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FFXIV Red Mage Rotation Guide: Best Red Mage

Red Mage is a hybrid caster which can consume Black & White Mana to enchant their blade, unleashing a flurry of melee strikes. While easily the most mobile caster in the game, Red Mage's rotation is based heavily around random procs.
FFXIV Red Mage Rotation Guide

Red Mage is all about generating Black and White mana “equally”, then subsequently dumping it using our melee combo. 

Does this seem like the right rotation
1. Acceleration
2. Swiftcast
3. VerAero ( if ready)
4. Verstone ( if ready)
5. Verthunder
6. Verfire 
7. Impact
8. Jolt
9. Corps a Corps
10. Enc. Riposte
11. Enc. Z
12. Redouble
13. Fleche ( when ready)
14 If AOE needed use Scatter and Enc. Moulinet 9-12

What I'm getting from it is:
· Hardcast with Verstone or Verfire if you can.
· If you can't, use Impact if you have Impactful active.
· If you don't, use Jolt II.
· Instant cast Veraero or Verthunder after whichever of these you use and repeat until your mana is 80/80?

It's more of a priority system based on your current mana levels and procs. Weave your oGCD's appropriately and you should be good. Pop manafication once you're between 40-50 mana so you can rush in with your melee that much quicker. (45-50 for AoE fights so you can do 3 rounds of moulinet)

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