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World of Warcraft Classic: Leveling your Warlock to 60

Warlocks are one of my favourite classes to level. You have so many different ways to deal with single and groups of mobs, you get a free mount at level 40, and you are a force to be reckoned with when enemy players come your way. Here is a rundown of everything you should need to knowto get your feet and start your leveling journey the right way!

wow classic warlock leveling guide
When starting off on your journey, the leveling process is quite similar to other casters until you get your first pet, the Imp. Even then, the Imp is only really a bit of added DPS, and doesn't have much tanking capacity as he isfairly squishy. Once you  get hold of your Voidwalker pet, though, the whole game changes for Warlock leveling. There are a lot of skills that when used properly can make your solo or group leveling experience incredibly efficient, and one of the most fulfilling things about Warlock leveling is that feeling when you nail an encounter with several mobs while maintaining your health and mana, as well as that of your pet. This guide will be broken down into several parts, starting with notable skills that you should always keep up to date, moving on to strategies that you can try,and onwards to leveling accessories like gear, quests, and money management.

Warlock Skills

Warlocks have a large number of abilities at their disposal, and while they all have their own place and can be useful to you, some are much more effective and commonly useful than others. Here is a list of those that you should learns traight away when you see them, and keep them updated as you level up.

warlock skills in wow classic
DemonSkin, Immolate, Corruption, Shadow Bolt, Curse of Agony, Life Tap, Fear,Healthstone, Drain Soul, Health Funnel, Unending Breath, Demon Armor, Ritual of Summoning, Soulstone, Drain Life, Howl of Terror, Death Coil, Siphon Life(Talent), Inferno. While leveling up, you should keep an eye on these skills and make sure that you commonly keep them all in mind and on your spell rotation to get the most out of your leveling experience. Damage over time skills will likely make up the most of your damage while making your way to level 60 - namely Immolate, Curse of Agony, and Corruption. Damage over time skills supplemented with your wand, which is very important to keep upgraded as best you can, can really help you conserve mana when chaining mob encounters.

Notably, Warlocks have very useful and unique skills that let you trade health for mana and vice versa -your Drain Life and Life Tap abilities allow you to manage these resources like no other caster, especially when teamed up with one or more friends on your leveling journey.

Sould Shard upkeep is an essential Warlock skill to learn as well. There's no one waythat is correct in this respect, but remember to get a soul bag as soon as you can an remember to use Drain Soul as often as is needed to keep these skills funded at all times. Soulstones and HealthStones are invaluable consumablesthat require Soul Shards, and you must keep them handy whenever you are in encounters. Special mention to Ritual of Summoning as well, which is an incredibly useful skill to quickly help your party travel to your location, as well as a way to supplement your income if you sell summons to players.

As for controlling enemies (especially if there are two or three per encounter), Fear, Howl of Terror, and Death Coil allow you to crowd control your targets inorder to 'juggle' them, which brings me to the next part of this guide, leveling tactics.

Tacticsfor Leveling

As mentioned before, once you get your Voidwalker pet, the whole game changes and your capacity for taking out more than one enemy in one encounter becomes really viable. Commonly known as 'juggling', this leveling tactic (or group oftactics) involves using DoT (damage over time) spells, your Voidwalker, andcrowd control to deal damage to multiple targets at once. It's very important that you manage your resources well, but if maintained correctly, Warlocks areone of the best classes for solo leveling out there. A common strategy is tolet your Voidwalker get some threat on the first enemy as you DoT them up, and then pull a second enemy which you continuously fear who also has DoTs on them. Using this method, you can easily down two mobs at the same time with little hassle. Once you have this technique down, you can add a third mob into the mix either fearing them as well, or using your Voidwalker to tank them also, or a combination of the two. Be sure to make use of you wand to conserve mana,too!
wow classic gold ingame
Other things to know

Quests are an important part of your skill, demon, and mount acquisition, somake sure that you check regularly at your Warlock trainer whenever you pick up skills to see whether you have any important quests to complete. Because you don't need to purchase that mount at level 40, you will have considerably more money to spend on skills and upgrades as you level up, but there's one more excellent piece of advice that you should take when leveling up not just your Warlock but any class in Warcraft Classic - purchasing gold! Gold in World of Warcraft Classic is your ticket to freedom and really having fun with the game. While money management is important and you shouldn't spend gold frivolously, it is commonly thought that gold is too hard to get a hold of while leveling up if you really want to take advantage of the best gear upgrades, consumables, and other goodies that make your experience that much more engaging and fun!

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