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Path of Exile Classes Guide

Hey there! You don't happen to be new to Path of Exile, do you?
Maybe you're wondering what the best class in PoE is? Or just simply can't decide which Path of Exile characters to choose on your own?
Well, aren't you in luck! Our team of experienced PoE players have come up with this Path of Exile Classes Guide to help you get your foot into this massive, beautiful world. (You can also find cheap PoE currency here!)
So let's hop right in, shall we?

Have you always drifted towards choosing a hard-hitting, physically-oriented damage dealer in the RPG's that you've been playing? Then you might want to take a closer look at the Marauder.
What's great about the first ascendency, Juggernaut, is that you don't have to be a one-trick pony because it specializes in offence and defense together. The immunity to endurance charges and camps in addition to the bonus armour will significantly increase its survivability while not compromising on firepower.
To summarize the Berserker, I would say 'a good offense is the best defense'. Your Berserker is susceptible to increased received damage but gains leech life, bonus damage, heightened critical strikes, quicker attack speed, and more in return. Which according to me is Worth it.
Some people would consider the Chieftain to be the Path of Exile best class, simply due to being able to use fire magic, and so effectively at that. Not only does the Chieftain show its complete potential as a physical fire-damage dealing character, it also excels as a caster due to access to fire totems.
If you've had a foul expression reading about the very physical, melee Marauder, you'll probably start to think that the Ranger is the Path of Exile best class.
With the improved quality of flasks, the Deadeye ascendency is a straight shooter. Not literally, because it is able to fire multiple arrows at the same time for increased damage and greater chances of landing a critical hit. A safe and non-risky pick.
With access to physically-oriented buffs such as Onslaught and Phasing coupled with frenzy charges, the Raider is a unique ascendency catering to players that want to try a non-traditional, melee route with the Ranger.
The Pathfinder is for players who want to simply rely on flasks; being able to gain extra charges and use it offensively or defensively is a huge help to indecisive gamers like myself. If you further have a preference for playing with chaos damage bow abilities, I would recommend you go ahead and try the Pathfinder.
Legends have been spoken about the great one known as the Duelist, and for good reason: the Duelist can avoid and parry attacks with ease and strike back with death-defying blows to overpower any enemy in his way.
The Slayer, with its high-risk-high-reward battling style, resembles the Berserker in a lot of ways, as it too gets life leech coupled with increased physical damage. This ascendency wields a dual-handed sword and cleaves through its enemies effortlessly.
The Gladiator is for players who want the best of both worlds: offense and defense, of course. Whether you want to toss enemies aside like rag dolls with a dual-wield or use a one-handed weapon along with a shield, you are sure to find a playstyle you love.
If you truly want to be the backbone of your team, try out the Champion ascendency. Being a rock-hard tank ready to sponge enemy attacks for your team with ease while also being able to taunt and apply useful debuffs on the enemy prove to be priceless to team members.
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If you're a good ol' coward like me, long-ranged Magic classes like the Witch are perfect for you. I kid, of course; out of all of the Path of Exile characters, the Witch takes quite some skill to pick up and master, so you better be ready for the long journey.
The Necromancer has always been the most fun Path of Exile class for me. If you say that you don't like raising spirits, golems, zombies, spectres and more creepy crawlies to do your bidding for you, then I just don't get you, But hey, who's judging?
The prettiest and most colourful ascendency in PoE, the Elementalist allows you to master and utilize three different lines of magic: Fire, Lightning and Cold. The 'witchiest' ascendency out there.
If you're a sadist of some sort, the Occultist should have you feel right at home. Shriveling your enemies down to a pulp with DoT and weakening them till incapacitated by debuffs are some of the many ways you can enjoy torturing enemies.

With the perfect combination of dishing out elemental damage and physical damage too, the Templar is a wonderful hybrid class that is feared in combat and an asset in parties.
With its powerful skills, the Inquisitor easily demolishes enemies through its speciality of piercing through elemental resistances and striking hard with increased damage from criticals.
The Hierophant is ideal for a player who wants to play more passively and strategically, as it specializes in summoning brands and totems that do damage by themselves.
The Guardian is an ascendency popular for its minion-based and support/tank builds, the former being more fun in my opinion. Being able to speed up and defend teammates through auras, the Guardian is valued by parties all over.
I would say Shadow is the best class Path of Exile has to offer, solely because it forces you to become more skilled and reflexive owing to the fact that Shadow cannot take many hits, but on the other hand, possesses great offenses and evasive capabilities.
The Assassin is uber cool and suave, allowing you to kill enemies in a single blow due the frequent criticals and increased damage; a true glass cannon that requires precise timing.
If playing mind games with your enemies is what you like, check out the Saboteur ascendency, as it enables you to place mines and traps all over the field, placing the control in you and your teammates' hands.
Combining great mobility, heightened speeds and painstaking offenses, the Trickster is a solid and unique class to pick up. His lackluster defenses are essentially mitigated by his amazing DoT potential and self-recovery.

The class that is one-of-a-kind, the Scion will be available to play after you release her in the 3rd act of the game. The Scion starts at the dead center of the gargantuan skill tree, which allows you to mould the Scion like clay and create a unique build based on your desires.
The Scion takes a skilled player to master it as its flexibility and lack of specialization can be the undoing of a new, inexperienced player. The single ascendency available to the Scion, 'Ascendent', combines and takes parts of every ascendency out there, allowing you to create a hybrid class like never before.
And there you have it, our guide to every class in Path of Exile! Liked our content? You can also check this fast POE leveling guide to know more ways for leveling. Be sure to browse through our website for more!
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