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FFXIV Fishing Guide 2017: Level 1 to 70

Welcome to the fishing Guide to leveling in FFXIV. In this guide I will explain the basics of Fishing and how to level the profession in style. ffxiv level 1 to 70 fishing  2017 guide in ssegold.com.
ffxiv fishing guide
1 - 50 If you have the money, just buy the items to do leves to 50, then use that gear, because all the gear below 50 can crowd up the Armory chest. 

50 - 60 is slower as it's dependant on timed nodes, however it's more relaxed and not a constant grind (unless you want it to be) leves are pretty much a no-go in HW, if you do just the nodes as best you can turn in the collectables and do the node every 12 Eorzean hours (36mins real life) then you should hit 60 no problem in 3 days depending on play time.

60-63 use Salmon Roe in The Fringes at 18,10 or 29,14. Both places were fine. I used a lot of GC turn-ins here and didn't like the leves. Not reallyi good for Gil. The goal is collectable Velodnya Grass Carp at the first location and HQ Highland Perch at the second.

63-66 use Small Gig at The Ruby Sea 15,18. Absolute goldmine on my server, made about 2M/hr. Sea Pickles are what you are aiming at. If you get a non-Pickle then use Veteran Trades and the rest will all be Pickles. Pickles are for leves but on my server they're worth so much I'd just grind. Can take it to 70 here.

66-70 use Small Gig at The Ruby Sea 39,6. Your goal are Sea Lamps here. Every 10 Batfish you catch will spawn a rare node. Make sure you have Truth of the Oceans on! When the node spawns (you'll see it on the map and text in the middle of the screen), turn on your collector's glove and your large gig, you're going for 880~ collect Mitsuriku Shark. You can also get a Tiny Tatsunoko minion from this node. Get 600 GP first and use the additional attempt ability twice.

Overall I had a blast doing fishing this time around. I actually enjoyed it. If you don't want to do leves then look for the highest accessible fishing hole and highest level obtainable fish with a good catch rate. If you need to buy ff14 gil, I recommend you the best platform ssegold.com.