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Final Fantasy XIV Astrologian Guide

As Michael Jackson once said in his famous song, we need to "heal the world"!

Well, in the case of the Astrologian, you only need to be healing your teammates. You don't want to be kicked out of your party for being useless, now do you?

You've got a healing touch and that's why you're to learn all about the healer class, Astrologian! Our team of veteran Final Fantasy XIV gamers here at SSE Gold have come together to create this FFXIV Astrologian guide just for you!

So without further ado, let's jump right into it!

How to Unlock the Astrologian Job in FFXIV

Like with the other jobs that were introduced in the first expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, Astrologian has no base class while starting at level 30. We will be talking about the specific prerequisites needed to unlock this job in our FFXIV Astrologian guide.

There are 2 Astrologian unlock methods that you can go for. The first method involves you focusing on the main story of FFXIV, eventually tackling the FFXIV Astrologian quests too.

Players need to finish the whole campaign of 'A Realm Reborn', along with the Main Scenario Quests, FFXIV Astrologian quests (until Heavensward), and the quest "Before the Dawn" as well. Finally, players need to have reached level 50 or higher in a Magic or Disciples of War job.

Only after all these prerequisites have been met can one accept the quest, "Stairway to Heaven", granting access to FFXIVAstrologian quests and storyline. It goes without saying that players need to also have access to the "Heavensward" expansion to be able to unlock the Astrologian job.

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FFXIV Astrologian Card Guide

A lot of players may be intimidated to pick Astrologian as their job because of the card system that the job deals with. Memorizing which card deals what buff, the right time to use it, whom to use it on, are some of the troubles that newer players may face. But once you know what works and how, it can be fairly simple, which you will find out in this FFXIV Astrologian guide.

Arcana Seals

One of the most important aspects of the Astrologian cards are their Arcana seals, which exist to be collected as cards are played, which is kept track of in the Arcana Gauge.
There exist 3 types of Arcana seals, each one being connected to 2 of the cards:

●Celestial: Spire and Spear cards.
●Solar: Bole and Balance cards.
●Lunar: Ewer and Arrow cards.

If the player happens to draw a card that does not suit the arcana they need, they can utilize Minor Arcana to turn the cards into a Lady or Lord of crowns, which possess no arcana seals but provide bigger buffs.

The Balance

Part of the Solar Arcana, the Balance Astrologian deals 6% additional damage to DPS and tanks, while other jobs get less of a buff.

The Bole

The other Astrologian card with a Solar Arcana seal, the Bole acts as a buff for healers and ranged DPS with 6% additional damage, while other jobs get less of a buff.

The Arrow

One part of the Lunar Arcana, the Arrow card buffs melee and tank class damage by 6% percent, while only buffing 3% for other classes.

The name confuses a lot of players to apply the Arrow card buff to Bards since they possess bow and arrows, whereas it is meant for melee DPS and tanks. Just remember that the Arrow is meant for the opposite of bards, and you're good.

The Ewer

The other half of the Lunar Arcana is the Ewer, that buffs healers and ranged DPS. Other classes get a nerfed buff.

The Spear

Spear is one part of the Astrologian's Celestial Arcana seal, and acts as a buff for tanks and melee DPS.

The Spire

Being the second part of the Celestial Arcana seal and also the final Arcana seal, the Spire card buffs healers as well as ranged DPS.

To round off this Astrologian Card guide, here are some tips that could prove useful to you:

●All buffs last for 15 seconds only.
●Buffs can only be cast to a player that is present 30 yalms away or less.
●The recast timer for drawing and redrawing cards is 30 seconds.

General Astrologian Tips and Tricks

We want to leave you with some crucial tips and tricks that will come handy in your day-to-day life as an Astrologian, and below are the ones we considered to be most crucial for you to know:

●Your primary damaging spell is 'Malefic' and your DoT spell is 'Combust'.
●Reapply DoT when it's about to fall off.
●When not healing, keep damaging your enemy with your Malefic and Combust.
●Your primary AoE damage spell is 'Gravity'. Spam it on every mob pull. It's important you note that it is a targeted spell which doesn't explode from yourself.
●Astrologians have man management issues. The PvE action 'Lightspeed' can help with that.
●Don't forget to spam 'Lucid Dreaming' along with it as well.

 And there you have it, that has been our FFXIV Astrologian Guide. Liked our content? Make sure to browse our website for more!

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