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In-Depth Beginners Lost Ark Trade Guide

Lost Ark brings so many unique and in-depth systems from combat to reputation systems from the desert landmasses to the open seas, and the Trade skills are no different. If you are a veteran player of World of Warcraft or FFXIV, you will know that Trade skills are very similar to professions in these games. Trade skills encompass all things gathering and crafting within the world of Lost Ark, so in this guide, we will go over every profession, how to get them, and give you five tips to get you Life skilling at an insane rate.

What are Lost Ark Trades?

Similarly to real life, people will follow a specific profession and hone their skills in that profession. Lost Ark provides six unique styles of gathering that encompass trade skills. You can become either a jack-of-all-trades master of none or follow one specific trade to hone in on; the choice is yours. Trade skills require energy to fulfill your tasks and are capped at 10 000. Each trade requires specific tools, which we will highlight below.

Also, since this is a beginner guide, we need to inform you that you can only start doing professions once you have gotten far enough in the main guide questline. Don’t worry if your professions are grayed out; they will get activated once you progress through the game.

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Mining Trade Skill

Mining is simple; it’s using a pickaxe to mine valuable materials used to either enhance your stronghold or build strengthenings for your boat. The minerals also sell for a bunch on the Auction house and can offer a fair trade for time spent mining.

Fishing Trade Skill

Fishing - grab a fishing rod and fish from rivers or ocean sources. Fishing occurs through safe areas, so there is no need to go super armored. Fishing in “fishing zones” also increases the rarity of the drops. Circles of fish or splashing water usually highlight these zones that give unique items. Again, fishing is excellent for money-making as you can sell fish in the Auction House for a fair price for time spent.

Logging Trade Skill

Logging is self-explanatory like the other trades; grab an ax and cut down trees to gain logs. Most of the logging areas are hostile in the zones, so make sure to grab the unflinching mastery so that you can chop down trees in hostile territory. Logs are used to build ships and buildings within your garrison; they will fetch a fair price in the Auction house if you sell them.

Hunting Trade Skill

Hunting is a little more tedious in that it requires a certain amount of concentration to do. You have to use the tools to kill rabbits and other woodland creatures and hunt their meat. Hunting can take a lot of time but can be invaluable when crafting foods that sell at the auction house for reasonable prices or provide valuable buffs to more challenging content. Hunting is also one of the more complex professions as it can get quite contested and have your prey stolen from you. This trade is more for the veteran players or people interested in it.

Excavating Trade Skill

Excavating is a more interesting trade in Lost Ark. This trade requires you to look into objects with caution as you may find exceptional loot and other rare crafting items. These items may vary in pricing at the Auction house, so it can be fun to learn. We recommend this one as it provides a unique take on the generic MMORPG trade/profession system and can be fun to discover the items you can get.

Foraging Trade Skill

Last but not least is the Foraging trade. Foraging, again, is another self-explanatory trade/profession that allows you to search and rummage through the natural vegetation to craft a variety of potions and foods. These potions and food items can prove in-valuable on the auction house and can fetch you a pretty penny along with rationing your stronghold.

Now that we have had a brief look at the professions, let's get on with some valuable tips to get you started in the trading world of Lost Ark.

Trade Skills - 5 Essential Tips

Tip #1 - Rushing to Level 10

Get your trade skills to level 10 as fast as possible. Once you have reached the particular point in the campaign (guide quests) and unlocked your trade skills, you should rush them to level 10 as fast as possible. We cannot stress this enough, before level 10, it can seem quite sluggish and slow; once you progress past this, you can start unlocking abilities that help you gather and increase the rarity of items you gather. It’s all a beautiful system of the more you work at it, the greater the rewards will be.

Also, increasing your level allows you to gather from more rare quality materials, so before you leave to go to an island, make sure you level up your trades to farm those new materials on the newer islands. Level 10 is perfect since most islands require you to be at level 10 to harvest their materials.

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Tip #2 - Energy Usage

This tip is rather sweaty (tryhard). Always keep your energy below the cap. As we briefly mentioned earlier, energy is capped at 10 000 points and regens at 30 energy per 5 mins; if you haven’t used enough energy before you log off, you will be wasting valuable energy regeneration time. For the most part, if you’re just starting, you won’t need to care for this tip, but the more you get into it, the more you will realize just how important this tip is. Keep it within the 8000 energy mark because it should regenerate to 10 000 overnight when you log out.

Specific abilities like kicking trees etc., will use up incredible amounts of energy but give you rare rewards, so you will always want to be able to use the energy on these abilities for the rare items (you can also find cheap Lost Ark Items ai our store). So before bed, go fishing and expend some energy!

Tip #3 - Tools

If you’re a hoarder - nothing to be ashamed about; we all do it when we don’t understand if we need the items or not - this tip will be invaluable for you. You only need one of the tools per trade, and this could be a green rarity through to epic. So if you find yourself hoarding a bunch of green tools because you’re worried about the condition wearing low, don’t fret; just go to a smith and repair your tools like you would repair your armor. Repairing your tools allows you to hold on to only one tool per trade and save you a lot of bag space.

This tip doesn’t just stop there; once you have gotten a blue rarity trade tool, you can throw out green; and throw out your blue one if you get an epic tool. The rarer the tool, the faster the gathering and more rare items you will be able to procure.

Tip #4 - Strongholds

Now, strongholds are great for exchanging your materials for other equipment upgrade items and such, but the main tip we’re focusing on Strongholds for, is the daily reset of harvestable items. Your stronghold has mines - trees - berries, and much more ready for harvesting, and as we said before, it resets daily, so get in there and farm out your Stronghold.

Couple of things to be aware of in regards to Stronghold resources:

1.Stronghold resources require a lot more energy to farm (150 for each resource)
2.Any player can come in and farm your stronghold resources if you do not set it to private!
3.All resources gathered from Strongholds are bound to the player character and cannot be sold in the auction house; this goes for crafted items from those resources.

Strongholds allow players who prefer to grind out mobs a chance to collect valuable crafting materials without the need to go out and farm those locations.

Tip #5 - Map Locations

Last but not least is how to use the map to know what resources are available per area before going there and wasting time looking for resources in the wrong spot. Look at the image above; you will notice that this region has “Fishing spots - Mining spots - and Excavating Spots” but does not offer any of the others. You can find this tooltip at the top right of each map, and it will afford you a precious time saving when looking for resources.


Congratulations on choosing the fun lifestyle of Lost Ark; we hope this guide showed you a brief understanding and gave you the tips you needed to get Trading in Lost Ark! If you don’t want the headache of farming resources for hours, check out our store for Gold Lost Ark to buy all you need off of the auction house! Check out our other guides here for great builds and guides throughout Lost Ark, and as always, Happy hunting!