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Elden Ring VS Elder Scrolls Online

In this article I will do a comparison and discuss the similarities between Elden Ring and Elder Scrolls Online which includes the mechanics, gameplay and what features of Elden Ring could work in Elder Scrolls Online.


Let me start by introducing both games for those of you who might not have played the above-mentioned titles. First game on the comparison list is Elder Scrolls Online. ESO is an online MMO with open world exploration and PvP modes which provides a wide range of content. In ESO, the world and lore are beautifully presented, and the game features one of the best PvP systems in the industry. Gameplay involves quests, random events, and a lot of free-roaming exploration with no offline play. In ESO, you can pick from 10 races and six classes all which provides benefits to your created character. Although free-to-play, there are monthly payment options available for those who wish to spend money on this game.

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Next up is Elden Ring, a beautiful, huge, open world Fantasy Action-RPG. Elden Ring features a seamless connection between large imaginative landscapes and shadowy, intricate dungeons. You can explore the gorgeous world on foot or horseback, alone or with other players, and fully immerse yourself in the verdant plains, stifling marshes, spiraling mountains, frightening castles, and other locations of grandeur. You can use a vast range of weapons, magical abilities, and skills to slay your enemies.(Buy cheap Elden Ring Items now if it's emergency!) Elden Ring is very similar to games such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne etc. Elden Ring's Character Creation allows you to fully customize and build your character. You can choose a wide range of features from character’s name, gender to voice and face shape to game style-defining aspects like its Class.

Similarities and differences

First off, the major difference is that Elden Ring is plain and simple not an MMO. It's a mostly single-player experience with some multiplayer co-op elements. The main focus of Elden Ring is combat, boss fights, and exploration. Also, Elden Ring is very different from a traditional open world game, in the sense that you are dropped in the world to do whatever you want with some to little guidance towards the main quest. (Similar to Breath of the Wild). If you like a game that has difficult, but satisfying and rewarding combat, will enjoy Elden Ring.

Both games are fantasy-action RPG’s that can be or are played third person, however Elder Scrolls Online features realistic/living towns full of NPC’s and merchants with long and intricate storyline. Elder Scrolls Online bosses are just big enemies that have a lot of HP and deal a lot of damage, but in Elden Ring, boss fights are beautifully done and feature super unique encounters with incredible character design and move set design.

In Elder Scrolls, the main gameplay loop is built around questing. Quests get you to explore the map which gets you to fight stuff which, eventually, gives you rewards use can use to take on more quests, explore more of the map, and fight more stuff to gain even better rewards. The joy of playing ESO doesn't come from its gameplay or character build at all, really: It's all about the worldbuilding and immersing yourself in a living, breathing place you can explore and quest in to your heart's content. Elden Ring doesn't have traditional quests, characters, or even really all that much dialogue at all. There aren't any cities or many NPCs to interact with. The main point of Elden Ring is its gameplay and understanding the gameplay well enough to overcome and slay enemies and the many unique bosses. You can undoubtedly explore the world of Elden Ring and find much to enjoy apart from interesting characters and quests; however, Elden Ring isn't really about roleplaying. You get to choose your stats, skills, and gear, but there isn't much more to it than that. It's all about the gameplay, not your character.

ESO also features nimble, quick character movement whereas Elden Ring is a bit slower paced. In ESO, you can somewhat spam attacks with little worry as you can just pop off some mana potions. In Elden Ring you need to be cautious in your exchange of blows and carefully watch your stamina bar whilst making smart decisions in real time. Don’t get me wrong, Elden Ring isn’t as slow as games like Dark Souls. It’s faster, with more stamina and you can roll more quickly. You have enough stamina to swing your weapon, block hits and roll around but doesn’t have that much freedom as ESO. In Elder Scrolls, as you level up, you can go mining and craft gear and equip them casually (need a lot of ESO Gold). But in Elden Ring, you just need to pick up weapons and usually they're relatively definitive and unique, even in their archetypes.

To sum up everything in short:

· Elden Ring doesn’t have obscure story threads and quests with no quest indicators or guidance.
· Elden Ring relies on careful and strategic gameplay, with no ability to pause the game world and eat an entire feast if your HP gets low like in Elder Scrolls.
· Elden Ring relies heavily on player skill rather than in game abilities or stats.
· ESO was designed solely around being 100% an MMO with online market features. If you are interested in buying ESO gold, you can do so here.

What Elden Ring features could work in ESO?

I don’t really see any potential for Elden Ring features to work in Elder Scrolls, however there are few things that Elder Scrolls could perhaps tweak for it to work.

Elder Scrolls could try to provide higher difficulty Overland content. Currently, you need to join group content like raids if you wish to fight a difficult boss. Enemies in the Overland are almost all universally of low difficulty and many players will outgrow this gap and have no difficulty facing these enemies sooner or later. Elden Ring has such unique intricate boss battles which forces you to think about how you approach the battle and the attacks of the enemy.

Mounted Combat is a feature that could be implemented into ESO and I believe it might add some interesting new dynamic to Cyrodiil, supposing performance in Cyrodiil campaigns has improved. A completely new way of PVE fighting can be added, too. Maybe it could come with its own skill line, but a lot of rework of mounts in ESO will be needed.


As you can see, there are not many similarities between these two games, apart from the fact that both games are fantasy-action RPG’s and both games feature open world gameplay. Elder Scrolls Online is a game you play when you want to pass time, play with friends or farm for better equipment, whether to use it in or sell it. ESO, also being an MMO, has decent graphics, but it’s nothing compared to other AAA single player titles.

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For me, Elden Ring is such a visually beautiful game and one that requires some skill to play. Many will argue both games have pros and cons, but both these titles are amazing games and will keep you playing for hours and hours.