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Fast POE Leveling Guide

If you're looking for a shortcut way to level up fast in the path of exile, then you've landed on the right spot. In this fast POE leveling guide, you’ll get to know about various tweaks, tricks, and gameplay styles you can use to level up to the maximum in the minimum time. So without further ado, let’s start.

POE Leveling Method 1. Fast Movements

Levelling in POE has nothing to do with killing monsters or dominating other players, it has to do with one thing; Moving. This is the biggest piece of advice one could possibly give. I'm sure you must have seen those twitch streams levelling so damn fast through the campaign without doing much and executing some godly strategies, right? Well, now you know how.
The strategy here is to get out of town, keep moving, and stop killing so many enemies. Here, you need to focus on two things; Movement and Movement speed. We’ve already discussed movement. Let’s check out a bit about Movement speed. You have to increase your movement speed in order to, well, move quickly.
There are two ways to increase movement speed. First is, to go to any vendor and click on ‘Purchase Items’, and purchase a simple set of light boots. Now take those white boots, sell them with an orb of augmentation & a quicksilver flask, and you will get 10% blue movement speed boots.
Now, you might be thinking 10% isn’t enough, I need at least a 30% speed increase. Don’t worry I’ve got you. All you need is to get those 10% blue movement speed boots, sell them for augmentation and another quicksilver flask, and you will get 15% movement speed boots. You continue doing that during the course of your campaign whenever you have the chance and quicksilver flasks until you reach your desired percentage. Cool?
The second way to increase your movement speed is to buy a set of seven league steps from the ‘Inventory’ which will give you a 50% straight increase in movement speed. Now, buying that will cost a lot of money but there’s another way by which you can get your hands on the set dirt cheap. Keep reading to find out.

POE Leveling Method 2. Do this while doings Zones

Killing everything you face in the zone actually delays your levelling process.
Now listen, I know it will sound a bit counterintuitive but it will make sense once you read it to the end. You need to be at least two or three levels below the level of the zone you are entering.
You might think that you will die if you do that but trust me you won’t. Also, there’s a common myth in POE that if you’re at the same level or above the level of the zone you will level up faster because you’re killing the enemies faster. On the contrary, you will level up slower because of all the experience penalties.
So when you make it through the campaign, you should be on the level 64 to 66 approximately. But that’s a lot of gap, you might think, right? Well, yeah! That’s a lot. But we’ll fill that easily. To do that we have to do two things. The first of them is…

POE Leveling Method 3. Skill Point Quest for POE Leveling

You’ve heard about them many times now. There are seriously a lot of skill point quests in the POE. You don’t need to do all of them as it will take a hell lot of time to complete and you’ll be the last person on earth to level up.
Instead, use the command ‘/passive’ in the chat, it will give you a list of every quest you have done and not done for passive points. You can check out which quest you need to do for the maximum benefit and start doing it.
I have a rule of thumb for quests. If any quest requires you to go significantly out of your way to complete it, you should totally skip it for that time and move on with other quests. Why? Because when you level up, you will find it easy to ram through those quests as compared to when you’re at lower levels. You won’t even have to kill enemies because you’ll have better movement speed. How’s that?
So skip the time-taking quests at the beginning. You don’t need to do them right away. However, if there’s a quest that is hard to come by again, you can do it. Otherwise, keep skipping.
Now, the second thing you need to do to fill the level gap is…

POE Leveling Method 4. Blood Aqueducts

This is the only time we’ll spend time to match the level. Blood Aqueducts is going to be in Act 9 and it’s an extremely easy place to get your levels up.
So, upon reaching Act 9, you should go to the Blood Aqueducts right away. The best thing about them is they are really small, straightforward zones with a lot of enemies in them. The density of the enemy horde is really high because of the lack of space in the zone. And since you are still a few levels below the level of the zone, you will get a ton of boost to your levels as you kill those enemies' hordes.
Also, you might also see a pack or two of monsters. You can totally skip those and move on with killing the enemies. Won’t do much damage to your levels.
Now, once you are done with the enemies, go to the highgate, walk to the waypoint, visit your Instance Manager, and click on your first waypoint.
But why? Isn’t it wasting your time? Well, no! The reason why I’m asking you to do that is because of the interface of POE. You see, It is easier to use your movement skills up to the left than it is to use them down to the right.
 Up into the left, you have no in-game interface blocking your way from throwing the movement skills as far as possible but in the bottom right, you have a lot of things causing clutter and blocking your view. You can not see what’s coming your way until it comes really close to you. So use the interface to your advantage.
So, if you do the Blood Aqueducts, you will get a significant boost in your levels and you won’t have to stop anywhere else in the campaign. All you will be doing is getting up to act 10, killing the Catawba and being done with it.

POE Leveling Method 5. Builds and Gears

I really insist you choose the right class according to your play style and get a strong build for your character. If you’re not sure how to do that then this Path of Exile Classes Guide will help you with that.
If you’re making your own character, then this is going to make you even slower as you won’t be familiar with the concepts and won’t know what to put and where to put it on the tree. So get a strong build guide for your character and open that on another screen so that you can get a nice idea of what to do.
Another thing is Gears. There’s a ton of information available for every character and how to find and level up Gears. You should be grinding for rare items, putting life on them, crafting to get elemental resistance on them, and upgrading the resistance. Use traders to get good deals on gear, follow the Path Of Exile Trade Guide for a better idea. If you want a shortcut way to level up gears you can buy upgraded gears from the Inventory. More on that in a bit.
But before that, let’s see how you can further improve your character and your levels.

POE Leveling Method 6. The Labs

You should do the labs as soon as you find them. The majority of the time, the point you get for your dominance and ascendency in the labs turns out to the important for your character, and it happens a lot more often than you'd imagine. But notice how I said the majority of the time and not all the time? It's because sometimes you don't get those important points in the Labs.
Anyways. The last piece of advice I’d give is to stop worrying about dying. It’s okay to get knocked over while zooming through the campaign. You can always re-try your zone and get the boss, it won't hurt your experience bar for even a fraction.
Now, the best part.

POE Leveling Method 7. Get Enough POE currency

Having enough POE Currency can also be important for leveling. To buy all those different sets in the inventory you need in-game currency, which costs a small fortune given the fact that you have to keep buying that over and over.
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