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Diablo IV vs Path Of Exile 2: Which Makes You More Excited?

Let's talk about which game is better: Path of Exile 2 or Diablo 4. It's a question that's been asked a lot, which is strange because neither of these games is out yet. But as things move forward with both PoE 2 and the most recent closed beta tests for Diablo 4, a lot of information has leaked out and is going around the internet.
Let's talk about both of the games right now. I'd like to start off with a more neutral point of view.

Diablo 4 vs PoE 2: Which is Right for You?

Free to Play?

First of all, I'm looking forward to playing both games. Both of them look great. But if you want to know which one is better for you, I would say that Path of Exile is better because it will be free to play. Diablo 4 will cost money, and their DLC is listed online, showing that they plan to have paid expansions as well.

So if all you want to know is which one is free to play, they will both be different in that way. POE 2 will cost nothing. It's a version of POE 1's engine that has been changed. They are doing a lot more things and making many changes. But the way you play will be the same at its core. Diablo 4, on the other hand, has a brand new engine.

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PVP Gameplay

Path of Exile also has a big difference in that if you want to play PVP, there isn't a huge core mode where you can just play PVP. There isn't a mode in Diablo 4 that lets you do both of those things, but there is a mode with these "shards of hatred." When you have enough of these shards of hatred, you can turn them in. To give them back, you have to clean them.

It will let other people know that you are killing enemies to get rid of these pieces of hate. They're just going to sort of fall.
It's like gold, but you can't keep it unless you clean the little pieces you'll get. So it has a way where there is both a risk and a payoff. You can exchange them for cosmetics, but it's not like a PVP where you have to wait in line. I'd love for that to be possible, but there aren't a lot of people who only play PVP in POE.

So, if you're more interested in PvP, Diablo 4 will have that, along with a more open world where you can do dungeons or raids with other players.
Basically, there are these bosses in the Dark World that will need a good number of players to take down. You can see a little meter under the tomb lord. Under the health bar, there's another bar that fills up. When it fills up, the tomb lord will be stunned, which is when you do most of your damage.

That's where we'll use the ultimate skills, which is a little different from Diablo 4. You can compare it to Vol skills, but the cooldown is a lot longer. Most cooldowns I've seen last about a minute.
Diablo 4 makes it clear that you can get some cooldown reduction for them. But if you think the game should be super fast like Diablo 3, that's a different story. Where you can have maximum cooldown reduction and keep it up all the time, like with Wrath of the Berserker or Vengeance.

In a lot of interviews, they use the phrase "the gameplay is more grounded" to describe this change. It's more about making a class for your character. You can choose which skills to use, but the way the game is set up makes me think of Diablo 3 without the optional mode.
You have skills like Mobility, a skill that gives you resources, and a skill that uses up your resources.

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Endgame Content

Getting a better look at how the end game works. Both games have endgame systems where you'll be doing Maps, but Path of Exile also adds 19 new ascendancies to the endgame, which is essentially the same thing. So it's like something brand new.

Path of Exile 2 does have a lot more ascendancies that can change your build in a big way. Take the example of something called a "close combat specialist." It lets you use sword and act skills with your bow, and it does 10 more damage with bows when used in melee.
Similar to what exists in Diablo 4 at least right now, some weapons, especially those used by the Barbarian, will activate skills that interact differently depending on the type of slashing used. This changes everything about how you play the game.

When it comes to the end game, however, they are both like a map system. A lot of the things in Diablo 4 come down to the small nodes on the Paragon board. Like, you get a bunch of small nodes that make your intelligence stronger. It's just a bunch of small stats, but you'll eventually get some of these bigger nodes.

Co-Op Focus

In Diablo 4, each class is very different and has its own skills. However, some characters can combine their skills to make a devastating effect. For example, the Sorceress could freeze enemies while the Druid charged them while he was in a different form. (Tip: Buying Diablo 4 Gold will be a good choice to level up your D4 characters.)

There are a lot of fun and interesting ways to play together, and Blizzard seems to want players to talk to each other as much as possible by putting a focus on shared world elements in this instalment. Even though PoE has a lot of different ways to build, the game is heavily focused on solo content because it doesn't have instanced item drops or content that requires more than one player.

Content Density

With a merged client, Path of Exile 2 will get all of the new features and changes that the first game had. Even though it has a unique campaign, all skills, prestige classes, and tile sets will be carried over to the next game.

But the most important thing to know is how long PoE has been supported. With all the new content added since 2013, it has a huge advantage over Blizzard in terms of things to do and enemies to fight. Both games have the same endgame systems, which means that Path of Exile 2 can build on the hundreds of PoE maps, bosses, and encounters that have been made over the years. It will be hard to do better than what PoE already gives.

Character Builds

Path of Exile's character customization system lets any character with the right traits use any skill, despite class identity issues. Templars and Witches can utilise Ranger bows and Marauder melee heavy skills.

This system lets spell-casting archers and necromancer trap characters. With a passive tree with near-infinite options and hundreds of uniques, players can build practically anything. PoE can introduce a new skill gem or item to provide intriguing new possibilities, but Diablo must account for class and present class sets.


As I said, I’m excited about both Path of Exile 2 and Diablo IV. Even after this simple comparison guide, there will still be a lot of changes that you’ll come across when both games release. If you’re also googling Will Diablo IV have cross play? Or Path of Exile White Sockets Guide. Then, you can visit our news section and get in-depth answers.