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Path of Exile White Sockets Guide

Welcome to SSEGold's Path of Exile guide where we will show you how you can turn your sockets into white. Path of Exile requires that Skill Gems be placed in colored sockets. Red Strength-based gems must be socketed in a red socket, not a green (Dexterity) or blue socket.

Path of Exile's gearing and skill allocation are like a puzzle, and each item swap requires careful planning. White sockets are an exception. They're the only sockets that can fit any Skill Gem color, making them rare. There are a few ways to craft white sockets, and this guide lists them all.

A Brief Introduction to Sockets in POE

Recently, a new league called Lake of Kalandra was introduced to Path of Exile. Similar to previous leagues in Path of Exile like the heist league, Lake of Kalandra provides new features and resets the game for the player. In order to succeed in the new areas, players need to obtain the greatest gear available, which may include white socketed items.

Since every character in the League of Kalandra begins at level one, players need not worry too much about starting out with white socketed equipment; this is instead a concern for later game material.

After completing the game's main 10-act tale, many players feel they have truly begun their journey in Path of Exile. Most players will need 30–40 hours to complete the game's 10 acts, but veterans will be able to do so in much less time.

From there, players can challenge maps from the Atlas of Worlds, which presents brand-new opportunities thanks to its randomly generated content.

Players in Path of Exile must equip their characters with skill gems, which they then place in appropriate weapon and armour sockets to increase their stats and effectiveness.

Items typically include anything from one to six sockets, and they can be found in the standard color palette of red, green, and blue. The relevant colored skill gems will be slotted in by the players.

When players need to utilise a green talent but their gear only has red sockets, for example, it can be very annoying. Changing the color of sockets or adding more ones requires farming supplies.

Making your own white-socketed gear is still another alternative. White sockets are widely sought after since they can accommodate any hue of skill gems, making these items extremely versatile. But it's not always easy to get white sockets. Many approaches exist for this.

colors of Sockets

There are four distinct hues that correspond to each socket. White represents clarity of thought while red represents physical prowess. Only white gems and sockets can be used in any color ring, and white gems must be placed in a white socket.

Socket colors are selected at random with consideration given to the importance of the relevant traits (strength, dexterity, intellect) for using the item in question. It is more likely that a player will roll an off-color socket on a low strength requirement (low base level) pure strength armour gear than on a high strength requirement (high base level) item.

You have a 25% chance of gaining white sockets through corruption when utilising a Vaal Orb.

It is also possible to use an Encrusted Fossil or Vorici's crafting bench in the Immortal Syndicate Research safehouse to turn them into a usable item. Some items may get corrupted at the Altar of Corruption in the Temple of Atzoatl, causing their sockets to turn completely white. We will touch this topic in detail in the following sections.

Socket color Craftic Basics

1. How to find the right color sockets

You can change the color of sockets in the following ways:

Chronological Orb The Chromatic Orb changes the color of an item's sockets at random.

To get the right color sockets, use Crafting Bench recipes in your hideout.

Crafts for fall: Seeds from a wild wolf When a Wild Thornwolf Seed is harvested, it gives a random Socket color crafting effect.

2. When you make a Chromatic Orb, you get a random result

A Sphere of Time Chromatic Orb is a currency item that can be used to change the color of sockets on a weapon or piece of armour.

Most of the time, Chromatic Orbs are used to change the color of sockets on an item. Sockets are more likely to roll a color that matches the properties of the gear being changed. (By the way, you can buy cheap Exalted Orbs from our store!)

The higher the attribute requirements, the more likely it is to roll the right color: red sockets for Strength, green sockets for Dexterity, and blue sockets for Intelligence. This orb can only be used to get red, blue, or green sockets. For white sockets, you need a Vaal Orb Vaal Orb.

3. Crafting Bench Recipes: Use the right color sockets

If you want to avoid randomness or get a socket color combination that is unlikely on an item (like all red sockets on an item that requires high intelligence), you can use the Crafting Bench recipe you can find in Delve mine.

When getting socket colors that an item is already biassed toward (like red sockets on a chest piece that needs high Strength), it's cheaper to use Chromatic Orbs by hand instead of the Bench.

On the other hand, using Chromatic Orbs by hand is usually much more expensive than using the Bench to get a socket color that an item is biassed against. For example, getting green sockets on a chest piece that needs high Strength.

Turning Sockets in White

As a player of Path of Exile, you can earn white socketed equipment by engaging in battles against the Immortal Syndicate. It is recommended that players seek out Vorici and assign him to the research safehouse as soon as possible.

The more powerful Vorici is, the more white socketed goods players may expect to find during safehouse raids. One white socket is guaranteed at rank 1, with a maximum of six available at Vorici's fourth level.

Those that play Path of Exile's time-travelling mode will also have the chance to acquire white socket equipment. Here, gamers will sacrifice a personal item of their choosing on the Altar of Corruption. When an item is corrupted, it undergoes unpredictable changes.

This means that the socket colors, along with all other statistics, will be rolled at random. Even though it's a huge risk, the payoff could be worth it if the bet pays off and the sockets go white.

Vaal Orbs allow players to alter their equipment in a manner similar to the altar of corruption, and may even enable them to convert their socket colors to white.

However, considering Vaal Orbs can be put to other purposes, this may not be the best approach to acquire white sockets. Vaal Orbs can be used if a player in Path of Exile absolutely needs white sockets for a specific item.


Alright mates, we have reached the end of this guide. We really hope you liked it and got what you were looking for. If you want to know how to capture beasts in path of exile or need a path of exile classes guide, then head straight to our new section where you will find tons of Path of exile guides.