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Top 6 Best Raid DPS in FFXIV

No matter the game, whether it’s an MMORPG or call of duty, everyone wants to know what the best class or weapon is to get to the top. Today we will be looking at the top 6 best raid DPS for Final Fantasy XIV so that you can choose what will get you to the top.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs to date, rivaling even World of Warcraft! Boasting over 400k players, there are bound to be opportunities for you to find people for FFXIV dungeons and raids.

Disclaimer - This list may get outdated due to the nature of an MMORPG in that it always gets patched, and Jobs get balanced. Disclaimer aside, this is our list of top 6 FFXIV best DPS for Raids for patch 6.05.

The below list is rated on an average scale across multiple raids with varying gear. However, the data suggests that these jobs would remain the same on this list with top high-end gear.

That's enough rambling; let's get on with the list of best FFXIV Raid DPS, starting with Number 6!

Number 6 - Monk

The monk is always a hidden gem and quite a double-edged sword. Monk can deal some of the craziest DPS in raids, but most players struggle to keep up with other easier-to-deal damage jobs due to its challenging skill requirements.

With the recent changes in 6.05, we see more players rolling Monk due to the crazy high damage output. This is because many positional requirements have been removed, making combos easier to achieve and increasing overall damage. Another reason for their new revamped damage is due to the change allowing for longer durations between monk forms.

Monk slides into number 6 on average for FFXIV Raid DPS for all of the above reasons.

Number 5 - Samurai

Samurai has always been a pretty balanced class in terms of raiding DPS. As of 6.05, the damage median across players seems consistently placed in 5th or 4th position. They would have fallen slightly lower on this list, but they see more significant combo damage due to a few tweaks to the Shoha and Meditation gauge.

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On top of the tweaks, Samurai AoE damage has seen some alterations that not only increase its damage but make it incredibly viable for large pulls in dungeons. These changes secured Samurai's well-deserved number 5 slot across DPS in raids.

Number 4 - Summoner

The summoner. This job is one of the all-time greats and will always have a spot on our top 5 list. This mobile magic caster has seen use in Raids since the early days of Final Fantasy XIV for its undeniable utility and excellent damage output. As of 6.05, a few tweaks to damage came about, increasing their value tenfold.

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However, if you’re new to FFXIV, you may learn that this job is not without its challenges and can be one of the most challenging jobs to master. All that said, Summoner secures its place as number 4 on our list of top DPS for raids.

Number 3 - The Black Mage

This may be controversial as The Black Mage Job has always seen its place between number 2 or number 1; it has dropped down a slot due to the recent nerfs. Just because it got slightly nerfed recently doesn’t mean that this job is in any way, shape, or form weak.

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This job still has some of the highest damage output out of all the other jobs. Not much else to be said; their damage is flashy, high, and incredibly fun; if you’re new to FFXIV, you should definitely role this job at some point.

Number 2 - Red Mage

The red mage has notoriously been an incredible DPS job. This author believes that this is one of the most fun jobs to play. Due to the recent Acceleration changes, Red mage can now move around the arena/battlefield much easier allowing for less downtime on casting and melee AoE strikes. One of the most versatile jobs out there; it’s no wonder that Red mage makes its place on the list as number 2.

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If you’re new to FFXIV, you should give this job a chance as it can pump out high DPS without being too intermediate in terms of difficulty.

Number 1 - Reaper

The newest class always gets the most love. That’s true in League of legends, as it is in FFXIV. Reaper is by far the highest damage output job out there. As of 6.05, the buffs have increased their output allowing for versatile gameplay. If you’re new to FFXIV, this class will fulfill that desire to run around with a giant scythe and decimate your opponents. Every raid needs a Reaper, but be careful due to its notoriety and how new it is; it can be pretty tricky to get a slot in a raid since most players love playing Reaper; I mean, who wouldn’t want to be best Raid DPS? For the simple reason of highest damage output and easiest melee gameplay style, we put this as number 1 on our list!


That does it for our list of top 6 best Raid DPS for FFXIV; we hope you enjoyed it - feel free to check out our in-depth guides in our News Section. If you don't want to grind for hours, check out our store for great deals on FFXIV Gil and various other FFXIV Items! Check-in with us again soon for a new hot look at some of the biggest news in FFXIV, and as always, Happy Hunting!

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