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Lost Ark Wardance Guide

Lost Ark released its intriguing April updates and introduced new characters, new mechanics to existing characters, and a new continent.

That put even more urgency on what we’re going to discuss today; Wardancers. So that you get your hands steady before your opponents.

So without any further ado, let’s jump straight into the pit.

A Wardancer 101

Wardancer dominates PvP matches in their Class, as the name itself specifies. Although, they make their enemies dance with fear and sheer power. But that does not mean that they aren't as resourceful in PvE matches. If you make a sound build, which I'll be showing you in a moment, you can pretty much win every PvE match you enter. Would that help you?

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Generally speaking, in every class of lost ark, the Engraving skill you choose has an impact on the way you play the game. Remember that the Wardancer has a long downtime between attacks, so you better keep that in mind while getting either too close to your enemies during your awakening skills or getting too cocky in general.

To play the Wardancer, you can choose between an engraving that increases your gauge capacity i.e., Esoteric Skill Enhancement, or one that removes the gauge altogether- First Intention.

Meta Wardancer relies heavily on your second Engraving, which enhances your normal attacks. But you’ve to wait for that part. Trust me, it’ll be worth your while because I’ve covered it in a detailed manner below.

Compared to other Lost Ark classes, this one deals less damage over time, but it also has a more monotonous playstyle. If you have played other classes before Wardancers, especially the Martial Artists, then you’re gonna get a tough time handling the dull moves and slow pace.

Anyways. Moving on.

Have we talked about the awakening skills yet? Holy mother of all that is sweet and pure! Let's start it right away…

You don’t get the awakening skills right away in the beginning. No, my friend. You have to work for them. As you move along the storyline, you will reach the Trixion Questline. Once you conquer that, you get your Wardancer Awakening skills and like any other class in the lost ark, Wardancers also get two Awakening skills; Fist of Dominance and Flash Rage Blow.

Flying around the battlefield, the Wardancer uses Fist of Dominance to deal six blows to the enemy before unleashing an explosive final blow. 80 percent of incoming damage is whittled down during the attack. Flash Rage Blow makes the Wardancer leap forward and then charge up to unleash a huge shockwave.

That’s it for the Warndancer introduction. Let’s move on to engravings.


Well if you ask me how important are engravings, I'd say more than anything in the game. Maybe you can choose a wrong and unsuiting character for yourself but if you get the engravings right, I'd say you can put up a worthy fight because Endgame customization in Lost Ark relies on engravings.

As you already know, Engravings are both exclusive and generic and many generic engravings are available to all classes, providing significant character benefits with significant drawbacks.

Each class has two Engravings that create separate gameplay modes for endgame content.

As in the case of Wardancers, those engravings would be:

Esoteric Skill Enhancement: Pretty basic stuff. It enhances the damage dealings of all Esoteric Skills per available Orbs.

First Intention: On the contrary to the above engraving, First Intention suppresses the Esoteric Orb gauge and boosts your damage output instead.

On the surface, those engravings might seem counterintuitive, I get that. But if we talk about what's gonna happen in the endgame, It all will come together. You'll have two options to choose and you can juggle between them according to your needs when you chose to play with a Wardancer.

If your use Esoteric Skill Enhancement, you will naturally focus on their Esoteric Skills, building up their meter and then releasing a massive damage burst. However, if you choose First Intention engraving then you will completely forego Esoteric Skills fully to optimize their conventional skill rotation and hence damage.

Choosing the First intention as your engraving will require a small tweak in the stat allocation, which is our next matter to discuss. So here it starts…

Stat allocation

Stat allocation has a significant impact on your character, thus it is critical to seek out equipment that has the appropriate stats for your build, and such Combat stats can be found on necklaces, earrings, and rings your character possesses or finds during the main story.

That's why choosing the proper gear with the proper substations can have a big impact on your character's performance. If we talk about Wardancers specifically, then I’d only insist you go with Swiftness and specialization. No matter, if you’re leveling up or prepping for the endgame. (Read our Lost Ark Fastest Leveling Guide to help you with it!) These two are the most versatile stats that’ll go with every playstyle you choose. The ratio that worked out perfectly for me was 75 Swiftness and 25 Specialization. You can also do 80:20. Or 80:19:1 Crit. Totally up to you but those two must be there.

In order to make the most out of your Wardancer, you need to fill the Esoteric guage as quickly as possible and Swiftness will help you in that. As of Specialisation, it will reduce the cooldown time so that you can start filling your gauge again. Not to mention the attack speed enhancements and damages.

Now for the tweak, I was referring to in the previous section, if you’re going with First intention engravings then you would want to give more emphasis on Crit than on specialization because Final Intention does not focus on the Esoteric skills but on the damage. So Crit can help you with that. You can split Specialisation and Crit equally. So your stat allocation would be 80 Swiftness: 10 Specialisation: 10 Crit.

PVE Build

Now, if we talk about how you can adjust your wardancers in a way that they slice open the enemies in the dungeons and arenas, I’d like to show your my build. The good thing about this build is that it goes with both the engravings.

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Enough chit-chat, now let's present you the build:

-Lightning Kick (Sharp Movement, Thunder Kick, Flash Lightning)
-Wind Whisper (Oath of the Wind, Quick Prep, Ready Attack)
-Call of the Wind God (Lightning Storm, Growth Attack, Summon Storm)
-Sweeping Kick (Weak Point Detection, Light of Justice, Pure Excellence)
-Moon Flash Kick (Flame Flash Kick, Light Footed, Fancy Footwork)
-Roar of Courage (Wide Hit, Supreme Ruler Afterimage, Fatal Wave)
-Seismic Strike (Sustainable Enhancement, -, -)
-Energy Combustion (Combustible Armor, -, -)
-Sleeping Ascent Celebration (Spiral Kick, -, -)

PVP Build

Let’s just jump quickly to the PvP build which will make your opponent quiver everytime he faces you. Shall we?

-Call of the Wind God (Lightning Storm, Over Revolution, Raging Storms)
-Sky Shattering Blow (Swift Footwork, -, -)
-Lightning Kick (Sharp Movement, Thunder Kick, Flash Lightning)
-Sweeping Kick (Weak Point Detection, Light of Justice, Pure Excellence)
-Moon Flash Kick (Intense Shock, Excellent Mobility, Full Moon Kick)
-Wind's Whisper (Blessing of the Wind, Warrior's Courage, Superwind)
-Phoenix Advent (Wide Hit, Ferocious Attack, Nimble Movement)
-Sleeping Ascent Celebration (Wide Hit, Quick Prep, Leaf Sweep)
-Energy Combustion (Combustible Armor, Skill Reduction, Last Whisper)


Alright, that was everything you could possible need about Wardancers. Now it is the time for me to put this Lost ark wardancer guide to end and take your leave. Don’t forget that to have some quick&safe Lost Ark Gold, you can turn to SSEGOLD any time. Have awesome gaming! Good bye!