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Black Desert Online vs Elder Scrolls Online

Confused between Elder Scroll online and Black Desert Online? Don’t know which one is the best for you? Worry not. Because in this guide, we have done a deep comparison between the two so that you understand what each game has to offer. We promise you that at the end of this guide, you will have a decision in your mind.

A brief about ESO

As in past Elder Scrolls games, in ESO the action takes place 1000 years before Skyrim. Many important factions of Sirodil are striving to capture control of the empire, while Nirn is approaching the Daedric Prince Molag Bal's domains; he's using this to take over Tamriel and make it part of his realm. Elder Scrolls Online PvP has a Realm vs Realm system. Cyrodiil is a disputed area where PvP conflicts occur. The siege of the fortresses engaged hundreds of players to seize control of control points, watchtowers, and fortresses.

A Brief about BDO

Black Desert blends real-time strategy, RPG, and life simulator aspects. This project's large-scale fighting system involves teamwork and smart decisions. The game features an open environment, character flexibility, and more. In BDO, users explore a unique environment, create characters, and choose from a dozen classes. The battle system is non-targeted, like single-player action games. Keep foes in sight, attack, and avoid their strikes.

ESO vs BDO: Dungeon and Raids

In ESO, dungeons are areas that include unique foes and bosses. There are randomised encounters, or "Delf," where you can meet other players, as well as public dungeons with competitions, group dungeons with more challenging tasks for larger groups, group bosses, and group delf for smaller groups.

Only players level 50 or higher can access Veteran dungeons, which feature challenging unique combat tasks in elite Trials and Arenas dungeons.  (Highly recommend buying cheap ESO Gold to make you invincible in-game.) Picking a role to play in the dungeon ESO system is crucial. Each character in a game has an assigned role that must be played in order for the game to progress.

The Elder Scrolls Online's class distribution in combat is more flexible than that of other RPGs. Players in ESO have the freedom to switch between roles at any time during a fight. You can use this function to reshuffle the party's roles to get the desired dynamic.

We have a guide that shows the easiest dungeons to solo in ESO, check it out to know more about dungeons and raids.

Black Desert Online doesn't include your typical raids or dungeons unless you're part of a Guild. Instead, the global bosses in BDO are mighty beings with great attack and health bars. As with field bosses, their elimination will net you a big cash reward. There is a set schedule for when global bosses come to specific locations around the globe.

In BDO, field bosses are substantially less difficult to defeat, but they drop fewer items. Because a field boss's health is tracked independently across channels, killing it several times just requires switching servers. Because they appear in different parts of the earth at random, pinpointing a specific time is impossible. There is typically one daily spawning event.

In BDO, world bosses spawn at the same time across all servers. Because they exist on more than one server, their overall health is diminished by the combined efforts of all the people in the fight. The best fighters are rewarded handsomely for their consistent activities that lead to the death of the boss. Participating as part of a group is optional, as doing so has no bearing on the final payoff.

ESO vs BDO: The Battle system

The Elder Scrolls Online's battle system is comparable to prior titles. The player shoots the target aimed at him. The character's skill bar has one absolute and five active abilities.

You can't move skills mid-battle. Level 15 lets you carry and swap between two sets of weapons. Each weapon's skill bar lets you use 10 talents and 2 absolute abilities in combat. Active block, kicks/throws, interruptions, normal attack, force attack. To battle effectively, you must use skills beyond basic assaults. You can employ 1-2 skill bar abilities in combat.

However, in BDO, the battle system is a bit more dynamic and animation-free, similar to single-player games. From the initial minutes of the game, fighting creatures isn't routine, as it normally is in MMOs: you may aim, choose hideouts, bypass the adversary, and mix attacks with blows. You can fire foes from a distance or fight a crowd.

ESO vs BDO: PvP System

ESO has a dynamic PVP system. The assassination of Sirodiil's Emperor causes a power struggle. The three sides are fighting for the Ruby Throne, which can be conquered by any player with enough skills to lead the allies to victory. Joining a lower-level battle boosts your character's strength.

Level 50 opponents won't kill you instantly. The boost in power only impacts Health and Magic, therefore your skills will be limited. The increased strength is still important in battle.

In BDO, you can attack other players at level 30, just like they may attack you. Black Desert Online's PvP conflicts are guild-based. In the open world, players engage in siege and territory warfare.

The game has karma. Killing players cost karma, although official wars are exempt. Horses and NPCs that don't attack players but are needed for quests are punished. To improve your karma, kill a lot of creatures in-game; it's faster and safer because a high-karma character is an easy target. Higher levels lose more experience, and worse karma increases the likelihood of losing goods. So if you don't want to take the risk, you can use our BDO Power Leveling service.

ESO vs BDO: Endgame

Black Desert Online's endgame features a wide variety of engaging quests and activities for players to complete. Once you've beaten the game's main storyline, you can shift your attention to PvP, levelling up your character, or taking on the game's bosses.

Fishing, farming, and other player-versus-player activities are also available. The game's sophisticated crafting system even lets you hire helpers and outfit your own workshop at home.

Many BDO players now rely on a complicated network of nodes to streamline and quicken their gameplay. BDO nodes can function as commercial, industrial, or supply nodes. Connecting them to power and a big metropolis is necessary for them to function.

After a node is activated, employees can be dispatched there to gather the required materials, and a transportation network can be set up between large cities to facilitate inexpensive item transit. One only clicks on the node to learn what materials can be taken from it. In late-game BDO, node wars consume a lot of time.

So which one should you choose?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to have quick fun doing dungeons, raids, and exploration, then I’d say go for ESO. Because it requires much fewer skills and time to perfect. Like learning How to Craft Sip of Health in ESO is a piece of cake. However, if you’re looking to get into deep character customisations, have team-based challenges, and have mechanics that need to be mastered over time, then BDO is the perfect option for you.

With that note, this ESO Vs BDO comparison has come to an end. Hope it serves its purpose. See you soon in the next guide. Good Bye!