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Purchase and Investment Guide for WoW TBC Classic Beginners

Man! Whether it's the 'real world' or the 'World of Warcraft', money is always king, eh? And everyone wants a piece of the pie in WOW, even more so now that its latest expansion, The Burning Crusade Classic, is on the horizon! And we're sure you're one of those ambitious players!

So without wasting your time, let us begin with the purchase and investment guide or World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic. Our team of experienced WOW gamers at SSEGold have done thorough research to explain important concepts that will make you rich!

Towards the end, there will be a section where we discuss about specific investments you ought to make in preparation for WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic.

Crucial Tips and Information for Investors!

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, having a grasp of this crucial knowledge will go a long way for you.

What is an Investment in World of Warcraft Classic?

The first thing we need to discuss is what an investment actually is. Touching upon this pretty lightly, an investment is where you put one of your own resources in to receive something out of it sometime in the future.

Your resource could be money, time, in-game tbc classic gold, or any other commodity. By doing this, you are expecting to get something out of the investment which will benefit you, while making up for the resources lost when investing.

Money as an Investment

When we talk about money, it could refer to in-game wow classic tbc gold or real money that you can afford to invest into the game.

There are different ways to invest money to get back a net profit. For example, a surefire way to earn a profit of some sort through investing money is by using it to buy and upgrade gear for your character.

The better gear your character possesses, the faster you can reach level cap and start indulging into the actual meat of the game, while having opportunities along the way to earn your money back! I'd count that as profit, wouldn't you?

An example of a riskier means of investment of money is investing money to sell for profit. This could be investing in items such as consumables, armour, weapons and so forth.

You buy these now and sell at a point in the future where you predict it to be profitable for you in the market. High risk, but high reward too.

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Time as an Investment

Now, when it comes to World of Warcraft classic investments, people tend to think solely in terms of money, which is a mistake. Investing your money for returns is merely one small kind of investment that you can make in classic WoW.

A commonly underrated commodity when it comes to investing is time, which can be invested in many different ways. A classic example of time as an investing method is through purchasing boosts. Boosts can be of two kinds:

1) The boosts that the game itself offers you from time to time that immediately levels up your character to the specified level,

2) Boosting services that are provided by players themselves for other players. This includes character level boosting, item boosting, dungeon boosting, and more.

Why is investing with time a nifty tactic? Let's say you purchase a boosting service to level up your character to the level cap. Sure, you're at a high level, but what about all the money you've spent to get here so quick?

Since you are now at a higher level, you also have access to dungeons where you can farm classic tbc gold back much quicker; so now the net time spent to reach level cap (along with earning back your money) is less than what it would've been without purchasing the boost!

Hence, you have saved time and earned more money than you previously possessed!

The boosts that the game itself offers you usually levels you up to the specified level in an instant, and hence will be more expensive. The game also offers free boosts at times, but those are usually reserved for special events and updates.

Use your critical judgment when purchasing these boosts, and scrutinize over the pricing to figure out whether it's worth the investment or not, by virtue of your ability to make the money back through your new level cap and so forth.

Explore Your Options!

The last and most important thing to note in the investment game in WoW, is that you do not want to be investing in only a single commodity. If you are just "selling" your time to make gold, you won't be left with any time to actually play the game.

In a similar fashion, if you are spending all your wow classic gold in increasing your leveling speed, you won't be left with much gold at all by the time you reach a high level. This is exactly why you need balance when thinking about investing.

Furthermore, what you should focus on investing in also depends on the character you are playing.

Certain characters, like the Protection Warrior, struggle during conventional gold farming, but conversely, can make a lot of resources by selling tanking services.

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Essential Investments for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic!

Ores and Bars

Ores are going to be high in demand to obtain gems for the new profession going to be added into The Burning Crusade Classic, which is Jewel crafting.

Ores and bars will also surge in demand due to the irreplaceable profession of Blacksmithing, that allows you to craft weapons and armour of high value that will be essential for the upcoming raids.


There are tons of consumables you can invest in close to the TBC Classic launch so that you can sell them for profit when the expansion releases, as they are projected to be high in demand.

The Elixir of Demon slaying will boost your attack power which will be valuable when leveling through TBC Classic.

Free Action Potion and Living Action Potion will also be useful to invest in as players would want to level through TBC freely without the risk of encountering World PvP's.

Don't forget about Swiftness Potions too (unless your class has a sprint ability, of course)!


Cloth is very commonly obtained in WoW: Classic and players don't even bat an eye towards it. But stock up on the various kinds of cloth you obtain now, as many players are going to pick up Tailoring in Classic TBC.

Players will soon be able to craft Shadow eave, Runecloth and other such epic sets in the expansion, which will increase the demand for cloth.

Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon

This is an extremely strong trinket, possessing a 2% chance to allow 100% of mana regeneration to take place while casting! These values are being untouched as we move forward into TBC Classic.

Any percentage-based items scale really well with gear over time as well as levels, which will prove very strong for classes like healers and priests.

Since this trinket is not something a lot of people seem to have an eye on in terms of investing, this is something you should probably invest in immediately!

And there you have it, our guide for purchasing and investment for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic.

As we finish off with this article, we would like for you to take note that anytime you decide to make an investment in WoW: TBC Classic, you run the risk of loss; whether you are investing your time, The Burning Crusade Classic gold, or your money. It may not be very likely, but the possibility always exists.

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