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How to Craft Sip of Health in ESO

You have got your first Alchemy written and found that you have to make the sip of heath. But, you have absolutely no clue whatsoever how to make it and where to even start. Well, I’m here with the whole package.

Let’s start this sip of heath ESO Guide where I will show you how to craft sip of health, pro tips on ESO alchemy and how you can earn money through potions and poison.

A quick Tour of ESO Alchemy

In ESO, the alchemy craft allows you to make potions to quickly recover stats, become invisible, and much more. Alchemy can also be used to create poisons to use against your enemies.

To make a potion or poison, you'll need a solvent and at least two reagents, which are mostly plants.

If you use water as a solvent, you will make a potion, and if you use oil as a solvent, you will make a poison. The level range of the potion will be determined by the solvents.

You can consume potions that are below your character level. Despite potion scaling, they will be less effective than a potion at your level.

Solvents can be found in water skins, harvested from bodies of water with a bubbling area of water, or purchased from other players in-game. Oils are dumped by monsters like trolls.

When you harvest resources, the level of potion you can manufacture will either match your crafting skill and alchemy, or it will match your character level.

Reagents are largely plants, and the combination you select determines the effects of your potion or poison. Reagents can be obtained by harvesting resource nodes or purchasing them from other players.

Some reagents are taken from hordes of creatures like mud crabs or torch bugs. Four characteristics or impacts of each reagent will assist determine how the potion behaves.

More reagents that are not typically gathered have become available as the game has grown. Dragon bile is one such item that is taken from dragons as loot.

Your character will not be familiar with any of the effects or characteristics of each region when they first begin alchemy. Additionally, you won't be aware of the range or strength of all the solvents, so you'll need to do experiments or use Google to research what each one does. 

They can be located on your map. In order to create an ESO item, you must choose a solvent and at least two reagents. Starting out, you can only use two reagents in the potion, but as you level up and spend skill points, you can use three, allowing you to make better potions.

Putting the identical ingredients together in the creation screen after you've created a potion will really display to you what potion you are about to create.

If the potion you created makes use of a particular effect, you also begin to learn about it when you first learn alchemy. Not every combination of reagents will work if you try and make the potion again the game will tell you that the combination does not work.

Potion effects are determined by the traits that are either shared by the reagents or countered. If two reagents have the restore magic effect your potion will restore magic axe. If one reagent has restored health and the other has ravaged health, these will counter each other and no health effect will be gained from that potion.

Once you start to know the effects of the reagents the effect will light up on the screen to show any matching or countered effects for poisons you must use oil as your solvent instead of water. It also uses the same trait matching mechanic but any positive effects will create a geranin poison which harms your enemy and benefits you.

Selecting reagents with magic negative effects will only cause harm to your enemy.

There is no deconstruction in Alchemy, only creation. You can also create furniture with the alchemy craft which I’ll be showing you soon in my next ESO guide.

Alright, So now you have the working knowledge of the Alchemy system in ESO. If you want to know more about Alchemy, enchantment, and forging in ESO, we also have the perfect guide for you. Let’s get our hands dirty and start crafting the sip of heath.

How to Craft Sip of Health in ESO?

Before we dive directly into the crafting, here’s a quick master tip for you.

I strongly advise investing three points in the alchemy passive known as medical when the time comes and you can add more points to your alchemy crafts. Use since doing so will extend the shelf life of all potions you use by up to 30%, and believe me when I say that this passive will come in very, very handy for end-game content or high-level PVP. To do this, you'll need to be level 50. (Buying ESO Gold can also be helpful in-game.)

Now let’s check out how you can craft the sip of heath in ESO.

Now there are several ways to make this potion but the main ingredient that is constant in all the ways you can make it is the solvent you'll be using and that is called natural water.

Your next ingredients will be your two reagents. There are eight reagents you can use to make this potion and they are blue Entoloma, bug loss, wing, columbine, crimson nirnroot, luminous rusella, mountain flower, and water hyacinth.

If you're wondering which ingredients to utilise for your daily alchemy crafting, keep in mind that there is no best ingredient. I Use the reagents I have the most of. This is my general rule of thumb.

We now combine our two reagents with our solvent, natural water, to create our first serving of health potion. Let's simply suppose that water hyacinth and blue Entoloma will be used.

We combine them, and presto, a healthy drink is created.

This is the whole tutorial. However, before I let you go I do want to give you one more tip.

If you want to use your alchemy crafting for personal or financial gain, I recommend putting three skill points into the alchemy passive called chemistry. Because that passive allows you to make three additional potions or twelve additional poisons for each crafting attempt. Again, you'll need to be level 50 to do this.


Alright, then. This puts an end to this sip of health guide. We hope you have a crystal clear idea of the alchemy crafting, reagents, solvents, poison & potion, and of course how to make the sip of heath.

Also, we have put a similar guide on how to get rare things in Elder Scroll online, make sure to check that out, and if you have never used ESO add ons, then you definitely missing out on a lot. You have to try these best ESO Addons for players. Till then, goodbye! I’ll meet you soon in another ESO guide.

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