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Is Diablo 4 better than Lsot Ark?

After the Blizzard developers launched the Diablo IV Beta version, some wild claims coming from the gaming community have been made on several internet platforms, arguing that Diablo IV is a toned version of Lost Ark and making countless comparisons between these two remarkable games. With Diablo IV's release date knocking on the door, let’s have a look into the situation and settle it now and for all: Is Diablo IV better than Lost Ark, or is it just a pricey toned-down doppelganger? What are the differences between Lost Ark and Diablo IV, and what unique features can they offer? To find out the answers and more, continue reading below.

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At First Glance of Diablo 4 and Lost Ark

It seems that Lost Ark and Diablo IV share the very same premise: a role-playing action game where you have to fight the demons and defeat the ancient evil to save the world before its irreversible collapse. And although both of these games contain many typical features of ARPG, including the isometric view and combat characteristics, they are hardly alike in the greater scheme of things.

One of the contrasting elements is the overall plot ambiance of the games. While Lost Ark chooses a classic fantasy narrative, consisting of welcoming you into a vibrant land called Arkesia, filled with magic, heroism, and adventure, and sending you onto the dangerous quest to prevent the oncoming invasion, Diablo IV opts for its signature dark atmosphere of despair and unrest in a demon-governed Sanctuary.

Apart from the undeniable difference in tone, we can detect other noteworthy differences, such as the looting mechanics. Meanwhile, the loot in Lost Ark is rather sparse and uniform, and players depend mainly on the items from quest completion to further progress into raids, where they can gather the actually valuable pieces of gear; Diablo IV rewards with special D4 items those are willing to grind and engage in group combats or environmental aspects, such as chests, wells, or corpses.

With the decent gear being attainable only through multiplayer content, Lost Ark deems to be superior in its end-game features, providing exciting multiplayer raids and zone challenges. Since Diablo IV lacks a good raiding experience so far, the players have to settle for PvP events, such as Fields of Hatred and World Bosses.

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Diablo 4 VS Lost Ark: Classes and Customization

Surprisingly, both Lost Ark and Diablo IV offer five Classes with the possibility of intricate personalization of your character’s look.
In Diablo IV, you may choose between Barbarian, Druid, Rogue, Sorcerer, and Necromancer, each class being modified by a web-style Skill Tree, providing a perfect build tailored to your gameplay style. Diablo IV’s Barbarian is a melee class relying on strength and weapon mastery to execute their enemies with the power of Fury.

The shapeshifting class, the Druid, is recognized for its elemental power and ability to turn into a werebear. Another original Diablo class is Rogue, who excels in both long and short-range combat. Sorcerer wields the power of fire, frost, and lightning, being the perfect candidate for crowd control, and Necromancer stands out with his ability to call upon dead minions.

On the other hand, in Lost Ark, you may look forward to classes such as Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, and Assassin; however, some classes are conditioned by the character’s gender; for example, warriors can be only males. After reaching level 10, you will be able to pick a further specialization that will determine your character’s abilities; the advanced class specialization is, in some cases, again obstructed by the character's gender.

As mentioned before, both games allow for in-depth character customization, including face options, hairstyles, skin color, tattoos, and facial hair. Additionally, each of the two games allows you to respecify your skills, but unlike in Lost Ark, Diablo IV requires you to spend D4 gold to go through this process.

Diablo 4 VS Lost Ark: Open World

First time in the Diablo franchise, Diablo IV presents a semi-open online world with some aspects of the MMO game and five vast regions abiding for exploration and collecting of items and materials. Apart from the main storyline, there are many side missions, local events, and repeatable dungeons. While playing Diablo IV, you can opt for an overall difficulty level that suits your ARPG gaming experience and select various difficulties for dungeon instances.

Even after finishing the main campaign, you may still look forward to various end-game activities, which are, for instance Nightmare Dungeons, PvE events such as Helltides and Whispers of the Dead, or PvP zone-bound event Fields of Hatred. However, to obtain the most high-end gear pieces, you are required to undergo hours and hours of grinding and numerous encounters with World Bosses.

Equally, Lost Ark also claims to be operating on elements of an open world with dialogue-driven main story, bountiful side quests, collectible items, and many opportunities for exploring. It is worth mentioning that Lost Ark is constructed in linear dimension, as without finishing the main campaign, most of the areas and features stay inaccessible, and only after completing the main storyline, the game allows for a typical MMO Raiding experience altogether with endless grind. Other endgame activities include completing Daily Tasks, fighting World Bosses and participating in Chaos Gates events.

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While traveling across the huge regions of the Open World, you can make use of the mount feature that has been implemented into both Diablo IV and Lost Ark.

Diablo 4 VS Lost Ark: Trading System

Many players will be disappointed by the Diablo IV developers’ decision of not incorporating the Auction House into the game and rely instead on in-game trading between players through Action menu while being in the proximity field. When the player accepts the request, place the item into the trading tab and complete the trade with the “Lock in Offer” option. Among the tradable items are Normal, Magic, and Rare items, Gems, and Elixirs.

Tip: To prevent sharding across the server, we advise you to invite a player you wish to trade with into a party.

Apart from in-game trading, there are plans for a trading channel accessible in the Battle.net application, providing players with cross-server trading options.
Lost Ark, on the other hand, promotes trading through means of the Auction House. The in-game trading is also accessible, but only to players above level 30 with a trusted account. If you are searching for other ways of trading, we suggest using the Mailbox feature.

Diablo 4 VS Lost Ark: Overview

Even though Lost Ark and Diablo IV both carry ARPG features and implement very similar systems, the players of one franchise may not particularly find the other to their liking, as even the slightest differences in otherwise comparable gameplay change the user’s experience.

Although Lost Ark is definitely a formidable option for those who are looking for an adventure-based action game, we are more inclined to recommend Diablo IV to those of you who enjoy a shack-and-slash RPG genre, as we suspect Diablo IV might have a few hidden surprises up its sleeve and we cannot wait to learn more as the game progresses. With that being said, we invite you to check out our store for great deals on boosts and gold such as Lost Ark Gold to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. Happy hunting!