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Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Leveling Guide

Diablo 2 Resurrected Leveling is complex, ruthless, and sometimes frustrating. Especially if you’re on a levelling up run. It doesn’t have to be that way though. There gotta be a way to do that more swiftly and quickly, right? If you think the same, then we’ll get along well. Because we believe in understanding the system, making sound plans and then beating the heck out of it.

That's why we've created this Diablo 2 Resurrected leveling guide, in which you'll find everything from logic to structure, from obvious things to secrets of levelling up in Diablo 2 Resurrected. If you don't want to spend time and effort on D2 Resurrected leveling, you can also buy D2 Resurrected power leveling services from SSEGold. Fast and cheap!
Before starting with the process, We want to share something of paramount importance with you. Let’s get it done…

Factors Affecting Power Levelling in Diablo 2: Resurrected

There are a total of 3 most important factors that affect the amount of experience you’ll gain after defeating monsters in the places we’ll discuss shortly after. In order to get a good grip of the D2 Resurrected Levelling structure, you need to learn about these factors. So, let’s start with our most important one…

1. The Character Level Vs The Monster Level

The Name tells the whole story. Amount of EXP gain will vary a lot depending upon the Difference Between the Level of your character and the level of the monster you defeat. Here’s how it goes:

Diablo 2 Resurrected Leveling from Level 1 to Level 25

If the difference between the character's level and the monster's level is less than five levels, then the character will gain all of the potential experience from the monster.

It looks unfair on the surface but it is very carefully crafted to prevent players from levelling up on weaker monsters and to keep low-level characters from gaining a tonne of experience by partying with high-level players, so the more levels above or below that range, the less experience is awarded.
Here’s all the numbers:
-10 or More Levels: 5% EXP
-9 Levels: 15% EXP
-8 Levels: 36% EXP
-7 Levels: 68% EXP
-6 Levels: 88% EXP
-1 to 5 Levels: 100% EXP
--5 to 0 Levels: 100% EXP
--6 Levels: 81% EXP
--7 Levels: 62% EXP
--8 Levels: 43% EXP
--9 Levels: 24% EXP
--10 Levels or less: 5% EXP

Diablo 2 Resurrected Leveling from Level 26 to Level 69

Characters in this Level range will gain 100% experience by killing monsters within five levels of a character's current level. Monsters that are at least five levels below a character's level can still provide a significant amount of experience, but the amount of EXP gained is reduced when the monsters are at least 10 levels higher. Here Let me Explain:
●-6 Levels: 81%
●-7 Levels: 62%
●-8 Levels: 43%
●-9 Levels: 24%
●-10 Levels: 5%

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Diablo 2 Resurrected Leveling from Level 70 to Level 99

Monsters within five levels of a character's level will still grant 100% experience to characters in this category.
But here comes the trainwreck! After level 70, however, there will be a penalty that will only get worse with each level that is attained.

This gets worse! There are severe penalties for levelling up after level 90, which makes power level gut-wrenching.
Here are all the numbers fellas:
●Level 70: 95.31%
●Level 71: 90.63%
●Level 72: 85.94%
●Level 73: 81.25%
●Level 74: 76.56%
●Level 75: 71.88%
●Level 76: 67.19%
●Level 77: 62.50%
●Level 78: 57.81%
●Level 79: 53.13%
●Level 80: 48.44%
●Level 81: 43.75%
●Level 82: 39.06%
●Level 83: 34.38%
●Level 84: 29.69%
●Level 85: 25.00%
●Level 86: 18.75%
●Level 87: 14.06%
●Level 88: 10.55%
●Level 89: 7.91%
●Level 90: 5.96%
●Level 91: 4.49%
●Level 92: 3.42%
●Level 93: 2.54%
●Level 94: 1.95%
●Level 95: 1.46%
●Level 96: 1.07%
●Level 97: 0.78%
●Level 98: 0.59%

2. Multiplayer Gameplay

Playing solo is totally different from playing with a teammate. Not only in fun and all, but also in gaining Experience points in Diablo 2.

When you've got another teammate in the same area, the total EXP gained from killing a monster will increase by 35%. Every party member's share is equal to their level divided by the total level of the party, and this amount will be evenly distributed among all members.

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3. Difficulty Level

Quite an obvious one right? Well choosing an easy difficulty level ain’t gonna turn on your favour. The more the level of difficulty you play in, more the amount of EXP you gain after defeating the monster.
That’s all the layers you needed to unfold. Now that you have a good grip over the structure. We’ll take a look at the real deal. For what you’ve landed on this page…

Diablo 2 Resurrected Power Levelling Areas

Yeah! Now we are talking. Finally some real stuff, eh?
Here is how it goes: Given below are the areas where you can level up your ranking to maximum in minimum time and efforts possible. We’re going to be honest with you, it will get repetitive and boring for once but after that you will get accustomed to it and you’ll enjoy it.

Let’s waste no time and get you right in the middle of the battlefield. We’ll get it done level by level. Starting with…

Level 1- 15 : Tristram

For those who are complete beginners to this game, they need to unlock tristram. Don’t give us that look! If you want to level up, you gotta do the work.

Go to Tristram and start killing the enemies. You should focus more on the Elites. They usually spawn in the middle of the area. Once you clear it. Go back to your main menu and restart the session again. Do it until you reach Level 15.
After that follow the next step:

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Level 16- 24: Tal Rasha’s Tomb

The idea is to enter Tal Rasha’s tomb and clear it. Once you clear one, head to the next one and clear that too. This applies to both fake and real ones. You should leave no stones unturned. Copy that?

Do it repeatedly until you see yourself shining on Level 24. After that, move on the the next step.
Level 24: Right of Passage (Normal Difficulty)
Once you reach level 24, you can clear the Right of passage which will grant you once level up and from there one you can perform ball runs.

Level 25- 40: Chaos Sanctuary

The best way to level up from 25 to 40 in no time is to repeatedly clear the Chaos Sanctuary which are Diablo’s complete ball runs. They are advised over any other Area because they require much less effort and time to complete. Which is the whole USP of this guide.

Level 40: Right of Passage (Nightmare Difficulty)

Once you reach level 40, you ain’t no mama's little doll! You can face the nightmare difficulty. You have to, if you want to level up! After completing this stage. You get a level up and after that you should follow the next step…

Level 40- 60: Chaos Sanctuary (Nightmare Difficulty)

Just like you cleared them when you were on Level 25-40, you’re going to clear them again, except this time in nightmare difficulty. Do it repeatedly until you reach level 60.

Level 60: Right of Passage (Hell Difficulty)

After reaching level 60, you should be able to face Hell level of difficulty. The thing worth noting here is that enemies are much… much stronger than anything you’ve faced up to this point. So make sure to upgrade or change your equipment. Clearing this will grant you one level up and you’ll be good to go to the next step.

Level 61 to 99: Chaos Sanctuary (Hell Difficulty)

After clearing the Right of Passage, you will have to repeatedly clear Chaos Sanctuary on Hell difficulty. However, here’s shocking advice for you; You should only level up to 93 or 94. Beyond that you’ll need an insane level of Ball runs (actually, a disturbingly insane level of Ball runs) to level up beyond that.

With that being said, We think it’s time to put an end to this Diablo 2: Resurrected leveling guide for good. This was a lot of statistics and numbers to put in a guide, not gonna lie. But the amount of value it's gonna add to your gameplay makes it definitely worth it. We really hope that you max out your levels and enjoy the heck out of this game.