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Top 5 Classes Picks for Having Fun in WoW Classic

Rolling a new character, whether you're newto the game or have a full roster of toons, is always an exciting experience. If you're like me, then you spend a good amount of time tweaking the character to look just how you like, carefully select a name, and then spend the better part of an hour trying to decide which class you want to play.

The class picks in World of Warcraft classic are extremely varied in play style and utility, so it's important not only to pick something that you like the sound of, but that will also fulfill you later onwhen you are approaching the endgame. 

So let's get started, here are my top picks for classes that you should try for getting the most fun out of Warcraft classic, starting with number one, the warrior.


wow classic Warriors

Warriors are kind of the default class in alot of ways. When you pull up the character creation screen, the warrior classis selected for you by default. On top of that, warriors are the most popular melee DPS and tanking class in the game. I used to think that warriors were too stock standard and boring to be considered for having fun in world of warcraft,but I urge you to roll a warrior and have a go! This class has such an engaging set of skills that will have you on your toes at all times. There is not much room for error with warriors, as all of your skills are only effective within melee range, and you don't have much mobility either. Most people would consider that a reason to stay away, but hardship builds character, and this is a RPG after all! On the contrary, warriors are essentially one of the most useful classes when you reach 60, with great tanking and DPS capabilities. Pair that with the fact that they have a notoriously arduous leveling experience to 60, and you have an epic quest that culminates in one of the most effective endgame classes there is for PVP and PVE. Most people would consider that a reason to stay away, but hardship builds character, and this is a RPG afterall!


wow classic hunters

Hunters are ill-famed in the warcraft communityfor a lot of reasons, but the biggest of all in my eyes is jealousy. Unlike the warrior, you have so many tricks up your sleeve thanks to skills like traps and feign death, hunter pets, and being a ranged class, if you keep your wits about you you are almost unkillable while questing and roaming the world. This versatility for adventuring gives you such a feeling of freedom, and lets you tackle obstacles and quests in a whole new way, and also encourages you to embark on solo tasks that other classes could only dream of. If you've never played a hunter and all you do is complain about how easy they are to play,maybe you should have a go and you will soon realize how much fun it can be tohave all that versatility for yourself.


wow classic Warlocks

Warlocks are just about the strangest and most mysterious class I can think of when it comes to classic wow. You also have access to pets, but there's less feeling of connection and shared adventure, and more of a bad ass demon master feel. Warlocks have a unique setof skills that can really surprise you and your enemies, for example their access to damage over time and de buff skills in excess can lure your foes into a false sense of security while you slowly burn down their health and mana, laughing maniacally all the way. Warlocks also have a huge amount of survivability with skills like fear to get some distance from your enemies, pets acrifice abilities which give you huge buffs, summons that can help your entire party quickly travel to your location, and soulstones that let you cheat death entirely. On top of this, they are one of the best classes at level 60 when it comes to PvP, and the skill curve is also quite steep which means you will always be learning! Plus, their armour sets are second to none when it comes to looking like an absolute bad ass.


wow classic Priests

As you might imagine, priests really shine, pardon the pun, when it comes to groups, dungeons, and raids, as they have sucha powerful repertoire of healing and protection skills that can keep your friends and allies alive. With a priest behind your party, they can be confident that even in the most dangerous and dire situations, they are going to be able to keep up that DPS and pull through unscathed. Priests can also resurrect the party if they do die, dispell nasty debuffs, and provide extrashields and healing over time which really adds to their skillset. These are only the capabilties of holy priests, though. Shadow priests are like anentirely different class altogether. Sort of a combination of a mage with grea tsingle target damage, and a warlock with deadly debuffs and damage over time effects, shadow priests are one of the most underrated DPS classes out there for PVP and PVE. Discipline also has its place as well, with decent damage as well as healing output, but a huge amount of versatility and survivability makes this spec really engaging and fun to play.


wow classic shamans

Shamans really shine in group environments as well. They have a healing spec that is quite well-equipped and necessary for raid-inclined PVE players, but enhancement and elemental shamans can provide decent damage while also adding alot of helpful buffs and functionality to other friendly players in their vicinity. Much like druids, rolling a shaman means that you sacrifice a lot ofefficacy in a specific role for functionality in a lot of different situations.This means that you are quite survivable and can fill a lot of different rolesquite well, but you will never be as good as a DPS or healing specific class that was made for that role. Shamans arguably have the biggest potential foroutright dangerous burst and meme damage, though, which is one of the reasons that people roll them from the beginning. Overall, shamans are so much fun to play, even if the skillset can be quite daunting for new players to get their head around. With so much functionality in a lot of different situations, shamans can combine their different skills in such ways that can really turn the tides in PVP and PVE alike.

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