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Path Of Exile Trade Guide: When, Where, How

Path of exile is an excellent game. It is also a difficult game that feels rewarding as you progress. This game is fun because of the hack and slash but keeps you playing for the economy and pushing your characters to build to the limits.

When it comes to the gameplay of Path of Exile, the first thing you think of must be the various items and gears obtained in the game. But is it a good thing? In PoE, you do get many items, but in fact, majority of them are basic equipment or garbage. So you need to manage the space of items and equipment very carefully, keep the items you need, and trade those useless things for currency.

Trading items with other players is another complete game itself. Almost every loot you find in POE can be traded, and if you know exactly what you are looking for, then you can make a lot of money. But what if you don’t know how to trade in POE? It doesn't matter, here is a Path Of Exile Trade Guide for you.

When Can You Trade In PoE?

You can trade currency or unique items to other players in the trade window until having a character that is at least level 25 in your account. To prevent you can not trade in-game, you could drop currency or uniques in a zone in order to give them to other players.

Where Can You Trade In PoE?

Maybe you want to trade in the Auction House of PoE? Sorry, there is no Auction House and no monetary system to facilitate trading with other players in Path of Exile. Yes, there is no place or store to make the exchanges. So the only way to trade is to physically find a person and manually start a trade with them.

How Can You Trade In PoE?

Like other ARPG-MMOs, Path of Exile has its own way of trading all kinds of goods inside the game. To be more specific, there are three ways of Path of Exile Trade.

1. Trade with players inside Path of Exile

This is a very simple way to trade items in Path of Exile. You just need to find another player and ask him to open the menu, and then select trade. If that player accepts this exchange proposal, the trade window will open for you. Next, you need to drag the items you want to trade to this trade window. If he agrees, he will provide you with the traded items in return. After you both agree, the transaction will be completed. In contrast, if the player refuses to trade, then you can not make such a transaction, then you will have to buy POE items you need in a reliable website.

2. Trade in Poe.trade

Poe.trade is a cool tool within the page of PoE that greatly facilitates trading between players within the Path of Exile. This tool is inside the Path of Exile website, so it gives you the assurance that it is completely legal and facilitates the exchange of goods. With this tool, you can find any item you want at any part of the map, just whispering to the other players when they have an item that interests you.

Here's what you should do:

First, use Poe.trade to find any item you're interested in.
Second, click the 'whisper' button next to the seller's name.
Third, you can paste a string of text into the in-game chat window to automatically message a player saying you want to buy the item.
Fourth, assuming that player is online, they'll message you back and typically invite you to their hideout to trade.
Fifth, make sure to bring the currency with you in your inventory.
Sixth, complete the trade at their hideout,

Well, if you want to sell items on Poe.trade, the easiest way to do that is to place them in a Premium stash tab that has set to ‘Public’  Items can be priced individually or en masse from within the stash using the Premium tabs. If you are unwilling to buy Premium tabs, you can also create a thread or “shop” on the official Path of Exile forums in the appropriate trading sections. Linking your items in your thread will also allow them to be indexed automatically and listed for other players to browse.

3. Trade with players in the stashes

A stash is a place where you can store and sort all the items and equipment you don't need. In the stashes, you can create stash tabs, with which you can organize the different types of items according to their nature and assign them a unique price at which you want to sell them. For example, twelve Exalted orbs. Once you have uploaded the item or equipment you wish to sell to this stash tab and attached the price, any user of the game will be able to find it and buy it if they wish. Of course, by paying a certain price, you have stipulated. You can also add a premium tab, which you can color-code and rename whenever you want to sell premium items and equipment. You can purchase these tabs by buying points directly from the in-game shop.


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Want to Know Some Useful PoE Trading Tips? 

1. Before buying an item, understand how the item was made, and if you can't craft a cheaper version of it. 

2. Don’t constantly buy gear at low levels. The best thing new players can spend their currency on is leveling Uniques for their build, don’t buy rares until the endgame. Focus on leveling first.

3. PRICE CHECK. The knowledge of how to price items, especially Rares, comes with time and meta-game knowledge. Most Rares aren’t worth selling, even in the endgame. So if you really want to focus on farming PoE Currency, focus on learning what drops are valuable in a given league.

4. ALWAYS CHECK THE ITEM BEFORE ACCEPTING TRADE. Scammers exist in this game and will take advantage of your haste.

5. Ctrl+LMB will move an item or stack right to the trade window when it’s open, saves time over dragging and dropping.

6. Bookmark your complicated trade querries: When you set up a complicated trade query with multiple groups, IF COUNTS etc., you should bookmark that search to make it quicker to reuse next time.

7.Find a dealer: Everything you apply on a map is a more multiplier to its loot. However, buying map currencies 1 at a time makes you lose more money than if you just ran another map. By using the bulk purchase option presented precedently, you can find people that sell a very large amount of a specific type of item, whether it's scarabs, prophecies, or POE maps. Talk with them, and see if you can add them to your friend's list. Whenever you are running low, contact them and purchase a large amount in 1 transaction, then go back to mapping. Stop spending time in your hideout buying these currencies individually to save 1 chaos per, you could have run an entire map in the meantime.

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