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WOW CLASSIC: Prepping for The Burning crusade – Investment Edition

TBC(The Burning Crusade) is set to be released sometime May. It's not too early to take advantage of gathering materials for some big-time profit you can make in TBC. We will not only discuss gaining a profit but also gaining an edge in your game. Collecting many materials mentioned in this guide can help you with your levelling and in-game challenges. 

Flask of Mojo

Flask of Mojo is relatively cheap in classic right now, and you will need these to level up Jewel Crafting. When TBC comes around the demand for these will surely increase which will affect how expensive they become so make sure you get on board that supply and demand train and invest in a lot of Flask of Mojos because the price will surely go up more than the current Classic price.

Other Jewel Crafting mats to collect are:

•Flask of Mojo

•Elemental Water

•Heart of the wild

Heart of the Wild will be needed a lot for Jewel Crafting, and at the moment, the auction house is selling them for a pretty nifty price.


Classic consumable is and will be useful in TBC. People who take the solo route or dungeon farm will need them. If you cannot make a profit off them, they will be instrumental in speeding up your levelling to 70 during TBC. Free Action Potions will be beneficial as you spam dungeons from level 60 to 70 as a lot of the bosses may stun you. This will prevent you from getting CC'd and help you clear the dungeons much faster. Collect these consumables: 

•Dark Runes

•Swiftness Potions

•Invisibility Potions 

•Free Action Potion 

•Living Action Potion 

•Lesser Invisibility Potion

Note that Dark Runes are pretty expensive to invest into at the moment due to the need for Naxxaramas. Simultaneously, when you hit level 70 in TBC, Dark Runes will help heroics and ratings. The price could go up twice as much when TBC arrives. Not to mention the demand for Paladins who will need Dark Runes for their quest in TBC.


In TBC jewel crafting will be released and this profession and to do Jewel crafting you will need a substantial number of bars to level this profession. Of course, Blacksmithing and Engineering will be useful in TBC too so saving bars for these professions can boost your profession levels, but there will be considerable demand for bars in TBC too. You choose how you would like to invest, playing the auction house in TBC or levelling your profession. Some recommended bars to start hoarding are: 




•True Silver Enchanted Thorium





Can always be melted into bars if bars are too expensive. Collecting ores can be useful too, as Jewel Crafting can prospect 5 bars into 1-3 gems. Recommended Ores to hold onto is: 





•True Silver



Buy gold

You may need more gold to start your investment by buying these items for TBC as you know we need to "spend gold to make gold".

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All stones from Classic will be needed by Jewel Crafters, Engineers and Black Smithers. Jewel crafters will need stones to craft pretty useful items, so you know the demand will go up in TBC. Recommended stones to hang on are Solid, Dense, Heavy, Rough, Coarse. 


Cloth is relatively cheap in Classic right now. But in TBC, demand for cloth will increase as tailors will be able to craft Shadow Weave, Bolt Cloth, Primal Moon Cloth Epic Sets. We think more people will turn to Tailoring because of this. Some cloths we recommend you to save up are: 

•Silk Linen






Leatherworking will be a must in most guilds. You can bring your leather mats into TBC and level your Leatherworking from 300 to 320. Save as much of these as you can: 






•Cured Rugged Hide

•Enchanted Leather