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WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade Beta: What's it about? How to join?

The Burning Crusade is said to be released in the next month. Some of you have started preparing, and some of you are waiting. Doesn't matter who you are if you want to get your hands on the TBC Beta, there is still a good chance you will be accepted.

Everyone all over is waiting for their chance to get their hands on the TBC Beta. As many people may have applied for Beta, which decreases your chances, this guide aims to increase your chance of getting TBC beta.

The first step is to sign up for the Beta. If you don't do this, you will never be invited to the Beta. Visit Blizzard's website to find out more details on signing up or follow this link worldofwarcraft.com.

If you haven't done this now, go ahead and do it because you can sign up at any moment until the Beta is over.

The way the Beta works isn't published to the public, but usually, in a typical new WOW expansion release, the "big names" in the game are invited first. These "big names" are typically "big" streamers, and content creators that Blizzard wants to invite will promote and give the game more exposure and hype.

Others who get invited are people who have been a part of the game for 15 to 16 years. These are the people who have stayed loyal to the game, and Blizzard wants to prioritize these types of people. So, make sure you subscribed to the game. So, if you do not subscribe to game time, you may have a decreased chance of being invited. Don't be sitting at home waiting for the Beta so you can start play now! Get on, subscribe and grind like the rest of us!

Remember, these are not official Blizzard guidelines as Blizzard has not shared their secrets on how they prioritize or choose their Beta testers. This guide has based its information on community experience and discussion. It is an excellent way to get into Beta testing. You have nothing to lose, so why not try these methods out.

After this, Blizzard goes much broader with invites and tries to invite a larger audience to really test the realms. As the Beta starts to age, Blizzard will invite more regular people who haven't been subscribed for too long. The more people invited, the more data blizzard can collect to test the expansions and detect and fix bugs.

Generally, people who join the Beta will play the Beta thoroughly but after a while, leave because investing all the time into a Beta may be a waste because your Beta character will be deleted. Many people gradually leave as they put more time into it. Hence, Blizzard needs to invite more and more people to compensate people leaving. This will increase your chance to be invited, so BE PATIENT! The longer you wait, the better your chances of an invitation.

 If you get invited to join the Beta, you should perform your role as a Beta tester. Report Bugs! When you are in-game, you will have a report bug button. During your time in Beta, it's your responsibility to report any bug you encounter; for example, You are walking and looking for a quest item. It's 50 feet in the air. In this case, you will click the bug report button and fill in the bug's details. The bug report will be submitted directly to the programmers and developers of the game. The more bugs you report, the more Blizzard will invite you to future Beta tests. Blizzard apparently likes to prioritize those who report bugs more than those who play a little and stop playing. So if you do get into the TBC beta, work hard and play hard because it could get you into the future expansion.

There will be level caps in the TBC Beta. When it was first released, the Cap was 64 and recently changed to 68 and 70 due to preserving end game content. The whole Beta community can experience the end game content together. This also forces players and Blizzard to focus their efforts on one part of the game one at a time to be efficient in finding bugs and fixing them as soon as possible. If you have a whole community of people playing one part of the game and there are bugs, you are sure someone will find it.

Before, Blizzard was reluctant to put raids into the Beta as they wanted Raids to be authentic. Blizzard wanted players on release to go in and figure it out themselves before the guides game out from the Beta testing. Blizzard later discarded that and released raids in the beta test so all bugs, boss testing, could be tweaked and perfect for the release. As we know now Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, and Magtheridons's Lair will be tested by the community in the next coming week in TBC.

You will be able to copy your character from your WOW Classic account to your TBC BETA account. So you can carry on with your level 60 character in the TBC Beta. Of course, prepare your character now while you are waiting to get into the Beta. Make as much TBC gold as possible, buy your epic mounts, etc. Even if you don't get into the Beta, your preparation will help you for TBC's release. 

Even if you dont get into the Beta testing for TBC, don't worry. WOW Classic, there is Still The Wraith Of the Lich King to come, and who knows what thereafter.

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