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The Best Weapons in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Welcome to the Best weapon in Diablo 2 Resurrected guide where you will get to know about more than 10 weapons that are powerful beyond limitations, how you can use them and when not to use them.

Let’s get started with the first weapon, which is…


This is a popular weapon choice for many classes and playstyles, including Spirit Runeword-using budget casters, nascent Whirlwinds, and Frenzy Barbarians looking for weapons with consistently high attack speed.

Moreover, the variety of sword subtypes is greater than that of any other weapon type, making it a safe bet that a Barbarian who chooses to focus on improving their Mastery skill with swords would have a good experience with that weapon.

They also have a higher chance of dropping than other weapon kinds due to the wide variety of forms they can take. Therefore, it is simple to locate the foundation of a sword Runeword.

- Perfect in High-intensity situations because of its high speed.
- It has a lot of variety to choose from.

- Not effective in Melee fights.


Even though the axe seems like it would be more at home in the hands of a Barbarian, Fury and Werewolf Druids favour it. This is because, relative to other melee weapons, axes deal a disproportionately large amount of damage.

In addition, their harm is consistent throughout a wide area. Axes typically take up six slots, thus they can accommodate four sockets or more. Regardless, axes are fantastic combat weapons that can transform any high-strength character into a ferocious fighter.

- Axes provide high AOE Damage with high-speed movements.

- Requires high character strength.


Due to their large area of effect and the abundance of sockets available, polearms are a favourite among many endgames builds especially for Whirlwind Barbarian setups.

Also, it's accessible to characters of any class and works wonders for keeping the bad guys at bay as you try out different melee builds.

You can give it to a second-act hireling in exchange for your Insight Runeword, making it useful beyond just that one scenario.

Any character, whether a spellcaster or a brute in close combat, who is short on mana can solve their problem by doing this. So, even if they don't equip a polearm, most classes and builds can still profit from them.

 - Wide Melee Range and high Damage.

- Requires both hands to hold.


Diablo 2's Sorceress starts with a staff as her default weapon, therefore whenever a player sees a stave they automatically think of that class.

Moreover, even the lowest quality staves have a Sorceress talent or two built into them. Players must allocate Enigma Runeword to weapon swap if Teleport is used.

For that reason, any class or build can easily benefit from using a staff weapon. Sorcery-enabled staves, at the very least, can be used for more than just one or two swaps.

It's also a valid foundation for the Heart of the Oak Runeword, albeit that pricey Runeword is better suited to a mace due to the weapon's two-handed nature.

- Can hold more than one magic abilities.

- Occupies both hands.


For fighting zombies, blunt weapons like maces have innate advantages. After all, bone tissue does not respond well to impact. As a result, the mace's effectiveness against dungeon monsters may make it the preferred weapon of choice for a wide variety of game classes.

Aside from that, there is a wide variety of sub-types and the assaults of maces (at least the one-handed ones) are rapid.

As an aside, the best Runeword weapon for spellcasters, Heart of the Oak, is a flail, which is a subclass of mace weaponry. Avoiding it at all costs is a good idea for paladins, necromancers, and sorceresses.

- Has a variety of selections and high speed.

- Lack of Runeward.


Daggers aren't the best all-purpose weapon because their range is so poor and they wear out so quickly. However, their fast attack speed more than makes up for this weakness. That's probably a good indication that the barbarians can put them to good use.

In any case, they may be keeping some useful Necromancer Curses, such as Lower Resist, in storage.

That means daggers are just as ineffective as wands when it comes to countering protection. Again, unique builds may benefit from using Runewords on daggers despite their low overall viability. Check more effective Ladder Items at our store now.

In our Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes and Runewords Guide, we explained in detail about Runewords. If you have any questions, the guide is there for you.

- Comes with Necromancer Curse and High Speed.

- Less Durable.


You can get the most out of your wands without the aid of a Necromancer. Even though it's primarily a Necromancer weapon, blue-quality wands have some interesting default modifiers that make them desirable to various classes. A Necromancer's curse is hidden inside some of the wands sold by merchants.

Life Tap, Reduced Resistance, Decrapified Damage, and Enhanced Damage are just a few examples. If you're towards the endgame and encounter foes with immunity, these three curses will come in handy. This is why, with the exception of the Necromancer, wands are the default weapon set for most classes.

- Necromancer Spells.

- Less Utility.

Throwing Weapon

There is a wide variety of throwable weapons to choose from. The major drawback to these weapons, which can be anything from axes to knives, is that they are rarely modified. They can't be customised with Runewords or any other gem combinations because they lack sockets. Because of this, they can't really use that material in their constructions.

However, because they can be thrown, their damage is generally much higher. The damage in close combat is respectable as well. Additionally, some uncommon throwable weapons can be extremely lethal.

Some excellent examples of such tools include Gimmershred and Lacerator. Both weapons are distinct and can open up specialised options for construction.

- Versatile.

- Can not hold more spells because of not having any sockets.


Shields are a significant part of the game's META, despite the fact that they may or may not be the ideal weapons for a particular class a player chooses.

For the simple reason that increasing your Block Chance is one of the best methods to prevent getting wiped out by overpowered foes on Hell difficulty.

The use of a shield offers a new gameplay feature in which the player can block a percentage of hits dependent on their Dexterity (up to 75%). This may not sound like much in theory, but in fact it is quite similar to how the Resistance system works, where every percentage point counts for a great deal.

Shields are crucial to the survivability of Paladins and other caster classes, especially in the more difficult Hardcore difficulty.

- A lifesaver in Survivability.

- Reduces the Damage.


All classes have access to bows, but few have Amazon's mastery of the weapon. Since bows and crossbows make up an entire branch of her skill tree, this weapon was clearly designed with her in mind. A skilled Amazon is your greatest bet for even the most basic bow strikes.

Bows may be more suited to archers, but that doesn't make them useless for other classes. Bows are incredibly useful in the early game, especially while levelling up on Normal difficulty. As a result, they facilitate the rapid accumulation of experience points through the elimination of wandering opponents.

- High speed ranged attacks.

- Less variation.


However, the Javelin is absent from Diablo 2 since thrown weapons cannot have Runewords. However, the fact that this category of weapons also has some of the greatest damage values helps make up for it. Players can accomplish this in combat by throwing the weapon rather than jabbing at foes.

This reduces the available stock of the weapon but restocking it is quite inexpensive. Any character can use javelins effectively until they reach a level where they need to begin specialising with META builds, and this is true even now. If you need some specific items immediately, check our D2R Items List.

However, Amazon and Barbarian can confidently use javelins all the way to the endgame since they can tailor their statistics and abilities to do so.

- Both Ranged and melee attacks.

- Ammunition runs out quickly if used as a ranged weapon.


Although sceptres are typically associated with Paladins due to the advantages they provide in the skill of Faith, they are also rather useful for specialised classes such as the Riftsin. All this is due to the mighty Rift Runeword, which can do incredible things in the right hands. If you're seeking to save money on an Uber Smiter or Zealot, Lawbringer is another solid choice.

The fact that some sceptres have the Crushing Blow enhancement also helps tremendously. The target's health is effectively halved, making even the strongest Uber bosses in Diablo 2 easy targets for even the most powerful weapons.

- One-handed high-speed damage.

- Lacks Runewards.

Ending Note

Well, the list ends here. Hope you get the value out of this guide we wanted to give. We also have a Diablo 2 Resurrected best leveling guide which explains the easiest method to level up in the game, or if you want to know How to Find High Runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected, we also have got you covered too. Make sure to check other guides also.