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FFXIV – Diving into Main Scenario Quests

In this article you will find a list of the Main Scenario Quests found in the base game, learn more about Main Quest Dungeons and Main Scenario Quest: Trials.

What are Main Scenario Quests?

For the sake of your reading pleasure, and for the sake of my fingers…in this article I will refer to Main Scenario Quests as MSQs. MSQs are quests that tell the main story of FFXIV. They also unlock important features such as:

• A mount
• Grand company access
• Airship Travel
• Job Quests
• Inns
• Guilds
• Dungeons and more

The MSQ begins after you choose the great city you wish to start in. Regardless of city or class, the first MSQ will always be: “Close to home.” After this, the next 23 MSQs will be different. Once you complete the MSQ: “It’s Probably Pirates”, the MSQs will be the same going forward, regardless of the class you are playing as.

Below, I have created a table showing you the starting location and quest giver for each class.

MSQ right after leaving the Great City

After the MSQ: “It’s Probably Pirates”, you will unlock the first Dungeon in the game. In the table below, Main Quest dungeons are left out as I have organized them into their own table. See further below.

Base Game MSQs list

MSQ: Dungeons

Main Quest Dungeons are Dungeons that you will be required to complete as part of a MSQ objective. 

MSQ: Trials

Trials are encounters where you will need to fight against extremely powerful creatures, some of which are very well known in the franchise, such as Shiva, Ifrit and Leviathan. Many Trials in FFXIV are required to move on in the MSQs as defeating the boss will reward you with story progression or a rare item. (Didn't get your ideal items? Buy FFXIV Items right now!)

Below is a table compromised of Trials from A Realm Reborn.

As you can see, there are hundreds of MSQs in FFXIV. There are also a ton of side quests, raids and other endgame content. With so much content to explore you’ll have your hands full for a long time! You can also make your journey easier by buying FFXIV Gil, Power Leveling and tons more, safe and fast, here!