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Diablo 2 Resurrected Character and Skills Guide

In this article I will go over the basics of Diablo II, introduce you to the D2 resurrected classes and provide my final thoughts on the game.


If you ever played Diablo II, you will know what a great RPG this game is. Some may argue it is one of the best RPGs ever made, especially for its time. I’ve put many, many hours into this all-time classic. My friend and I would rush home from school to hop on and play. Back then there weren’t many guides or walkthroughs available so we had to learn ourselves. We sat, took notes and played so much that we had all available characters at max level. We knew pretty much everything there was to know. And today, I can share that knowledge with you.

So, on that note, what exactly is Diablo II Resurrected? Diablo II Resurrected, released on 23rd September 2021 is a remaster of the original Diablo II which released in 2000. Diablo II is a dark, fantasy themed action RPG x dungeon crawler. The player must go after and kill the Prime Evil, Diablo. You will need to use town portals, health and mana potions and all the weapons at your disposal if you want to survive (Check our D2 Resurrected Power Leveling Service to make you invincible in-game). Diablo II Resurrected is a remaster, offering enhanced 4k visuals, multiplayer and overall quality of life changes such as the ability to automatically pick up gold – which is a much-needed addition. It also includes the Lord of Destruction expansion pack.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Classes and Skills

Diablo II features 7 playable characters, including:


The Lord of Destruction pack added the Assassin and the Druid. Because, Diablo II Resurrected includes this pack, all 7 characters are playable.


If you don’t prefer melee combat or wish to rain down lightning on your enemies, the Sorceress is the class for you. You can deal a ton of damage or bring down a horde of enemies with one ability but you will need a lot of mana potions. The Sorceress was actually the first class I played on Diablo II. You need to play the Sorceress from a distance as she is very squishy and doesn’t excel in close quarter combat. The Sorceress has access to fire, cold and lightning skills. In my opinion, fire has the most damaging attacks.

Meteor strikes can cripple a ton of enemies and the Warmth skill can be used to increase your mana regeneration. Lightning also has a high damage potential, but will also provide you with a teleport skill which you can use to escape enemies quickly and an Energy Shield for some extra defense.

This was my most played skill tree because chaining lightning between enemies is so satisfying and the energy shield is really useful when enemies get close. And finally, the cold tree is best used for controlling enemies rather than pure DPS. Freezing and slowing enemies can help you turn the tables of the battlefield. The Cold Armor skill, like the Energy Shield, provides a defense bonus.

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Sorceress’s Skills:


If you are looking for a tanky class which excels at melee combat and like to bash enemies at close range, then this is the class for you. The Barbarians skill tree includes Warcries, Combat Skills and Combat Masteries. The first Skill tree Warcries, grants you shouts (almost like a Dovahkiin from Skyrim) which can buff your damage, lower enemy damage or taunt enemies.

The Combat Skill tree grants some really cool abilities such as Whirlwind. The Barbarian can spin around and deal damage all around him while using this ability, allowing to mow through enemies like a lawnmower. Finally, the last skill tree, Combat Masteries, will increase your proficiency with certain weapons, increasing the damage of said weapon. The Barbarian is also the only class capable of dual wielding weapons and can dish out damage as well as take it.

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Barbarian’s Skills:


Assassins use traps, shadow discipline and martial arts to take out their enemies. An added bonus, is that they can open chests without needing a key. The Assassin’s skill tree consists of Martial Arts, Shadow Disciplines and Traps. Martial Arts uses charge-up skills and finishing moves while Shadow Discipline allows you to summon a shadow clone to fight alongside you. The final skill tree, Traps, lets you set traps on the battlefield which trigger when enemies get close.

Assassin’s Skills:


Druids can utilize nature-based magic to conjure volcanoes, tornados, and other damaging spells. They can also shape shift into creatures and summon animals. The Druids skill tree consists of Elemental Skills, Shape Shifting and Summoning. Elemental Skills allows you to control the forces of nature to not only destroy a horde of enemies, but also offers defensive skills like Cyclone armor. Shape Shifting allows you to transform into various beasts while Summoning allows you to summon pet companions to help you. The pets can either attack enemies or provide health and mana regeneration.

Druid’s Skills:


Necromancers can add poison to their attacks, can summon bone structures and curse their enemies. The Druid’s skill trees include: Summoning, Poison and Bone and Curse. Summoning lets you conjure skeletons, mages and Golems. Poison and Bone offers offensive and defensive skills such as Bone Prison which can trap enemies and Bone Armor which provides defensive buffs. Bone Explosion can make quick work of a ton of enemies. The final skill tree, Curses, are spells that weaken enemies, add life steal and can cause fear.

Necromancer’s Skills:


Paladins are well known for their auras and their fight against the dark forces. The Paladin’s skill trees are as follows: Defensive Auras, Offensive Auras and Combat Skills. Defensive Auras provide defensive abilities such as increasing defense, increasing elemental resist and increase in speed. Offensive Auras focus on improving damage and adding elemental attacks. And finally, Combat Skills change the Paladin’s offensive abilities – giving them a slew of holy spells. Such spells include Fist of the Heavens which calls down a lightning strike and Conversion which allows you to charm an enemy to fight for you.

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Paladin’s skills:


The Amazon excels at long range, using bows, spears, and javelins to take down her adversaries. The Amazon’s skills include: Bow and Crossbow, Passive and Magic and Javelin and Spear. Bow and Crossbow gives the Amazon specialized fire and freezing arrows. Passive and Magic features more survival-based skills allowing you to dodge attacks and summoning a Valkyrie which can pull enemies away from you. Finally, Javelin and Spear is designed to make Spears and Javelins more effective by adding elemental effects such as poison and electricity.

Amazon’s skills:

Final thoughts

If you are a new player, I recommend choosing either the Paladin or Barbarian, as they are easy to use, can take lots of damage and are probably the best starters for new players. Whether you have played the original Diablo II or not – I highly recommend Diablo II Resurrected. With the enhanced 4k visuals and smooth framerate, it is certainly a game well-worth playing/replaying, especially if you enjoy RPGs. It is fun to pass time, and extremely fun to play with friends, and if you are willing to spend some money on Diablo 2 resurrected Runes, you will save so much time. So, what are you waiting for? Diablo isn’t going to kill himself.

Diablo II Resurrected is available for on Windows, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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