLD

    03-01, 2017

    Hi everyone,Greetings from SSE team. Our products for Revelation Online has been almost updated now. In case you have any questions about our products, here is a detailed introduction of them: What ar...

  • Video: Why SSEGOLD can be the best site to buy FFXIV gil

    02-17, 2017

    Thanks for watching.It’s now the 11th year for SSEgold to provide our service to you. As one of our main products, FFXIV gil is the always what we are proud of. Sufficient first-hand supply allow...

  • Invite Friends Back to FFXIV with the Callback Campaign!

    03-23, 2017

    Do you get ready for Stormblood? It is time to invite your old friends to join Callback Campaign. Your returning friend can get seven days free play experience and items to help them on the way. Also,...

  • Blade & Soul new expansion - Secrets of the Stratus expansion - arrives April 12

    03-22, 2017

    NCSoft West announced that there will be a massive new expansion on Blade & Soul this April in Europe and North America. This update is called Secret of the Stratus which is to make a shift in pac...

  • FFXIV Red Mage - A Ranged and Melee Attack

    03-21, 2017

       With the new class - Red Mage - released in 2016 in Tokyo with the second FFXIV expansion Stormblood, Red Mage become a popular class among Final Fantasy XIV players. Red Mage is a R...

  • Blade & Soul Classes in PvP

    03-20, 2017

    Blade & Soul has been released for more than a month. There are still new players coming to start play this game. As we know, Blade & Soul has a good PvP system as an Arena. Then new players m...

  • Blade and Soul Windwalking (Qing Gong) System Guide

    03-17, 2017

    In Blade and Soul, windwalking, or Qing Gong is the most basic form of transportaion. And it is an indispensable element of a Wushu-theme game. This guide is to introduce the wonderful Windwalking sys...

  • How to get Black Chocobos in FFXIV?

    03-16, 2017

    Black Chocobos were added in Patch 3 of FFXIV Heavensward. For every player, a flying chocobo is a single person “Airship”. With it ,you can run fast and level fast! If you are beginners in FFXIV, you...

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