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The Ultimate FFXIV Maps Guide

Welcome to our ultimate FFXIV maps guide where I will show you how you can use, understand, and navigate through the complicated FFXIV maps, how you can unlock and dig treasure maps, and information about kumbhira skin FFXIV maps.

How to understand and use FFXIV maps?

One thing I noticed pretty immediately after playing FFXIV is that the map system is a bit complicated. I thought that if the map is complicated for me, it probably is for other new players of final fantasy 14 as well.

So the first thing is how do you get to your quest? So if it's the main scenario quest, all you have to do is come up here to the MSQ quest list, and click on the quest and it will show you exactly where it is. (To know more about FFXIV MSQ, you can read our Main Scenario Quests Guide.)

If you click on this fire emblem it will zoom you in, and then you can find an aetherite point that you have attuned that is nearby.

If it's not the main scenario quest that you're looking for and it's just a normal quest, then you can click on the name of the quest in your quest log and it will bring up this little map button that you can click and it will do the same thing.

If you don't have an aetherite point nearby like I don't for this specific quest, then I can go to Rhalgr's Reach and then this little road right here is a path.

So how do you get somewhere that isn't marked on your map and that you don't have a quick way to access like this map button?

Well, the easiest thing to do is to come up here and select the main zone that your area is in.

For example, I know that Uldah is in Thanalan if I want to go there. So I would open Thanolan and then open Uldah from this menu. Only one of the two versions of Uldah will let you use aetherite to teleport.

To get back to the full size of this map, just press the up arrow. And that will move your map up one level.

If you press it again, it will take you to a map of the world. That leaves your second choice, which is to just click on these blue names if you don't want to use these drop-down menus.

In cities like this one, where there are a lot of map icons, you can also show and hide these map icons to make the map easier to read.

These little blue texts are much easier to see, and if you want to do the same thing with text, there is a button to show and hide text.

So, if you want to see where some of these icons really are, you might find it easier to just get rid of the text. You can also use this world map button to scroll all the way out to the world map.

When you use the map, you should also remember that this blue icon is you. It's pointed in the direction of the point, but there's also this cone of light coming from your character. So, when the map is zoomed out, it can be hard to see where you are, but this helps you figure out where you are. So, if you can't see yourself, just move around a bit, and this cone will stand out on the map.

Alright, Let’s start with the treasure maps and how you can get one, shall we?

Treasure Maps

FFXIV Treasure maps are things that you can get by mining, collecting plants, or even fishing.

If you have snagging equipped, remember that you need to be hitting level 40 or higher nodes and fishing holes before you can start looking for treasure maps. (You can check more detial about fishing at our FFXIV Fishing Guide.)

No longer will every node and fish have a map. They are hidden FFXIV items, which means that when you reach the level required for a node, there is a chance that they will show up in the list of loot.

You can only find and take one per day, and you can only have one on your person at a time.

There are ways to get around this, though. For example, if you put one map in the saddlebag of your Chocobo and two more on each of your starting retainers, you can hold up to four of these treasure maps at once.

Unlocking Treasure Maps

Before we talk about what the maps are and how to get them, you'll need to finish the quest that will let you get them. The name of that quest is "Treasures and Troubles." You can find this level 36 quest in eastern Lenocia. It will be at the mpc in the wine port on Halloween.

When you take on that quest, it will give you a short set of things to do. But when you're done, you'll get two new skills: dig and decipher. These are what you will need to make the treasure map system work.

Kumbhiraskin Map

Ultima Thule has got the Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps that you can get at level 90 gathering nodes. You will need to do the Treasure and Troubles quest again to dig the kumbhira skin FFXIV map and each map can only be dug once in 18 hours. A small square of one of the 5 Endwalker zones is going to appear with a red x indicating the location of the prize once you've figured out the map.

The city of Elpis does not have any treasure markings. The treasure is hidden near the x, so you'll have to dig there to find it. The Excitation 6000 dungeon can be entered through this portal. It's possible to find riches and miss out on the Excitatron's excitement. Check out the Ultimate Final Fantasy 14 Excitatron 6000 Guide for complete information about the Excitatron.

These are the possible rewards that you will review when you open a Treasure chest you get after completing each map:

-Resplendent Feathers
-Royal Lunatender minion
-Archangel Wings fashion accessory
-Finality Orchestrion Roll
-White Lace Parasol fashion accessory
-On Blade’s Edge Orchestrion Roll
-Pixie Wings fashion accessory
-Cloth of Happiness crafting material
-Exciting Fiber


Alright then, it’s time to take leave. I really hope that I’ve made it easier for you to navigate the map, find treasure maps and the kumbhira skin map. After getting done with the treasures I insist you raid the Top 6 Best Raid DPS, and buy cheap FFXIV Gil just in case. I wish to all the best to you. See you at the next one!