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Easiest Dungeons to SOLO in ESO

Here are a few things to know before you even enter a solo Dungeon:

• Usually, to join a dungeon you will use the group finder but soloing all you have to do is travel to the zone where the Dungeon is and enter it and if you have been there before you can open your map and fast travel to it.

• Try to set your dungeon difficulty before you even enter. Change this option in the group menu. Playing the following dungeons that will be mentioned in the article can easily be completed solo but if you want a challenge and better gear drops and sets, try doing them in veteran mode. Of course, your build will have to be tough and being at a higher level will help too.

• Make sure you have the right spec. A good combination of Healing, DPS, Tanking will get you far in a solo Dungeon, in other words, you will need enough self-healing and defence to stay alive and enough DPS to be able to kill things in the Dungeon fast enough. AOE will also be important in solo Dungeons to help with the multiple enemies you encounter. Research more on Google for solo builds.

First on the list and the easiest is:

Fungal Grotto (Stonefalls)

You can complete this Dungeon with just a level 25-character solo and a few pieces of gear. It's a very short dungeon with multiple skippable bosses. The bosses are also easy to kill. Tazkad the Packmaster will spawn ADDs so just make sure to destroy them first then take out the boss. The Goblin War Chief also has ADDs that you will need to take care of first and kill him. Don't stress about his AOE attack as it does very little damage. His heavy attack is a bit strong and knocks you down, so try to block that. The final boss Kra'gh the Dreugh King has only one mechanic to worry about: his AOE attack, which gives you enough time to stop it or get out of its way.

Dark Shade Caverns (Deshaan)

There are large groups of mobs which are easier enough to take down. You will want to focus on the healers and casters first and use plenty of AOE damage to get through these large mobs faster. The Head Sheperd Neloren is a boss that can heal themselves almost to full health in a few seconds, so stay close to her and interrupt those healing spells as soon as you can. The Foreman Llothan is a boss that must be completed in this Dungeon and is the longest boss encounter, as he runs around and stuns you a lot of the time. Strong builds can ignore the ADDs if you have enough AOE damage and just focus on defeating the boss. Most other bosses can be skipped. The final boss Sentinel of Rkugamz has powerful AOE and self-healing. Just run around and kite the boss during its AOE attacks and use your range attacks when he is not AOE attacking move in for the kill.

Crypt of Hearts (Rivenspire)

This a crypt type dungeon. The bosses here are relatively simple to kill. Many bosses can also be skipped. Some Bosses like Mage Master's Slave have negated and heavy attacks that should be avoided and make sure to kill the ADDs. The Archmaster boss is quite the longest and toughest fight in this Dungeon. Try to focus on him and let your AOEs kill his ADDS. Death's Leviathan is also a tough boss to crack as his stuns become unlockable during the fight. Try to kite him and take him from a range to avoid his charges and stuns.

The final boss is the Ilambris Twins. This fight is relatively easy. Deal with the melee boss first and at the same time avoid the casters range attacks. Once the melee boss is dead, then attack the caster with range attack to prevent its AOEs.

City of Ash (Greenshade) 

A small dungeon that does require you to complete every boss. The first boss you will encounter will be the Warden of the shrine. This boss has a stun that you can block but gives off an AOE that burns the ground that you must avoid. The next boss is the Infernal Guardian which is much easier due to its lack of mechanics other than a knockback that's easy to recover. Razor Master Erthas is one of the easier boss encounters in the game. This boss teleports around the areas and spawns these flaming creatures that shoot fireballs at you. If you have a decent build, you can probably ignore the fireballs and focus on getting the boss down as soon as possible.

Spindle Clutch (Glenumbra)

Spindle Clutch is made up of a series of caverns and a lot of spiders. These spiders usually come in large hordes, so having some type of AOE damage and stun will be best. In this Dungeon, you will have to face a few spider bosses, just take heed that the spiders can heal themselves by eating corpse on the ground which you will want some stunning ability to negate that. The final boss is called the Whisper which stuns and staggers you a lot which is very difficult to avoid so make sure you have some type of passive healing and damage over time ability to keep DPS up.

We do advise you do these solo dungeons in veteran mode if you are more experienced but you will need a good build and good gear to complete veteran mode dungeons. For new players, try to practice in normal mode and when you get more gear then you can make the switch to Veteran.

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