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The Ultimate Final Fantasy 14 Excitatron 6000 Guide

FFXIV’s new patch 6.05 brings a new instanced dungeon challenge to profession style players. This guide will show you how to get into Excitatron 6000 and what you may expect inside, along with rewards.

Along with the Treasure Excitatron 6000 dungeon, patch 6.05 brings the long-awaited Savage Difficulty to the Endwalker’s Pandaemonium raid. So in between raiding, get your treasure on in the Excitatron 6000!

Introduction - What is The Excitatron 6000?

The Excitatron is a treasure dungeon similar to the “Lyhe Ghiah” in patch 5.05, featuring 1 to 8 players. These dungeons serve the more misrepresented communities, the profession players, as these players may obtain map fragments through gathering nodes. When used, these map fragments may allow access to more lucrative treasure dungeons such as the Excitatron 6000.

Players who can harvest level 90 mature trees and other materials we will go over may obtain the highly sought out for “Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Map.” This map, upon successful activation, will allow you to enter the Excitatron 6000, which is essentially a luck-based dungeon filled with treasure and grandeur loot. Excitatron 6000 is a colorful broad-based dungeon filled with whimsical enemies and exciting challenges. Are you up for the challenge? If so, let’s get started!

How To Unlock the Excitatron 6000?

As a Profession

We briefly discussed finding Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps, and that is true, but how do you get these maps? You can access these maps by harvesting level 90 mature trees, mineral deposits, vegetation patches, rocky outcrops, and fishing holes. They have to be level 90 or above as you will not receive them on any lower raw material. Any one of these jobs should do the trick:

●Miner (level 90)
●Fisherman (level 90)
●Botanist (level 90)

How Jobs Can Make You Money During The Excitatron 6000 Hype

These maps fetch a fair price on the Market board, which means you can either spend the extra Gil on them or sell them for a tidy profit. Selling the maps is a significant moneymaker as each map does not guarantee you the entrance to Excitatron 6000, essentially meaning most players will have to use at least 2-10 maps. Keep in mind that you can only farm one map per 18 hours. If you’ve done the dungeon and wish to sell off the rest of the treasure maps, feel free to do so for the extra Gil (If you don't have enough FFXIV Gil in your pocket, feel free to contact us). 

Alternative Ways to Obtain These Maps

Unfortunately, the only other way to obtain these maps is through the market boards, as these items can be bought and sold there. Alternatively, you can make friends with someone doing these jobs and hope they will be generous enough to give you a map for a fair to low price (or free.) If you’re fortunate, you can get a friend to take you through the dungeon with them.

What to Expect After Using A Map

After you successfully use a map, a treasure chest will spawn. Be wary, however, that there will be enemies to face once you loot the chest. After you’ve defeated the enemies, you will receive either:

●Gil (Random Amount)
●Crafting Items (Also Random)
●Tomestones of Aphorisms

If you are lucky, you can gain all of the above in a single chest. If you’re really lucky, the portal to The Excitatron or any other Treasure dungeon may spawn. Keep in mind that once you’ve beaten any other Treasure dungeon, your chances of getting Excitatron 6000 are improved by 50%.

How to Find These Maps (Best Locations)

The best locations to find these maps are:

●Mare Lamentorum
●Ultima Thule

How To Do Excitatron 6000

This treasure dungeon is dependent on how you view it, frustrating or fun. It is entirely luck-based, with a few guided arrows to the right doors. Each room will have a chest in it; once touched, enemies will spawn, kill all the enemies in the room, and you will receive a key after looting the chest. Use this key to open one door out of the 3 in front of you. These doors will either take you to the next room or boot your party from the dungeon entirely. This is why it can be frustrating since you put all that time into getting into the dungeon only to get booted out after the first encounter.

Some doors will have arrows and hints as to which one is correct, and it’s up to you and the raid to decide which door you will open, hence why this dungeon is considered a lucky trap.

Rewards and Achievements

Once you have managed to create your portal to the Excitatron 6000 instance, you may venture into the overtly colorful dungeon that we’ve come to expect from a treasure hunt map with a party of 1 to 8 players. During the early days of this event dropping, you can expect to find a multitude of parties doing this dungeon, but as the content gets older, you will struggle to find one. What we’re saying is get in while it’s hot.

So, let’s get into what you all came here for, the rewards. Let’s run over a quick list of what you can expect to find in this Treasure dungeon. Be aware that not all of this loot is guaranteed but is possible to get.

Uncommon Rewards

●Lots of Gil
●Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism
●Various Crafting Reagents

Rare Rewards

●Archangel Wings
●Cloth of Happiness
●Royal Lunatender
●Pixie Wings


●On The Hype Tron (Attempt it 20 times)
●Lunaire Riche (Completion 20 times)


●My Way or The Hyperway I Raid Excitatron 6000 for the first time. Award for the title “The person who is extremely excited.”
●My Way or The Hyperway II Raid Excitatron 6000 2 times
●My Way or The Hyperway III Raid Excitatron 6000 3 times
●My Way or The Hyperway IV Raid The Excitatron 6000 20 times. “On The Hype Tron” Trophy Award
●Milk the way I Go to the final compartment of The Excitatron 6000 for the first time
●Milk the Ways II Go to the last compartment of The Excitatron 6000 2 times
●Milk ways III Go to the last compartment of The Excitatron 6000 ten times
●Milk ways IV Go to the last compartment of The Excitatron 6000 20 times. Awarded the title “Lunaire Riche.”

All rewards may sell on the market board, so expect to make a tidy profit out of these cosmetic rewards.


We hope you enjoyed our overview of this new content and hope you have the luck necessary to complete this highly entertaining dungeon. If you want to check out our other FFXIV guides, please do so here. Don’t want to farm the Gil for buying the maps? Check out our store for great deals on money exchanges. As always, happy hunting!