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Is Lost Ark Worth Playing In 2022?

Smilegate studio’s “Lost Ark” came out in 2019 in Korea, and the European and American gaming communities have been waiting for the servers to migrate. It will come out in February of 2022 in Europe and America, published by Amazon Games. Was this game worth the two-year wait, or just hyped up? In this article, we will discuss all the aspects of Lost Ark to make an informed decision before either wasting your time or having the time of your life in this game.
We will go over all the usual suspects, which are as follows:

●Gameplay & Classes
●Cash Shop
●Dungeons/Raids (Content)

Hopefully, after this, you can decide if you want to invest your time into Amazon’s newly purchased EU and NA Lost Ark servers.


Let’s start by saying that Lost Ark’s graphics are beautiful. It uses the “Korean” style of engine and art style, boasting great-looking models and crisp textures that can run on low-end machines. This style is nothing new as games like Black Desert and Blade & Soul have been out for years and use a similar engine to produce these textures. However, this game is not a regular type of MMORPG as it is an isometric action RPG (Top-down with loads of effects.) The only other games in this genre that can say anything about graphics are “Path of Exile” and “Diablo III,” and those games can’t hold a candle to the beauty of this game. Don’t get us wrong, “Path of Exile” and “Diablo III” are great-looking games in their own right; however, Lost Ark revitalizes the genre and brings in new and smoother graphics.

The Engine

The Engine of any game is the powerhouse that makes a game run smoothly and looks like it does. Many games are criticized for using bad engines that limit Frames Per Second (FPS) or make horrible graphics. Engines are also responsible for the gameplay limitations or scripting that happens. With this knowledge of engines, what does Lost Ark use, and how does it fair?

Lost Ark uses the “Unreal Engine III.” The “Unreal Engine III” is quite powerful in that it can provide great-looking graphics while maintaining decent FPS on lower to mid-range PCs. This engine allows for exceptionally smooth transitions (low amount of loading screens and load times.) While looking into graphics, the “Unreal Engine III” allows for faster physics rendering and lighting (which translates to many effects and explosions from spells on your screen without the painful loss of FPS). On top of the fantastic graphics, the gameplay allows for loads of enemies on the screen with big boss fights without the blue screen of death or regular crashes.


The engine does not hinder graphics and gameplay in Lost Ark, which is a major plus in our books. While looking great, you can fight off multiple hordes of enemies with huge ultimates and not have the game crash. If we were basing our review on graphics alone, we would recommend Lost Ark in a heartbeat; however, we have more categories to fulfill first.

Gameplay and Classes

Next up is the gameplay. The gameplay of any game is an essential part of any review and figuring out if a game is worth playing. Let’s take a look into the gameplay with finer detail.

Style of Game - Gameplay

Lost Ark’s gameplay style is the isometric pseudo-3D gameplay that we can find in popular games like “Path of Exile,” “Diablo III,” and “Torchlight.” As a result of this gameplay style, we can expect similar gameplay in that there are hordes of enemies with highly explosive abilities. Lost Ark provides dungeons and party-style gameplay (hence the MMORPG Tags) with brutal ads and formidable bosses with many dodge mechanics and positioning. As for standard questing, you will expect to go through the beautiful landscapes while fighting unique enemies in an ARPG style of over-the-top class abilities empowered by unique gear and builds. (Buying Lost Ark gold to speed that up!)


 The player character has a list of characters to choose from, namely:

●Martial Artist

These classes have sub-classes which adds even more uniqueness to this MMORPG.








Martial Artist




All of these subclasses have unique builds with weapons that match the fierceness of your foes.


If you enjoy the gameplay style with over-the-top explosions and ultimates mixed with unique classes and loot while fighting bosses with your friends, then this is the game for you.

The Cash Shop

The Cash Shop is when the review gets a little shakey. We were fully recommending this game until this point. The cash shop causes a lot of contention amongst the player base as it can be seen as “Pay to Win” or the minor “Pay to Progress.” We don’t know for sure what Amazon’s plan for Lost Ark is, but we know that the Korean title has elements of cash shop unfairness towards the free-to-play players. These elements are, purchasing gold with real-life dollars, paying for convenience, better crafting enhancements, etc. Pay-to-win elements grind the gaming communities' gears as it causes unfairness in the game with little chance for other players to succeed.

We don’t mind cosmetics or pay for conveniences like WoW’s boosting system or cooldown reductions for strongholds in Lost Ark. Still; it becomes a problem when people can craft gear with higher percentages than other players.

The Pay Model

Lost Ark is entirely free to play. You don’t need to purchase the game or have any premium charge. Most people would say, “Hey, that’s amazing!” However, this is not the case. For any MMORPG to exist, it needs to have an income to pay for the servers; this generally entails the community to support the game through a cash shop. This means that the cash shop will most likely have unfair advantages for players who pay to progress or pay to win. On the flip side, however, it does allow you to give Lost Ark a chance to play and see if you enjoy the style of the game.


It’s a bit of a shaky verdict on this one, as pay to win games usually don’t last or cost too much to keep up with other players. We don’t know what Amazon’s plans are yet, so the game may not be Pay-To-Win, but since it’s free, you may as well give it a try.

The Content

If Korea’s Lost Ark is anything to go by, we can expect lots of content when Amazon launches Lost Ark to EU and NA. The game features a fully voiced gripping story involving action RPG elements to complete quests and gain experience and loot. The quests are fulfilling, running alongside beautiful landscapes demarcated with different backgrounds of forests, sea, and fantasy landscapes. The content is good, but it gets even better.

Raids, Dungeons & MMO Elements

Raids and dungeons in Lost Ark are unique because most MMORPG’s out there are the standard 3rd person and First-person viewpoints. However, Lost Ark is breaking new boundaries by being the first MMORPG style Action RPG with parties up to four players into unique dungeons. Some dungeons, namely the raids, require two four-player groups to conquer. These dungeons and raids increase the player interactivity in the community and make for more content that people will come back for, creating longevity and a lively community.


The verdict is good for the gameplay. The story is solid enough, graphics great, and gameplay can be extremely rewarding. We recommend giving this type of game style a go, and there is no better than Lost Ark.


So, we have looked at the four most important parts of any game, and we have to say that Lost Ark is looking so promising. We would thoroughly recommend giving this game a try; it is free, after all. Check out our news section regularly for Lost Ark guides; we update them frequently. If you want an edge over your opponents, check out our super cheap deals on gold exchanges and Lost Ark PowerLeveling, which will give you the best value for your buck. As always, happy hunting!