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The Ultimate Lost Ark Engravings Guide

So you've reached the North Vern, completed the level 50, and done all the necessary Quests. What's now in Lost Ark?
Well, it is time to get serious about the game and work on your Lost Ark engravings. Every battle now will depend on how many passive abilities your character has. If he/she lacks them, chances are he/she gonna lose. It's that simple.

If that's confusing you, then don’t worry. I'm here to clear it out. In this Lost Ark engravings guide, you're gonna get answers to each one of your doubts regarding engravings and related stuff. Plus, I've incorporated some tips and tricks of the trade to help you out in the endgame. So shall we start?

What are Lost Ark Engravings?

Lost Ark Engravings are the single most critical factor to success in the endgame. So critical that a single engraving can turn a character into a beast incarnate. They are passive abilities that increase your stats and provide your character with various buffs. Different engravings do different things.

Some of them increase your damage to the boss by a fixed percentage while other decreases your cooldown time.
Each character has 2 Class engravings that are exclusive to him/her and 44 combat engravings (as of now) that are available for every character. The most important of them are listed as follows:

●Broken Bone
●Champion’s Tenacity
●Crisis Evasion
●Crushing Fist
●Cursed Doll
●Divine Protection
●Drops of Ether
●Emergency Rescue
●Enhanced Shield
●Ether Enhancement
●Explosive Expert
●Fast Speed
●Heavy Armor Equipment
●Increased Max MP
●Keen Blunt Weapon
●Lightning Fury
●Magick Stream
● Master Brawler
●Master of Ambush
●Mass Gain
●Master of Escape
●Master of Strikes
●MP Regen
●Precision Dagger
●Preemptive Strike
●Raid Captain
●Shield Piercing
●Spirit Absorption
●Stabilized Status
●Strong Will
●Super Charge
●Vital Point Strike
Okay, but why bother so much? or…

Why should you be using Lost Ark engravings?

If you have that question in your mind, then I don't blame you. As you'll get to when you read this Lost Ark engravings guide, getting an engraving is a tedious process. It requires a great amount of patience and persistence. But you’d do everything happily if you know the “why”, I believe.

You see after you reach level 50, everything you've faced till now gonna get twofold. The endgame is more cut-throat than the earlygame. You can not survive with what your character has got. You need the “extra kick” in every move.

You need speed, lesser cooldowns, more sustained damage, and increased awakening skill impacts. There's no other way than engravings to achieve all those effects.
That's why I'm preaching aggressively that you take serious care in selecting and nourishing your character's engravings.

Lost Ark Engravings 101- With tips for new players

Understanding engravings is quite a tricky task. I’ll try to make it as simple as I can.
Each engraving, whether Combat engraving or Class engraving, has 3 different levels. That level determines the stat effects and buffs you’re gonna get from the engravings. Each level, then, has 5 gems or points.

Each set of 5 gems unlocks a level. This means, that if you have 5 gems then you can unlock level 1, if you have 10 you can unlock level 2, and if you get to 15 gems you unlock the 3rd level. Explained as follows:
-Level-1 requires 5 Gems (Weak)
-Level-2 requires 10 Gems (Normal)
-Level-3 requires 15 Gems (Strong)

Notice that if you have, let's say, 9 gems, means you have one complete set of 5 gems that unlocks your level 1 and 4 gems of level 2. Despite having 4 gems of the second level you won't get any level 2 benefit until to get the fifth one and complete the set. So anything below a 5 gem set is completely useless.
Now the question arises…

How to get engravings in Lost Ark?

You only get engravings through recipes from class books. You have to make tiers from the books to unlock engravings. One tier requires 20 sets of books and it gives 3 gems to the Lost Ark engravings.
There are Four tiers; Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple) and Legendary(Orange). Even if you unlock every tier, you’d have 12 gems out of the 15. This means you still have to work your way for the last 3 gems and to unlock the level 3 of the engravings.

Take a look at the picture below to understand how the tier works in engraving recipes-

You will be rewarded these class books in both singular forms as well as in bags or chests containing several you can choose from. I’d advise you to choose to open or use those chests only when you’re absolutely sure and confident about your engraving selection.

Because a majority of these resources are one-time bundles that you will get in the lifetime of your account. There are only a few sources that drop these books as weeklies or dailies, that too in tiny quantities.

If you waste them, you’re not gonna get them back and the only way to have them is to buy them. You’ll have to buy them from your local auction house and don’t take it for granted because you’ll have to pay a premium price in gold for them and you’d get only a handful of them in return. So, be very, very careful.

