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The Ultimate Escape from Tarkov Solo Player Guide

Do you know the feeling of being stuck in the lobby because your friends were either offline or too occupied way too well? It is time for you to try out Escape from Tarkov on solo mode. This Escape from Tarkov Solo Player guide will tell you all you need to succeed in soloing and surviving Escape from Tarkov on your own. If you want to learn about even more gameplay tips, please visit EFT Guides for more content.

Why Play Solo in Escape from Tarkov?

Although joining Escape from Tarkov with a team can give you an advantage of having more firepower, playing solo can still be reasonably rewarding. For one, you are not limited by the availability of others, and you can enjoy the game as much as you want. Also, being independent will make you more self-reliant and overall a better player. Thirdly, you can handle coordinating with others or receiving criticism from your teammates. And lastly, running away from unwanted fire engagement is very easy when you play alone. Sounds well, doesn’t it?

Tips for Escape from Tarkov Solo Player

Some players may think that the solo choice in Escape from Tarkov is too risky; however, all it takes is to adapt your game style, and we assure you that the following tips will make your race easy.

Knowledge Is Power

To excel in this game, you need to be open to learning. The more you are familiar with the EFT map's layout, reload times, and properties of weaponry, movement mechanics, and spawn routes, the higher the chance you will outplay others.
Tip: Try to always create a backup plan for a given situation. For instance, should you move down the corridor and come across a squad, where will you find a cover? Will you distract them by using a grenade? Always think one step ahead.
Not only will you be able to plan your moves and predict the behaviour of others, but this allows you to react to the situations in little to no time, which proves to be fundamental for any first-person shooter game.
Tip: Use the environment to your advantage. You can rustle around in the cabinet to catch the attention of your enemy and simply wait for them to walk into your aim.

Choosing Versatile Items

Another crucial feature you should focus on when playing Escape from Tarkov is your Loadout (what you carry into the mission). Make sure to opt for versatile weapons and equipment that will fit the map and your game-play strategy. If you know you will get involved in long range as well as close range fire engagements, choose the weapon that performs well in both encounters.
Tip: Variable zoom scopes are an excellent choice for solo players. Always consider equipping a scope as it can help you with ranged fire and is also useful when shooting from unfavourable angles.
Escape from Tarkov also offers a great variety of medical supplies. We recommend you to load your Stim case with Propital and Zagustin. Propital counters light bleeds so you can carry on fighting, meanwhile Zagustin stops both light and heavy bleeding and prevents you from receiving any new ones. Both of them have an immediate effect.
Tip: Are you looking for a life-saving stimulant that will put you back on the track even though you have been low on health a moment ago? Consider putting Green Stim into your Stim case. It acts instantly and the healing performance is really fast.

Acting Quickly and Taking Your Time

Depending on the situation, you should be able to find a balance between when to take time to assess the situation and when to act on the spot to save your life. Although you may feel vulnerable as a solo player, do not be afraid to push or be aggressive. The chances of getting killed while staying still are much higher than when you are the one to open the fire. If you see an opportunity, take it. Since you are a solo player, you can pick out the enemies one by one by ambushing and disappearing.
Tip: To eliminate the possibility of being pinched, push forward. Staying in one spot will result in you getting killed.

Staying Alert

Always pay attention to the surroundings and details. If you see an anomaly in the form of open doors, dead bodies, or looted containers, you can expect an enemy to be nearby. Good indicator is the sound of footsteps. As the game makes it almost impossible to sneak around, there is a high chance of both you and your enemy hearing each other’s movements. Another way of checking the enemy in the area is to listen to whether there is a fire engagement.
Tip: If you have not heard any firefights in the first minutes, the chances are there is a five-man squad in the area.

Reflecting on Your Mistakes

Dying in the game is another learning opportunity. Try to look back and consider what you could do to prevent your death. This will help to perfect your moves so next time you will not get caught the same way.

How to Deal with Solo Anxiety

The same way playing in a team can provide you with a safety net as the responsibility shifts from the individual onto the collective, playing alone can leave you feeling anxious and scared. One of the best ways to prevent Solo Anxiety is to make yourself feel less alone. You can either listen to music or join the Discord channel and talk to your friends while playing Escape from Tarkov. The rule is the more you play solo, the less anxious you become.
Tip: Play factory raids to build up the confidence and better your reaction time. More experience will make you more self-assured.
Another form of Solo Anxiety that some players struggle with is Gear Fear, known as the fear of losing the gear. However, it is actually easy to make money to purchase more gear in Escape from Tarkov. Everything you pick up has a substantial value. Find your method of how to make money in the game and you shall never be afraid of losing your gear ever again.
We hope our tips will help you to prevail in the Solo mode of Escape from Tarkov and that you will enjoy the game as much as possible. Should you be interested in effortless gaming experience, feel free to check out our store for easy access to boosts and EFT roubles. Best of luck with Escape from Tarkov!