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Tips to Get Flying Carpet In WoW WotLK Classic

The tailoring profession got a huge upgrade in WOTLK. A special part of that upgrade is the magic carpet or Flying carpet. Today, in this WOTLK guide, we will discuss how you can easily get your hands on the Flying Carpet and some important things about the new tailoring profession in the expansion.

How to get flying Carpet in WOTLK

The World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic (WotLK) expansion came out on September 26, 2022. Players had been getting ready for it for months. Players have been getting ready for Northrend's full release, including Dungeons and Raids, for a long time. They have been farming Gold, using and buying super-rare items, and doing everything in between. (Don't want to waste your time? You can easily visit our site and order cheap WotLK Classic Gold to become unbeatable.)

But in Northrend, players can't just use a normal grounded mount like they can in other parts of Azeroth. Instead, they need something else. In Northrend, the only way to get around is on Flying Mounts, which aren't cheap. But with the Flying Carpet (also called the Magic Carpet), getting around Northrend couldn't be easier.

Most flying mounts sell in the Auction House for thousands of gold, but the Flying Carpet is almost free and can be made by players with the Tailoring Profession.

Even though the Flying Mount is easy to get in WotLK, you can't learn the recipe and make it until your Tailoring Profession is at least 300. This Flying Mount also moves 150% faster, which can help you get around Northrend during your adventures.

First of all, you'll need to ask an NPC how to make a Flying Carpet. There are many people who can teach you how to make the recipe all over Northrend and The Outlands.

-Darin Goodstich (Grand Master Tailoring Trainer) - Borean Tundra
-Alexandra McQueen (Grand Master Tailoring Trainer) - Howling Fjord
-Raenah (Grand Master Tailoring Trainer) - Borean Tundra
-Benjamin Clegg (Grand Master Tailoring Trainer) - Howling Fjord
-Charles Worth (Grand Master Tailoring Trainer) - Dalaran
-Miralisse (Master Tailoring Trainer) - Shattrath City
-Weaver Aoa (Master Tailoring Trainer) - Shattrath City
-Dalinna (Master Tailoring Trainer) - Hellfire Peninsula
-Hama (Master Tailoring Trainer) - Hellfire Peninsula

Note that you won't be able to learn how to make the Flying Carpet Mount until your Tailoring Profession is at level 300.

Once you have, you'll need to pay Gold to learn the recipe and find the materials below to make the Flying Carpet Mount. You can farm for these things or buy them from NPCs or at the Auction House.

Netherweave Bolt (6x)
Heavy thread made of silk (5x)
Arcane Dust (4x)
Golden Draenite (4x)

Once you have the materials, it should take you about 20 seconds to make the Flying Carpet Mount. But you can't ride it until you're level 60 and have learned the Expert Riding skill.

About tailoring in Wrath of the Lich King:

The Mage, Warlock, and Priest classes can use cloth armour made from cloth and other raw materials. This is the artof tailoring. Tailors can also make their own mounts in The Wrath of the Lich King Classic. They can also make a lot of new bags, cloak enchantments, and leg enchantments.

The best end-game items for tailoring

Even though a lot of Tailored gear is useful for levelling, a lot of it will be replaced in early Heroic dungeons and early raids. But there are a lot of other useful things that can be done with Tailoring in the end game.

Tailors will be able to learn how to add their own Embroidery to their own cloaks to boost attack power, spell power, or mana regeneration. Also, Spellthread that can be bought and sold to improve leg armour, like Brilliant Spellthread and Sapphire Spellthread, is back in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Casters will want these a lot, and they'll have to buy a new one every time they upgrade their pants.

New features

In Wrath Classic, one of the biggest changes to tailoring is that tailors can now make their own flying mounts like the Flying Carpet, Frosty Flying Carpet, and Magnificent Flying Carpet.

You can't sell or trade these, and you can only use them if your Tailoring skill is at least 300 or 425, depending on the mount. If you leave the Tailoring profession, you won't be able to use these flying carpets.

With the addition of Embroidery, Tailors can now give their own gear powerful stats by using a skill called "Embroidery." When you reach level 420 in tailoring, you can make one-of-a-kind embroidery threads that you can only use on your own cloak.

There are three kinds of thread:

-Lightweave Embroidery with Moonshroud to increase the chance of spell power
-Spellweave is used to make Swordguard Embroidery, which increases the chance that an attack will hit.
-Darkglow Embroidery, made with Ebonweave, has a chance to bring back mana.

As was already said, Tailors also get better at making bags as they level up. In Wrath Classic, the Abyssal Bag, Emerald Bag, and Mysterious Bag each have 32 slots, while the Abyssal Bag, Emerald Bag, and Mysterious Bag each have 20 and 22 slots. Bag with Frostweave or Glacial Bag.

Lastly, at skill level 325, tailors can get A Guide to Northern Cloth Scavenging from any of their Northrend trainers by doing a simple quest for 5. This makes it more likely for the Tailor to find cloth on Northrend people. Humanoids in Northrend can sometimes give you more cloth.

This talent is a lot like taking a quest WotLK item from a mob. After other members of your group have looted their mobs, Tailors with this ability may see shiny corpses and be able to loot more cloth from those mobs.

Changes to the Specializations for Tailoring

With the addition of specialisations to TBC Classic, the cloth cooldowns for tailoring specialisations in Wrath Classic have also changed.

At Tailoring 415, three new speciality clothes become available: Moonshroud, Spellweave, and Ebonweave. When you make a Moonshroud, Spellweave, or Ebonweave, you may get an extra piece of cloth based on your specialisation. Like TBC, they are used to make high-level items. But each cloth is tied to the speciality you have already chosen from TBC:

-Moonshroud becameMooncloth Tailor
-Spellcloth Tailor becomes Spellweave
-Shadow weave Tailor became Ebonweave


That’s all, folks! This was our guide on how to get flying carpet in WOTLK. Now, if you’re interested in learning about Best Powerful and Iconic Items of WOTLK Classic, or How To Make More Gold With the best Professions, our News section awaits you. There you will find everything you need to know about Wrath of the Leech King. We will meet in another such WOTLK guide. Till then, Good Bye!