Another myth that players have about engravings is that you can get engraving drops for other classes as well. No! You can not. You can only have the class engravings drop on the class you are playing with not the other way around.

So make sure that you’re playing with only that class for which you want to have the engravings. With that being said, general engravings are for everyone and you will get them with any class.
Now the question is…

Where to get those books?

There are limited sources, like we discussed above, from where you can get these class books. Anyways, I want to make it clear to you, so here I mentioned every possible way to get the engravings books in the Lost Ark:

-The Tower Activities
-Side Quests
-The majority of Islands have those books as rewards except for the Island for Estella.
-Chaos Dungeons
-Guardian Raids
-Few rooms in Cube dungeons also reward class books.
-Secret maps from Chaos Gates
-Abyssal Dungeons

Okay, before we move to another section, I want to advise you to not throw away or use any book which isn’t useful for your character because later when you reach level 50 and you choose an Alt Character, you might need those books there.

Even if they aren’t useful for your Alt character, you can still make some Lost Ark gold by selling them in your local auction house. So keep them in your inventory. Just in case you’re wondering, you can get to know about selling stuff in the auction in Lost Ark Trade Guide.


Jewellery increases combat stat like your armours but it has another major benefit called Engraving points. Wasn’t surprising, was it? Jewellery also enrols with class-specific engravings unlike Ability stones (which we’ll talk about in a minute). So what do different jewellery items do and how you can use engravings to maximise the effect? Let’s see.

Each character basically gets five jewellery items: one Necklace, two earrings, and two rings. Necklace focus on your Crit, swiftness, and speciality stats. You should align your Necklace with your class engravings.

Then comes two earrings and rings which basically fill in any gaps that your imprints, necklace and ability stones can not. Just make sure that you don’t pick the same items on both two earrings or rings. Each jewellery item has a different rarity that goes something like this:
-Blue Rarity: One engraving + One engraving point
-Herbal Epics: One engraving + One to Two engraving points and One Malus + One to Three Malus point
-Orange Legendaries: One engraving + One engraving point, One engraving + One to two engraving points, One Malus + One to Three Malus Point

Again, if you get jewellery that isn’t useful for you, don’t just throw that away. Keep them as maybe you gonna need them with your Alts or you can always sell them at the Local Auction for handsome gold coins.

Ability Stones

These are one of the most essential and frustrating RNGs in the lost ark. They not only provide a significant boost to your stats but also provide up to 10 engraving points to 2 of your engravings. The effect differs according to the rarity of the stones. That goes something like this:
-Rare ability stones: 0-6 Engraving points for 2 Battle Engravings. 0-6 Malus Points for 1 random Malus.
-Epic ability stones: 0-8 Engraving points for 2 Battle Engravings. 0-8 Malus points for 1 random Malus.
-Legendary ability stones: 0-9 Engravings points for 2 Battle Engravings. 0-9 Malus points for 1 random Malus.
-Relic ability stones: 0-10 Engravings points for 2 Battle Engravings. 0-10 Malus points for 1 random Malus.

The only sources to get ability stones are Chaos Dungeons, Guardian raids, Ghost ships and Feild Bosses. Again, don’t think of any stone which isn’t useful to you as a burden, if you don’t want that just sell them, you gonna get a hefty amount of gold in exchange.

Knowing about engravings is another thing and putting the knowledge into execution is another. You can see engravings in action in our in-depth character manuals like Lost Ark Wardance Guide.
And, Finally…

How to transfer Engravings in Lost Ark?

You can transfer your character’s engravings to your Alt through Knowledge transfer.
But, before that think carefully about whether you really want to do that or you could just level up your Alt instead (Only take a day or two if you do it intensely) because you can only do knowledge transfer for only 9 times and it takes 600 Gold coins of each transfer. Think about it so that you could save those limited transfers for better purposes.
Anyways. Here it comes.

If you want to transfer your engravings to your Alt, then you first need to get your Alt to level 10 and do all the quests of the level until you unlock the “Songs” (F2).
Now open your Stronghold menu and start a knowledge transfer to that character (You pay those 600 Gold here). Wait for 8 hours and Voila! You can start your Alt journey now.

If you want to transfer your Alt’s engravings to your main character then you don’t need knowledge transfer. Just level up your Alt, get the books you’re looking for, and transfer them to your main character. Rinse & Repeat.
And if you’re constantly running out of gold, then check how to gather maximum gold in minimum time with our Tips to get Lost Ark Gold Guide.

And just like that, We’ve reached the end of this Lost Ark Ultimate Engravings Guide and I really hope that it solved the doubts that you had in your mind before. We'll meet again in another Lost Ark guide. Till then, Goodbye!