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Tips to Get Lost Ark Gold

So Amazon removed the spam bots and 7k gold rapport rewards from Lost Ark and replaced them with silver. This made quite a few people a bit upset. Consequently, Lost Ark loses around 200k of its playership.

While there’s a debate among the community whether it was a hit or a bad miss, there is one thing we all agree upon; We need gold. We all want to buy those fancy costumes/skins and Lost Ark Items. We all want to be the Giga chad of lost ark.

So, now that most of the NPCs and spam bots are out of the equation for Lost Ark gold farming. What do we have left with, you might wonder? Well, tons of methods. Legit Methods.

That’s what we’ve covered in this Lost Ark gold farming guide. Grab on to your seat because this fleet is about to sail…

What is Lost Ark Gold and Why do we need it?

Gold is one of the 7 main currencies in the lost ark. It is used as a medium of exchange between two players. However, the most sought after use of gold is to buy powerful weapons and upgrade the character. Gold is the cost of levelling up the character in lost ark.

You can buy skins and fancy clothes for your characters by spending gold.

Lastly, you can exchange gold for other currencies like Silver or Crystals.

How to get lost ark gold fast

Here comes the part you're waiting for. We've listed all the major methods through which you can grab fast and most gold in the Lost ark. Do them, and you'll never run out of gold again.

Starting with the first and very basic-

Una Dailies and Weeklies

Una's Tasks are a series of daily and weekly objectives in Lost Ark. Players will receive "Una's Tokens," a form of virtual currency that can be redeemed for gold. Una's Tasks are the fastest and most reliable ways to earn lost ark gold.

Even though it may seem like an eternity away, the reward is well worth the wait. Completing Una's Tasks unlocks at level 50.


You can trade anything your main character or older characters can't use that isn't locked up.

Selling engraving books, accessories, materials, ability stones, and a slew of other items on the auction house is a good idea. You can make a lot of lost ark gold if you know how much each thing is worth.

Early on in the game, you'll be able to get a lot more for your money than you would later on. In a game where everyone wants to grow as quickly as possible, Tier 1 supplies may be worth a fortune. So make use of it, as well.

Chaos Dungeons

After defeating the stage's boss, a red or gold doorway may appear. Both of these portals offer rewards in the form of gold and additional resources. A red portal delivers more gold than a gold gateway.

During your first two daily runs, you can only collect gold rewards from these two portals. Infinite Chaos Dungeon Spamming does not reward players with gold. The quantity of money you receive is determined by the chaos dungeon's difficulty.

There is another method as well. You can sell your materials on auction houses, and you can also receive accessories with best-in-slot stats and engravings that you may sell as well as the upgrade materials you gain through this method.

You can only receive this type of broken gear in tier 3 chaos, where you also have a possibility of getting ability stones and engraving books that you can sell if they're worthwhile.

Tier 3 chaos dungeons can only be farmed for crystals, which can be exchanged for trade commodities. If you're desperate for gold, only sell upgrading supplies.

Chaos Gates

Farming gold in Lost Ark can also be done through the use of the Chaos Gate. A hidden map will be given to you based on your item level requirements for chaos gate after you have completed it. You want to keep the secret blue maps in return for a higher tier at the map exchanger NPC.

You have two alternatives when it comes to purple maps: you can either sell one map run for gold to three others who don't have maps, or you can group up with three other players who have the same purple secret map and finish it four times, which means you earn four times the rewards. The best reward is a harmony shards bag, which varies in price depending on the tier of the chaos gate.

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Gold weekly raids

Some of the most reliable sources of gold are raids and the discovery of forgotten art. If you kill the boss, you'll get some gold that you can spend on whatever you like. This isn't based on any form of rng. To build your raid gear and accessories, they'll also reward you with crafting materials, which you may either sell or utilise depending on what you acquire.

Adventure Islands

The adventure islands are everywhere. There is a daily island adventure event where you can earn additional rewards. By opening the proscenium kompas symbol under the minimap, you may see if there are any islands that give out gold as a reward.

When you click on the schedule, you'll see all the details about the island, including when the events begin, where they take place, and the rewards you may expect. Once a day on weekdays and twice a day on weekends are fine. Depending on your item level, you can gain anywhere from 100 to 1000 gold.

Boss Rush

Boss rush is more profitable than cubes in terms of immediate cash. There is a rush to get gyms sold quickly and for a decent price when the boss is in a hurry. Even if you don't sell the gems you create from a single boss rush, you may still consider it gold in your pocket.

The more large gyms you collect and resell, the more Lost Ark gold you'll earn! There is a direct correlation between the number of characters in your party and the number of boss rush tickets you receive.

Additionally, Boss Rusher will give out more personal jump stones than any other source in the game.

These will be crucial to your character's progression throughout Tier 3, as well as the best source of XP after level 50.


To make gold in Lost Ark, life skilling is one of the finest ways to do it. It takes two complete days to fully charge your energy, and it takes 30 minutes for it to be completely empty.

You can buy potions that can replenish your energy, but these potions are extremely rare and not always available.

You'll still want to empty this bar as frequently as possible. With your estate levelled up, you'll be able to get the most out of crafting and gain the most gold possible.

For potions, focus on archaeology, hunting, and fishing rather than herbalism. If you want to make gold in Lost Ark, you'll need these four life talents.

A shortcut we bet you’ll love

Well, all these steps might feel like a lot of work, don't they? Honestly, you’ll have to put on your hardcore gamer hat and do the work with a boat-load of patience.

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Discussing different (and legit) methods of gold farming in the lost ark was quite a fun ride for all of us. Doesn’t matter which side of the debate you’re on in terms of Amazon’s recent changes. One thing is for sure, it isn’t going to hurt much.

That’s it from our end. Let us know which skins you’re planning to grab with your gold. We wish you happy gaming.

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