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Easy WoW Classic Gold Grinding Guide

So you want to get your epic mount, or you got your eye on some pricey gear, and you don't have the gold reserves or make wow gold classic efficiently enough to buy what you want when you want it. Well, look no further and keep reading because this guide, and yes, another gold guide(tried and tested), will help you achieve your financial goals.

As with anything in WOW classic, getting gold is a grind. There is no doubt about that. So always be prepared to grind with whatever you are doing. This WoW Classic gold farming guide will help you grind the right things and not waste your time grinding the wrong things and maybe help with grinding smart and less. Simple as that! This guide is also relevant to all classes. In this guide, We want to focus on consistency. Most of the spots mentioned in this article will be consistent WoW Classic farming.

Many of the items here we will be grinding for will be sold on the Auction House. Use WoW Classic addons like Auctioneer or Trade Master Skill to help you get an edge on the market, check current market prices, etc. Head over to https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/auction-economy and find the best Auction add-on that will suit your needs.

Iron Jaw Basilisks (Vendor Items, Rare Items, Leather, Ore)
In Strangle Thorn at the Crystal Vein Mine, you will find many Iron Jaw Basilisks. If you have skinning and/or mining, you will boost your gold productions even more. Iron Jaw Basilisks will drop worthless items that will not sell on the auction house but can be sold to vendors. These items such as Iron Jaw Basilisks eye, tail, scale, and heart could get you around 25 classic wow gold an hour by just selling full stacks to vendors. You can also skin them for heavy leather and mine mithril and iron in the cave itself. These Iron Kaw Basilisks also have a small chance of dropping rare items like The Staff of Jorden and Basilisk hide pants. A bonus on farming here is there will not be many 60s to compete here as it is a lower level zone.

Toxic Horrors (Essence of water)
In Northern Felwood at the Iron Tree Woods, you will find Toxic Horrors, which drop Essence of Water. Selling Essence of Water on the auction house can pick you up a pretty penny. We estimate with a 10% drop rate, farming Essence of Water from Toxic Horrors could fetch you between 20 to 30 gold an hour. Toxic horrors are fairly squishy, so putting them down shouldn't require much effort.

Jade Fire Demons (Cloth, Vendor Items, Consumables)
In the Northern Felwood, just North West of the Iron Tree Woods, you will find Jade Fire Demons. Jade Fire Demons drop useful stuff like Felcloth, Runecloth and, based on these drops, could fetch around 35 - 40 gold an hour by selling on the auction house. Good news if you are a mana user because they also drop Demonic runes, which comes in handy for Raiders as it restores massive amounts of mana. One downside to farming this area is it's a popular spot, and many others like to farm this spot for the same reason you are. If you find someone else is farming this spot, head over to Iron Tree Woods and farm Toxic Horrors and come back here later.

Dread Hatecrest Nagas (Golden Pearls)
For this next guide, you will be farming Golden Pearls. This item has a low drop rate. It can take up to an hour to get two Golden Pearls but can fetch you a lot of wow classic gold. Depending on your server, some can go up to 50 gold, and sometimes they can go for as little as 10 gold. It's always good to check your auction house to see how much items are going for before you waste your time farming something that may waste a lot of time.

This spot is the least consistent area mentioned in this guide but worth trying out if you would like a challenging grind. South of Feather Moon Stronghold on the Isle of Dread, you will find many Hatecrest Nagas, which have a quick respawn rate. Killing Dread Hatecrest Nagas has a good chance of dropping Big Mouth Clams, which has a slim chance of dropping Golden Pearls when opened. This spot is highly competitive, so being level 60 will help when someone from the opposite faction is farming here; in other words, get ready for a little PVP action! This is also a great spot for level 46 to get XP.

Cave Spiders (Large venom sacks)
In the cave in the Southern part of Wetlands, you will kill various spiders called Stalkers. There is an abundance of them, and they are very easy to kill. These cave spiders have a chance of dropping larger venom sacks. Large Venom Sacks are used to craft items for Raiders. These can sell on the auction house for around 10 gold each and could fetch you a hefty 90 wow gold an hour. You can also farm large venom sacks from scorpions in Desolace (Horde favored).

Fishing run (Mithril Bound Trunks, Iron Bound Trunks)
Your minimum level of fishing should be +255. Of course, it is preferred to have it at 300, but if you have the minimum with some fishing lures, 225 will be fine. By doing this, you will be fishing in every fishing pool you see. As this is great to do while leveling WoW Classic, whenever you see a fishing pool, get in there and start fishing. By getting these trunks, you will open them, and drop massive amounts of items and materials like Bolt of silk cloth, leather, Mageweave, and much more, that sell well on the auction house.

This Fishing guide makes use of an easy route so you can stay consistent and follow a direct route to all the locations and also hook up with other places mentioned in this guide. Start fishing in fishing pools in Stranglethorn at the Northern part of the coast and work your way down, shown on the map provided.

Go to Booty Bay, take the boat to Ratchet.

Fly to Tanaris, where you will fish all the pools on the Tanaris coastline.

After that, fly to Feralas. Fish the pools on the Ferals coastline and the rivers connecting to the coastline.

This run can take up to an hour and can fetch you a hefty 100 gold an hour.

All these guides don't require a special class or profession (except fishing) and can easily be started at any time. If you want to skip the grind all together, why not buy wow classic gold. Take a shortcut and go to a in-game currency selling site and buy some. The cheapest WoW Classic Gold is here waiting for you!