FFXIV Dungeons: Pick Up Your Best And Worst

Final Fantasy 14 is one of the best MMORPG’s on the market right now. Whether it's tough battles, amazing stories, intricate and relaxing crafting, or a very unique take on PVP, FFXIV has something for everyone. It also has tons of content to explore, but none more abundant than the litany of dungeons to run.

Dungeons are an incredibly fun part of Final Fantasy XIV, each instance of them is separate from others and is exclusive to a specific party. Running dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV can be challenging for old and new players. Some dungeons are loved by the players, while others are more notorious than anything. 

So what're your favorite dungeons? What are your most hated dungeons? Today, we'll talk about the Best And Worst Dungeons in FFXIV.

(PS: Dungeons need to be unlocked through quests, they also have level requirements. So you can't enter the dungeon if you are below the level requirement.)

First, let's take a look at some of the best FFXIV dungeons.

1. The Vault. 

On your quest to help Sir Aymeric and bring the truth of the Dragonsong war to light, you’ve learned of the church's lies and deception. Ser Aymeric is imprisoned for suspected heresy by the archbishop to cover up the lies. Just when you think it’s over a loss, no one will soon forget, breaks your heart. Remember, “A smile better suits a hero.”

The area is gorgeous and tranquil, almost throws you off guard when the first wave of adds come pouring out to meet you. I like its atmosphere, straightforward design, good music, fun bosses, beautiful aesthetics, nothing obnoxious, opportunities for big pulls, and minimal trash... When leveling a new job to 60, it’s always a great way to fuel me forward for those last few levels. I always felt interesting and exciting to run Vault.

2. The Burn.

The Burn is a place where aether is gone. That isn’t sand or snow, that’s ash. Everything here is dead, even the air. Except for the monsters that want to kill you to eat the aether you’ve brought into their home! Tread carefully because this is a dangerous wasteland that people haven’t stepped foot on in years.

I love how each section of this dungeon feels different, while also blending into each other perfectly. The burn was really amazing both visually and in music and gameplay. It has an amazing melancholic atmosphere and music, and the last boss hits the sweet spot for me in terms of difficulty for the content. Anytime my WT asks for an L70 dungeon I just queue for The Burn.

3. Amaurot.

The Warrior of Darkness has traveled to the depth of the ocean to save the Crystal Exarch from Emet Selch. Emet Selch knows you plan to slay him, but first, he must show you his truth. For nothing he does is without reason. He shows you how the original world, his home, was destroyed by their own hands.

Amaurot is probably my favorite dungeon, it's dark, it's relentless, it's sad and beautiful, you can see that the world is already lost, for the rest is black as death. And Emet-Selch's narration as well as the title cards in different areas tops it off. Plus the boss fights are brutal.

4. Bardam's Mettle.

You come to Bardam’s Mettle to prove yourself as a warrior of the Steppe so that you may complete in the Naadam. This dungeon is here to test the Warrior of Light’s strength and ability. From the very beginning, you find that this dungeon is here to test you as a player. 

Bardam's Mettle has that cool rustic, tribal vibe. The place is beautiful, the animals are cool and I enjoy the mid-boss golem thing. It was pretty cool to see the architecture, the coeurls, the temple brother's wearing the AF and fighting with other styles, and Ivon motherfuckin Coeurlfist using the relic.

5. The Ghimlyt Dark.

The battle for Eorzea is at its peak. You, the Eorzea alliance, the scions, and comrades from the east have all come together for this massive battle. Hoping to finally be rid of the Garlean scum that has invaded the homes of those you care about, you take to the front line of the battlefield. Fighting Garleans and their mechas, the Warrior of Light clears the path towards an unlikely victory.

I feel like Ghimlyt Dark is a perfect endcap to Stormblood. It also encapsulates the feeling I think the devs were trying to create for the expansion. I love the boss fights I love seeing the trash mobs fall from the sky. I love at one point before the final boss. I think it's not overly hard so it's easy to enjoy the setting. Getting to fight alongside my favorite characters in a war-like setting was very cool.

Then, we'll talk about the worst FFXIV dungeons you prayed to RNG gods you'd never get.

1. The Aurum Vale.

Of all the dungeons in this game, none hold more infamy than the Aurum Vale. Not only does it look like an atrocious place to explore, but it is also notorious for its gauntlet of a first section which has caused countless amount of party wipes.

Your level is capped at 49, a very awkward in-between level for most jobs. You often have a passive that amps up a combo you can't complete until you get your level 50 ability. It's the first dungeon where the Healer really has to heal the whole party even if everything goes according to plan. The Tank can't just perfectly cycle cooldowns to burn through everything.

The second catches both Tanks and Healers by surprise, especially new or inexperienced ones. New Healers won't realize that they are allowed to point out the amount of incoming damage without it being considered a criticism of the Tank. New Tanks won't realize that sometimes Mechanics mean that the healer can't just "heal through it" and you do actually need to do small pulls.

Everybody prays they never get this dungeon in Leveling Roulette.

2.Dzemael Darkhold

Seeking to utilize an existing labyrinth of natural caves, the Ishgardian house of Dzemael began construction on their eponymous Darkhold near the end of the Sith Astral Era, intending it to server as a refuge for those fleeing the flames of the Dravanian Horde. When the house’s digging uncovered an entrance to the void, allowing an army of voidsent into this realm, however, they immediately abandoned their plans and withdrew from the subterrane, sealing it off so that they might contain the otherwordly invaders within. Despite all this, the house is unwilling to relinquish its claim to the caves, and believes that if they can be cleared of the voidsent, they might still be able to see their original plan brought to fruition.

Dzemael Darkhold is a repulsive, dreadfully designed dungeon. What makes Darkhold even worse than the most infamous dungeon the Aurum Vale is the horrendous ideas all compiled for the dungeon layout. The second part of Darkhold is easily the worst designed area in any dungeon as you can accidentally fall off in a tightly closed area littered with enemies, spelling instant doom for you or your party. The bosses are better, but by a very slim margin, with forgettable, annoying mechanics that only serve to prolong the dread you’ve already had running the trash pulls. I would much rather prefer to run the Vale than this. That’s saying something.

Well, no matter what dungeons you love or hate, though, you'll need to know how to make the most out of their respective dungeon runs and get as much FFXIV Gil as possible. If you can't, we will help you to get more cheap FFXIV Gil now!