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The Ultimate WoW TBC Hunter Leveling Guide

We can see it, you got a wild creature inside you!

Either that, or you like slaying other wild creatures. Which is exactly why you're here, checking out SSEGold's WoW TBC Hunter Leveling guide, which is in fact, applicable to both, WoW Classic and Wow TBC!

There are a lot of specifics to take into consideration between that level gap of 1 to 70, and you can't be expected to figure it out all by yourself. So kick back, relax and read through our WoW TBC Hunter Leveling Guide to get all your questions answered.

Without further delay, let's hop right in!

General Leveling Advice

This may be your first time leveling a character in WoW Classic or TBC, so we'd like to give a general idea in this WoW TBC Hunter Leveling Guide on how you can go about leveling the right away.

There are 2 main leveling methods that you can adopt: questing and dungeons. If you do not have any experience with questing, we recommend you stick to dungeons as it will be a faster way to level your WoW TBC Hunter.

You can of course adopt questing as well, as it allows you to take up other activities like PvP and Professions alongside leveling, as leveling strictly through dungeons can be quite boring.

Once you weigh the pros and cons of each method depending on your priorities (leveling quicker, or enjoying the process but going slower), you should be able to decide which method is best for you!

What is the Best Hunter Race?

How would this be a WoW TBC Hunter Leveling Guide without talking about the best Hunter race? There are two Alliance races and three Horde races that are eligible to turn into a Hunter:

▪ Night Elves
▪ Dwarves
▪ Taurens
▪ Orcs
▪ Trolls

If you are aiming to go for a high DPS build it would be crucial to note that the Night Elf possesses the highest base agility of all the above races.

If you are specializing in PvP, the best Hunter race would be either the Orc or Dwarf classes; Orcs resist stuns amazingly and posses the incredible melee ability Blood Fury, while the Dwarves' ability to remove poison, bleeding and disease with Stoneform make them strong choices for PvP as well.

If your main focus is PvE, the best Hunter race picks are the Troll and Night Elf; Trolls with their bow specialization and beast-slaying capabilities do shine in specific encounters, while Night Elves are valued for their general ability to be evasive and stay out of danger.

Which Leveling Specialization Should You Choose?

In this WoW TBC Classic Hunter leveling guide, we are going to talk briefly about the 3 different leveling specs you can choose:


We wouldn't be exaggerating to call you a madman if you decided to go for this spec; Survival is easily outclassed by the other two specs in every area and is undoubtedly the worst spec among the three; definitely not recommended for a beginner!


The Marksmanship spec isn't bad at all, it's just that when it comes to your TBC Hunter pets, it will give them a tough time to tank enemies for you because of the excess damage you will deal, but you can definitely turn this con into a pro as well if you want to adopt a hyper-offensive playstyle.

Beast Mastery

When we say in this WoW TBC Classic Hunter leveling guide that Beast Mastery should be the only spec you should be considering as a beginner, you better believe us. Not only do you get a more balanced playstyle, but when it comes to your WoW TBC Hunter pets, they will be taking less damage and dealing more!

WoW TBC Hunter Pets: Which are the best?

In this WoW TBC Hunter leveling guide, it is paramount to talk about an aspect as crucial as pets. After thorough analysis, we have narrowed down the 2 best WoW TBC Hunter pets that you should consider using:

Wind Serpents:

The speed with which a wind serpent takes to get into combat as well as kill the target make it a prime choice as a pet for leveling quick.


If you feel like you are lacking damage output, you can instead opt for the Ravager, who can make up for your low DPS. With a damage buff, two damage abilities and a chance to do double damage, it is a relatively monstrous pet.

But there is only so far that the damage from a pet will go. And when you aren't able to kill enemies quickly, things start souring very fast. And this isn't a fate that you should be suffering, especially when all you want to do is level!

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WoW TBC Hunter Macros: Which are the best?

In this WoW TBC Hunter leveling guide, we want to let you know of another way to make your life easier while leveling your Hunter: employing WoW TBC Hunter macros. Macros are a very nifty tool in the WoW client that allow you to combine multiple actions onto a single button.

Below, we will list the best WoW TBC Hunter macros and their scripts, and what makes them great for leveling:

Auto Shot Start 10

/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast !Auto Shot

Auto Shot is a cast that is invaluable, especially before hitting level 10, and this macro enables you to target a new enemy when the current one dies.

Pet Feed Macro 7

#showtooltip <food>
/cast [pet, nodead] Feed Pet
/use <food>

We would be doing injustice to this burning crusade Hunter leveling guide if we didn't add TBC Hunter macros dedicated to your invaluable pet when it comes to leveling. Replace the <food> in both the instances in the script to your designated food item and this macro automatically feeds your pet.

All in One Consumable Macro

#showtooltip Bestial Wrath
/cast Bestial Wrath
/Use Haste Potion
/cast Rapid Fire
/cast Blood Fury
/use 14

Your all-in-one macro that will use your Haste Potion, Blood Fury, Bestial Wrath, and Rapid Fire.

And there you have it, our WoW TBC Hunter leveling guide! Enjoyed what you read? Make sure to browse through our website for similar content. Happy gaming!

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