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FIFA 21: 5 tips to win more FUT Champions

FUT Champs players need more wins because the more they win, the higher the ranking table they will go. More than that, you can redeem more FUT Champions rewards. If you can't break through to that next rank in FUT Champs, here are five tips to help you start and win in FUT Champions.

1. Always Focus On The Weekend League

In career mode or in Squad Battles you have already completely disassembled the AI, lead 3-0 and it is basically impossible to give up the game. Even in modes where every single victory may not count, you can sometimes let your concentration drag a little if it looks good. Then you look at your cell phone, listen to a message - whatever.

In FUT Champions, this can go very wrong. The opponents here are strong and even a 3-0 lead at the break does not mean that you will win. If you lose focus, the risk of still losing is high. And that only annoys you more for the next game. In the Weekend League, every single win counts for a lot. It is accordingly bitter to give up points that were believed to be safe.

Some players like to listen to music in the Weekend League to concentrate even better. Switching off the commentators also helps some to focus. However, this is ultimately a matter of taste.

2. Use Agile Dribbling

One of the new mechanics in FIFA 21, agile dribbling is an incredible way to break down defenses.

By holding R1/RB, every player in the game enters agile dribbling mode, where they take quick touches and feints to move through small spaces. Obviously, agile dribbling is best used with players that have high balance, dribbling, and agility stats. For example, I love using agile dribbling with Ansu Fati or Riyad Mahrez, and I find it is often the best way to get around pesky defenders. In the video below, EA showcases how exactly it works.

But don’t be afraid to use it with midfielders or even defenders to break between the lines. Agile dribbling is a tool you should be using frequently if you want to win consistently on FUT Champs.

3. Find Your Best Team

You should try to find a formation and team that suits you before the Weekend League. You can form the best available players in your club. Remember that chemistry is important in a FUT game. It is also important to have a squad with a high team rating, but what more important is, is your gameplay skill.

Your goalie, defenders, midfielders, and forwards should be the best of your club and have the most chemistry rating when they are in your starting 11. Make sure they are complementary to each other and supporting your gameplay style. For example, if your gameplay is more towards dribbling and shooting, select attackers who are good at dribbling, ball control, shooting, and finishing. As for your midfielders, choose the one who can complement your forwards by having good passing, dribbling, and physical attributes.

Make sure all the players are fully fit to play and preferably their fitness is 99. This will prevent injuries and fatigue specially in the last minutes. You can apply squad training cards to your team or fitness cards to your players individually before playing a match.

4. Learn Some Useful Skill Moves

On the one hand, you can play your opponents with strong dribbles and at the same time hold the ball until your teammates are in good positions for a pass. Skill moves can be the surprising element that gives you just that little bit of space that you need. You don't even have to learn the super-blatant moves that require key combinations. It can also be done with little tricks.

The ball roll is very effective for barely passing opponents and goalkeepers just before a duel. For the ball roll, you just have to push the stick sideways to your current direction of travel. 

Seasoned defenders will become very difficult to breakdown if players are refraining from using the skills. At times, even the fastest players in FIFA 21 can feel ineffective in sluggish gameplay. In some moments, a simple ball roll can be the difference between completing a pass and getting intercepted by the powerful defensive AI.

5. Trigger Runs From The CPU

This is an often under-utilized feature that will add another dimension to your attack. When you have the ball, pressing L1/LB will trigger a run from your nearest CPU player. It is such a simple thing to do, but it's useful in so many situations. For one, you might be running down the wing but notice your midfielder’s are stagnant. Triggering a run there will open up space for your winger or potentially a through ball in behind. It’s also great for breaking down those annoying 1-depth drop-back players. You can also call a man to come short with R1/RB, and even aim the run with a flick of the right stick.

Finally, we want to tell you this: play to have fun!  FIFA 21 lets you play with creativity as the through passes now find their intentions thanks to a new level of awareness for your teammates as also better aka realistic, off-ball humanization for the defenders as they no longer catch the ball like with magnets on their toes. The games feel organic and free. If you want, you can buy some FIFA 21 Coins to make your journey easier. Just emember, FIFA 21 is meant to be fun!