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WotLK Classic Profession Guide

With the release of the Pre-Patch for WOTLK Classic, players are jumping into action to start farming gold, gearing up, and leveling professions to get them ready for patch day. This guide will focus on Professions, what classes do best with certain professions, the benefits, and the most profitable professions during WOTLK Classic. If you ever want to start a profession, WOTLK Classic is the expansion to do it. Without further ado, let’s get into some professions.

What are Professions in WOTLK Classic?

Professions are skills/jobs that your character can specialize in, ranging from gathering to artisan goods. Essentially, professions are a way to craft special ingredients/armors while gathering the raw materials needed to craft special WotLK Items. Professions act as a way to gain additional currency, craft armor/weapons to get you raid ready, and provide buffs for you and your raid to progress in late-game content.

So why should you get a profession? Instead of farming for hours on standard mobs who drop a certain amount of money (Check out our guide on best farming spots of WotLK Gold), you can utilize professions to get you additional forms of currency. Not only are professions useful for monetary value, but also buffs, and we are not talking about elixirs or glyphs.

Professions contain useful passives/actives which can benefit players in both PvP and PvE situations, stick around for a full list of benefits for all professions.

Profession Passives and Actives

Now that we’ve gone over what professions are in WOTLK Classic let’s go over the benefits of having professions. Below is a list of what each profession does for your character:

●Mining - Toughness (Increase of stamina by a %) - Great for Tanks
●Herbalism - Lifeblood (An active ability that heals for a small amount) - Great for all Classes
●Tailoring - Craft Unique Gear/Mounts (Flying Carpet) plus unique enhancements for equipment - Great for magic users.
●Blacksmithing - Craft Unique Gear plus crafting enchants through gem slots they can create - Great for Melee classes.
●Skinning - Master of Anatomy (Increases critical strike/hit chance) - Great for Critical hit classes like Fire Mages or Rogues.
●Leatherworking - Craft Unique gear that can be bought and sold on AH plus extra enhancements for gloves, etc. - Great for Rogues and Druids
●Jewelcrafting - Craft Unique gems only usable by jewel crafters, plus gems that can be bought and sold on AH. - extra enhancements for jewelry slots - Great for all classes.
●Enchanting - Enchanters create enchants which can be equipped to gear; in WOTLK, enchants can be equipped to Vellums, which allow enchants to be sold on the AH. Enchanters can also enchant unique gear pieces giving them additional stats. - Great for all classes but primarily mages/warlocks and priests.
●Engineering - Engineers can Craft Unique Gear/Mounts, sold for a pretty penny on the AH. - Great for Classes who lack mobility and perfect for Warriors or Rogues to enhance their mobility.
●Alchemy - Mixology (Allows the alchemist added benefits while drinking elixirs and flasks). Alchemy also allows for three specializations that increase those fields (extra elixirs per craft, lower cooldowns on transmuting, and increased potion production) - Which is great for Priests or Main Healers.

Best Professions for Gold

Which is the best profession for gold making in WOTLK Classic? There isn’t one answer for this, as all professions, in their merit, can make you gold if used correctly; however, there are professions that stand out:

Gathering Professions

The gathering professions such as mining/herbalism and leather working are great for money making as they require no additional resources to gather (other than the skinning knife or mining pickaxe). These professions will allow you to continue to gather resources while selling them on the AH with no costs; just watch out for overselling as you can saturate the market, check out our guide on Best WoW WotLK Classic AddOns, which will help you with this. We highly recommend taking herbalism and mining as they are the two most useful raw materials needed for crafting professions. These herbs and minerals sell for heaps in the auction house, making it our highest gold-making profession.

Crafting Professions

Crafting professions don’t initially make as much gold as their counterparts in the gathering professions; however, late-game certain recipes will make a lot of money for the right sellers. Selling a late-game epic piece of gear can fetch a fair sum of money, but be careful of the costs involved; sometimes, it’s not worth crafting the gear if the raw materials are too costly. We recommend making an alt-gathering character, so you cut costs and craft late-game items for maximum profit. Crafting professions don’t only make money off of late-game gear, but through unique mounts and toys, engineering is perfect for this and can craft sellable mounts and toys for a large sum of money. It’s important not to forget enchanting, alchemy, and jewel crafting; these professions can craft much-needed raid buffs, which can fetch you massive sums of money regularly, making them highly lucrative. If you want to make money, here is our list of top-selling crafting professions from highest to lowest:


Best Combo Professions for Roles

Healer Classes (Priest/Paladin/Druid/Shaman)

1.Enchanting - Tailoring/Leatherworking
2.Alchemy - Herbalism
3.Enchanting - Jewelcrafting

Tank Classes (Paladin/Death Knight/Warrior/Druid)

1.Mining - Blacksmithing/Leatherworking
2.Mining - Engineering

Ranged Magic DPS (Mage/Shadow Priest/Warlock/Druid)

1.Enchanting - Tailoring/Leatherworking
2.Skinning - Enchanting

Melee DPS (Warrior/Death Knight/Paladin/Rogue/Druid)

1.Mining - Blacksmithing
2.Skinning - Leatherworking
3.Mining - Engineering
4.Enchanting - Jewelcrafting

Ranged Physical DPS (Hunter)

●Skinning - Leatherworking
●Herbalism - Alchemy


We hope you enjoyed this breakdown of all professions and how to make money with professions. If you did, make sure you check out our guide on How To Make More Gold With the best Professions. If you don’t want to do professions but still lack the gold, check out our store for cheap WotLK Classic Gold. That will do for this list; as always, happy crafting!