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The Best Formation FIFA 21: 4-2-2-2

After the FIFA 21 ratings last time, it’s time we share with you the best FUT 21 formation: 4-2-2-2! Try to listen to the reasons I give you for each tactic because if you don't copy it correctly, the formation may not work.

Well, 4-2-2-2 with high pressing and fast build-up is one of the most lethal formations in FIFA 21...if you have enough FUT Coins to buy the players you want. And it can be one of the most effective attacking solutions outnumbers your opponent when you're attacking. The key with this formation is:  you attack with 4 strikers in a front line that creates a 1v1 versus each of your opponents back four. 

Best FIFA 21 Formation: 4-2-2-2

Mode: Attacking/Defensive

Available in: FUT / Career Mod / Kick-off / Tournaments


1. Incredibly solid, have enough players when defending or attacking.
2. Lots of attacking options, suitable for anyone who likes to have possession of the ball and to anyone who likes to give freedom to CAM’s.

How to use 4-2-2-2?

This formation is very similar to the popular 4-4-2 and includes exactly the same links. The 2 attacking midfielders will position very similar to RM and LM when they do not have the ball but due to the generally lower Crossing rating in CAM’s compared to wide midfielders, this will mean that crossing within this formation will most often be less effective. Playing with this formation, the players can contain in the middle, yet spread the ball quickly out wide. There tends to be one particular CDM who is attacking minded, high stamina, who assists the attack. This role is pivotal because they transition from a 4-2-2-2 to a 4-1-3-2 and effortlessly. Using two strikers in this formation will allow you to create more goal-scoring opportunities. Having two CAM players and two CDM players will help your team to be able to perform attacks and defenses with more players. Attacking using 4-2-2-2 formation will require to be more on the ground and using the central area of the field.

But the key thing with this formation is you actually attack in a six, because the left-back and the right-back, they join the attack, they creat the overlaps, and the left hack in mid and right side commit or the cams in the four triple two, they end up becoming almost like inverted wingers. So you have two strikers, two inverted wingers, and a left-back and right back there when they go forward, they pin your opponent's backline, backward. So what happens is your opponent's left-back and right back, they get brought away and get split apart from your opponent's traditional center backs, and that's that creates more openings and makes it easy for you to attack. 

This is the formation to use if you're losing to get back into a game or if you want to go straight in and blitzing into an attack in style formation.  Now when you're defending you defend in a 4-4-2 flat like a traditional 4-4-2 or 4-2-2-2, so you've got your two CDMs there for stability. cutting the passing lanes. But the key thing with this formation is, if you're getting counter-attacks and have won the CDMs on from between defenders, that means if your left-back and right-back going forward, you're going to be left with the 2v2 at the back if you have one CDM that drops in between and almost makes that temporary back three. 

What's also really good about this formation is: it's a formation to be used mainly when you're losing or drawing. So you are losing one or two goals because we've got a processionary touch on, your team press when there's a chance for you to do so. The AI kinda helps you from that perspective, so you basically defending normally but AI only presses when there's a clear chance for you to do it. That way you don' leave a gap behind.

About the defensive style of 4-2-2-2, well, we want this to be an attacking formation, we also want our team to be pressing. Pressure on every touch is basically like team press, but AI does it for only a couple of seconds. After possession loss, your team just pressed all the time, if a good player( i would say goal two) and above knows you're doing this, you'll start three balling you down the wing and we know how bad counters are. The good thing about impressionary touch is, your team only press when there's a high chance you win the ball, when your opponent makes a mistake or they take a heavy touch, when there's a high chance when  AI deemed it's viable for you to win the ball, so yeah, that safety net not being too exposed. I think the 5 width is completely fine because you're wide enough to press, repression every touch, and also you're not too static and too, narrow and compact to get exploited down the wings.

By the way, if you really need added width, make sure the two CAMs have ‘Free Roam’ set under player instructions and their respective full-backs set to Join The Attack through Attacking Runs, with Run Type on ‘Overlap.’ That should mean your CAMs have at least three passing lanes open at all times – one on the flank, one to the striker, and one back to the defensive midfield.

On the depth part, you've gone and put on the depth of four. The reason why I put a depth of four is you don't want your four strikers to be too far ahead. If they're too far, you're going to be going to a massive gap between your CDM and your front four. Because don't forget, when you're going forward, these left second middle right attack and middle the two CAMs will go four, and you end up having a kind of a straight line of four, and your two CDMs end up become isolated. You don't want this gap to too big when you win the ball back, you can say disrupt your progressive play when you're building up, so I would say four, you're not going too far forward. There are also not too many gaps in behind and also when you're defending, you can also bring back one of your strikers and defend if you're ever in trouble.

Now we'll go over to the defensive style. What's important here is Longboard, if you don't use the longboard, the 4-2-2-2 formation won't work. Why it is important?  Because these CAMs, they don't have the getting behind option, you need these for them to act as inverted wings, and need them to be on getting behind. So that's why you need longboard, it basically trying to say to you: okay, I want the CAMs to make runs going forward. That means players are gonna be making attacking runs going forward with a width.

When the left-back and right-back overlap, what's gonna happen is these guys are gonna become inverted wingers, so they're gonna get pushed inside, internally if that makes sense, so left-back and right-back are gonna go around the outside, so it will still be quite wide-ish because it's a 4-2-2-2, but they'll be narrow enough where they're basically occupying key positions, so you want to basically create a four before situation, and you want these CAMs to be in between your opponent's center back and his left-back, so that's why those are put on three, you can change if you want to but I'll say it is good especially if you like to do crosses and corners.At last, we're going to go over the instructions:

Goalkeeper: Balanced, sweeper keeper (the better goalkeepers you have, the more effective this will be)

Full Back: Balanced attack (if you are a good defender), stay back while attacking (if you struggle defensively)

Defensive Mid: Cut passing lanes, stay back while attacking

Attacking Mid: Basic defence support, balanced crossing runs, free roam (which is super overpowered)

Striker: Balanced width, get in behind, basic defence support

(Notice that both strikers on stay central come back in the fence, this is extremely important. You want these two strikers, occupying your opponent's center backs, that way your opponent has nowhere to go. You're going to have always attacking options in front of the goal, and that means you can always distribute the ball to either one of your strikers, and you're always going to create a 2v2 situation. That's very important that they're both on stay central and come back on the fence. It means when you're defending, they're going to come back a little bit. Don't worry about they won't come back too much, they'll be still far forward because obviously, the patch that came out last year affected how they come how far they come back, but they still go forward now.)

Full-back requirements:

- Min 90 + place (after chem style)

- 80+ short long passing and crossing (after chem style)

- 88+ defending  (after chem style)

- Bonus 80+ dribbling and 85+ Stamina

Attacking-mid requirements:

- 72-85 pace (after chem style)

- 88+ dribbling, passing, shooting (after chem style)

- Min 4 week foot and skill moves

- 85+ stamina with high/medium work rates