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Diablo 2 Resurrected Blizzard Sorceress Build Guide

Activision-Blizzard’s latest game, Diablo 2 - Resurrected, has players rilled up to relive the days of 20 years ago. We recommend the most substantial build, the blizzard sorceress if you choose to return to this game. This guide is specifically created for the Diablo 2 Resurrected Blizzard Sorceress build, what equipment to wear, and talents to use. We will also be giving you valuable tips for Blizzard Sorceress leveling and companions to use while traversing the many dungeons that await you.
Additionally, we will show you the sorceress’s strengths and weaknesses, what to avoid, and how to quickly push through dungeons in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

We all want to try out our old builds when we were kids, but when it comes down to it, sometimes focusing on min-max will get you results and ahead of the game.

Introduction to Sorceress in D2 Resurrected

Sorceress is possibly the most satisfying and over-powered class in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Her damage output is focused around mixed gameplay of high AoE burst, along with single target boss damage.

Her playstyle allows for major magic finds as she can clear dungeons quickly. Being able to clear dungeons fast makes her an invaluable class for exchanging items, making gold, and getting her class gear as fast as possible. (Check our cheap D2 Resurrected Ladder Items now!)

The Sorceress class is very fragile, often called a glass cannon. If you’re not familiar with this term, it essentially means a character that deals burst damage at the cost of having low health and survivability.

Pro-tip for surviving early game encounters: Use your blink as often as possible.

Strengths and Weakness of a Blizzard Sorceress


●Cheap and Easy (Budget) build. It does not require hours upon hours of grinding to get all of what is required to make a Blizzard Sorceress build.
●High AoE (Area of Effect) damage makes for easy grinding of dungeons and loot drops.
●Great single target damage. This build takes down bosses as quickly as a group, which is a significant bonus for early and late-game dungeon grinds.
●Intuitive - Easy to learn and master.


●Has trouble dealing with cold-resistant opponents.
●Glass Cannon. Low survivability and weak to any crowd control effects or stuns.
●Low Health. Same as an above weakness but with a twist, bosses can sometimes one shot on higher level dungeons.
Now that we have looked over some weaknesses and strengths of the class, we will dive right into the guide, starting with leveling.

Leveling a Blizzard Sorceress

Leveling up a blizzard sorceress is near impossible or extremely difficult due to the early game mobs having cold resist, which you cannot deal with at low levels. We suggest leveling up to level 24 as a fire mage or electricity since their spells are more vital for early game content. Once you hit level 24, reroll your talents as you can now spend your talent points into AoE damaging spells for quick dungeon clearing.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected Blizzard Sorceress Stats Priority

●Strength (Low Priority) - Level up strength purely for wearing armor, don’t level up past that point.
●Dexterity (Low Priority) - Level up Dexterity the same way you would level up strength: only for gear requirements.
●Vitality (High Priority) - Level up Vitality after you have leveled up strength and dexterity for armor purposes. All the rest of your points must go into Vitality.
●Energy (Zero Priority) - No points should go in here; however, you can add points if you want to have a larger mana pool.

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Talent Points

The talent points for a Blizzard Sorceress are pretty simple, follow the “cold spells” tree. However, you should invest a few points in the other two trees for the excellent passives and teleport spells. We recommend following this build:

Cold Talent Tree

●20 Points into Ice Bolt
●20 Points into Ice Blast
●1 Point into Frost Nova
●1 Point into Frozen Armor
●20 Points into Glacial Spike
●20 Points into Blizzard (Your Main Spell)
●20 Points into Cold Mastery

Fire Talent Tree (Passive)

●1 Point into Warmth

Lightning Talent Tree

●1 Point into Static Field
●1 Point into Telekenisis
●1 point into Teleport

We recommend doing the passives first since they will be your survivability and regeneration stats. Once you have done that, rush Blizzard in the Cold Tree.

Blizzard Sorceress BIS (Best In Slot) Items

There is wide speculation about what items are best suited for Blizzard Sorceress, but we believe the equipment loadout below is the best.

●Weapon - Death's Fathom socketed with a Rainbow Facet for additional cold damage
●Weapon Swap - Call to Arms and Spirit
●Shield - Rhyme (Has a nice gold farming stat as well) or Spirit (Most recommended)
●Body Armor - Chains of Honor or Taleth
●Helm - Nightwing's Veil socketed with a Rainbow Facet for extra damage or Harlequin Crest
●Gloves - Magefist
●Belt: Arachnid Mesh
●Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
●Rings - The Stone of Jordan or Bul-Kathos Wedding Band Bul-Kathos Wedding Band
●Charms - Annihilus - Sorceress Hellfire Torch - Gheed’s Fortune

This gear can serve as a guideline and has many alternatives to make Blizzard Sorceress work in the late game.

Blizzard Sorceress Mercenaries

Everywhere you go, the recommended mercenary for Blizzard Sorceress is usually a mercenary that comes from Act two with the aura of Might. This is because some areas or dungeons have immunity to cold damage (which is a significant problem for a cold build.)

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The goal for your mercenaries to have the Might aura is to have both Might and Mediation auras when combined with the insight rune. This is extremely important to deal with cold dungeons as you will not be able to simply AoE down mobs with Blizzard without it.


Activision-Blizzard’s resurgence of Diablo 2 resurrected has got people trying their old builds when they were kids, which is a great way to experience the game. However, this is the build for you if you want a high damage, graceful sorceress that can mow down an entire dungeon with ease.

We hope you enjoyed this build and guide; if you want to check out more of our guides, you can do so here. If you want to try out max-level builds without the hassle of farming, check out our store for great deals on D2 Resurrected items. As always, Happy hunting!

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