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WOTLK Classic: How To Make More Gold With the best Professions

World of warcraft’s Wrath of the lich king is about to be released, we just don’t know when. But as soon as it gets released people would be rushing to invest their collected gold and start their leveling up process.

If you haven’t started your gold rush, then you need to get it started right away. This guide will tell you how much gold you will need and which profession is the best to get gold.

How much gold do you need and why?

I’m going to give the answer to the ‘why’ first. You need gold because you’ll have to buy certain items after the launch that are absolutely necessary for your survival and leveling up in WotLK. (Check our WotLK Classic PowerLeveling Service now) There isn’t any other significant reason why you should be collecting gold.

Now, to answer how much gold you’ll need, I’ve listed the most certain items that you’ll buy right away after the launch and how much they will cost you. In the end, we’ll combine the cost. Let’s start with…

Dual Talent Spec

Dual Talent Spec is not only the most important and cheap item but it is one of the first items you can buy among others. This item is expected to get dropped in the TBC of the WotLK, which means that it will be available at least a few weeks before any other item we’re going to discuss today.

Dual talent specs are extremely helpful for every character in the game as they allow you to have different specs for different needs like PvP, PvE, Dungeon, and Questing. Also, they’ll help you in saving a ton of gold later during the leveling-up grind.

Now, this item will cost you a flat 1000 gold for any given character and there will be no reputation discount available. You can only purchase this item if you’re above Level 40.

So, if you have more than one character, calculate the amount of gold you’re gonna need for buying Dual Talent Spec.

Cold Weather Flying

This item is not going to be available in the pre-patch. You will get it after you hit level 777. So it is going to be something that you will get during your leveling-up grind. To know more about Leveling, check this TBC Classic Leveling Guide now.

Cold Weather Flying will help you fly through northrend. You can not ignore this item as you know that a majority of the area of the northernd is inaccessible to you until you learn to fly.

That’s why it is a must-buy time for every character of yours if you want to take back any content in the northernd.

This item will cost you a flat 1000 gold and, again, there’s isn’t any reputation discount available for this item. It isn’t a roster-wide item either, which means you have to buy it separately for every character. Make the calculations.

Dalaran Ring

In terms of the quantity of gold required per item, we're now taking a significant step forward. The ring of the kirin tor is a decent item in terms of itemization for when you first hit level 80, thus it will be a handy piece of equipment to purchase for that reason.

However, the major reason we'll be purchasing this ring is that it will let us teleport to Dalaran. This will allow you to set your hearthstone somewhere else where you farm or at the rate you're doing at the time and still be able to return back to Dalaran if you so wish.

This is going to be fantastic for the quality of life, except for those of you who are playing a mage, in which case you can pretty much ignore this section and save yourself the enormous 8500 gold that this ring will now cost.

This is at the top of the list because it is not only incredibly pricey and will require you to reach level 80, but it is also a very important quality of life element. So it won't be mandatory, but I expect it to be quite useful and on many people's buying lists.

Unlike the previous two products, this one is susceptible to the discounts you receive for improving your reputation. The reputation in issue is for the kirin tor Dalaran's mages, and if you raise it to 'Exalted,' you can get this ring for as little as 6800 gold, which is a significant discount.

That is, you can acquire this ring and all of the two aforementioned goods for a total of 8,800 gold, which isn't too bad. At least, as compared to the price of the final item that we will discuss now. You might be wondering what that is.

Traveller's Tundra Mammoth

Obviously, this is something that many of us will desire in terms of quality of life. However, the amount of life you'll have to lose in order to grind to 20,000 gold, the default price for this mount, or 16000 gold with reputation discounts, will reduce your quality of life.

It's vital to realise that this amount will not be applied to your entire account; instead, you'll need to purchase it per character, just like everything else from the aforementioned products. This means that for all of you alcoholics, it may become prohibitively pricey.

Of course, there are a few more items that you will have to buy but aren’t mentioned in the list. Because it is extremely difficult to predict what they will cost you at the launch.

But, after considering the most certain items you’re gonna need, you can make sure that you’re going to need at least 24,800 gold before the launch. Let’s just add 10,000 more to them for all those items that aren’t included in this list for the margin of safety.

So, you’ll need about 35,000 gold in order to reach

Best Profession for Gold

Now, let’s talk about which professions are the best for you to make the most amount of gold before the game releases. The professions are categorised into 3 categories. I’ll list and tell you which profession is best in which category and at the end, I will leave it up to decide which one is right for you.

This will be brief information, not a detailed one. Anyways, here it comes. Starting with…

-Gathering professions: Gathering professions includes Herbing, mining, skinning, and fishing. Why did I include fishing in the list? Because fishing in the automated and easy semi-AFK farm can yield a substantial amount of gold.

In this category, I think Herbalism is the best. I’ll keep mining at the second place. These are the best way to fill your bucket with quick gold at the beginning of the expansion.

-Gear Crafting Profession: This category includes Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing. I reckon tailor is the best in this category for the fact that he generates more utility for every class by making items like clothes, bags, and game epics.

-Item Crafting Professions: Item Crafting Professions include Jewelcrafting, Inscription, alchemy, enchanting, and cooking. Without any doubt, Alchemy and Jewel crafting is the best profession in this category simply because of the value of the items they make.

I’ve left out the engineering profession on purpose from the list. Because I consider him more of a money splendour than the creator. This profession requires a lot of investment at first to be functional. So, spending so much gold at the beginning is, I think, a bad deal.

There, I gave a just a glimpse of which different professions are best for gold making. Of course, It wasn’t complete head-to-toe information. But, since professions are such a huge topic, we’re gonna cover that in a separate guide like this WoW TBC Classic Profession Guide.

Advantage of Buying Gold

So we discussed why we need gold and how much we need. Which makes it clear that you should be grinding for as much gold as you can. But if in any case you’re not ready for that or you can not do that, there’s another option for you to buy it.

Buying gold puts you a light year ahead of those who are working for hours to get it. In the end, you would be having twice as much gold as they would have, without any effort whatsoever.

That means that you would be able to buy ample items at the beginning of the launch as compared to your friends and you would be leveling up much faster as well.

Now, you can either buy it from the official source which will cost a lot, to be honest. Or you could buy it from SSEGold.com, a marketplace which is trusted by hundreds of thousands of games for over 16 years.

At SSEGold you would get the same amount of WotLK Classic Gold as you would get from the official source but at just a fraction of the price.

With that note, I think it is time to put an end to this guide. We've one such similar WoW purchase and investment guide that might also help you in getting the grip over the know-hows of currency in World of Warcraft. Check that one out.