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FIFA 21: Will Career Mode be any Different this time?

We've all heard it before; will this iteration of FIFA just be the same game with an updated front cover and a couple new icons? It seems this time around there are some real exciting changes coming to FIFA 21, so let's begin!

FIFA 21 Career Mode

This time around, FIFA 21's career mode has some really interesting and exciting changes coming. Career mode is more or less the default mode that most players find themselves comparing between different iterations of FIFA, but this time around it seems we really have a lot to talk about, with one of the biggest updates in recent years. In career mode, players can control just about every aspect of a club, with the goal of bringing fame and fortune to an up and coming team.

No matter if you are a FIFA addict or just looking to check back on the franchise for 2021, check out the list of features new to FIFA below!

Better AI

AI in FIFA 21 will be much more formidable and smart, not only with more realistic player reactions on the field, but from a team management perspective too.

Interactive Match Simulation Mode

FIFA 21 Gameplay Trailer

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By far the biggest change to career mode coming to FIFA 21. Interactive Match Simulation will let you have more control than ever before when simulating matches. Simulation mode has been updated to not only give more insight into the games themselves, but also let you swap in to take control ofthe match mid-way through either if you think you can sway the match in the event you are on the edge of losing, or if you want to take control of key moments like penalty shots. In the past, sometimes the AI could be frustrating during sim matches, and all you could do was watch. Now you can take control and sway the game yourself! The updated mode even has context based prompts that let you know when key moments are about to happen, in case you want to jump in and try your hand at improving your chances of winning your match. Within the updated simulation mode, you also have access to better match data(player performance, stamina), letting you make choices about game direction from the simulation menu alone.


Transfer Changes, Signing Players

You can now loan to buy players, which is a feature that has been a long time coming. Now you can make deals that assure players will stay with your club from when they are just being loaned to eventually being properly signed, without worrying you might lose them.


Weekly schedule planning

Make decisions about when and how often to have your players do their weekly training, and when they rest. More control over your team's schedule will lead to more control over their readiness stats, which leads us to the next new feature - the new Player Feedback System.


Player feedback system

See players' morale, sharpness, and fitness with the new player feedback system that displays this information in a neat visual format. With one quick look you can take a look at specific players and decide make more informed decisions about when to keep players away from the field for rest or more training. You can even see how playing a player out of position will affect their stats, and make better decisions about how to best roster your available players to win more matches.


Developing Your Players

FIFA 21 Player feedback system

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The player growth system has also been improved quite a lot; see your player attributes grow and change at your direction, and make your existing players more effective at their positions, or change their direction entirely by changing their position entirely.


Exclusive to FIFA 21, we now have a way to train your players to learn the skills needed to effectively play different positions. The overhauled growth system lets you develop players into whatever you think they would excel at, and also makes your roster much more flexible both in the short and long term.


So there we go, this has been a rundown of what to expect in the new career mode for FIFA 21. Be sure to keep an eye out on the official EA website and social media for regular updates as we approach the release of FIFA 21, and for a really enhanced FIFA 21 Ultimate Team experience, check out SSEGold.com for anything and everything related to buying and selling FIFA 21 Coins, Player trades, and more! All platforms are supported, and the service is second to none! Start your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team journey off on the right foot with SSEGold.com.