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Is ESO worth Playing in 2022

About The Elder Scrolls Online

Back in 2014, when ESO was initially released, it was said to be one of the highest budget games (roughly $200M) of all time, because it was quite different from the elder scrolls series where players were mostly accustomed to solo gameplay experience, and this game was Bethesda's first step into the massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre.

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ESO became one of the most anticipated games of 2014 with tons of features, detailed gameplay, and a fantastic storyline. Another big reason for its success might be the cross-platform feature that made it an easily accessible title at the time.

After almost a decade of launch, the community has grown exponentially. But there are still players who find themselves on the fence about trying this game in 2022.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

At the end of this article, you will know how ESO has evolved over time, with better upgrades, game modes and more engaging content to keep itself relevant, and help you decide if ESO is worth playing in 2022!

So let’s get started.

Things you must try in the game

MMORPG lovers will find their taste buds alleviated, as ESO offers it’s unique touch on classic features of the genre. And here are things that you can try in 2022 to have twice the fun :


Exploration is the main concept of the game. If someone loves adventure games then this game has a lot to offer. Ride wherever you want and enjoy the pleasing sceneries without any boundaries. And discover hidden gems, secret quest to upgrade your character faster.


Role-play mode is very enjoyable. You can pretend to be the Bosma (from the forest), read the dialogue, and complete the quests. Or even role-play with other players if you like, and do all the fun stuff as a team.

           Switch up your class

If you always stick to your preferred ESO class and have become good at it, then we suggest switching things up! A change in ESO classes will not only result in different gameplay experiences, but also open up a myriad of side quests and weapon upgrades. Who knows, maybe you will like it better.

            Try PVP ( Player Vs Player )

PVP finds itself less popular because most players prefer to play PVE content in general. But trust me, PVP mode is worth giving a try. Find a decent group in the game or join in if your guild is doing a group run. Maybe, you will become more skilful in PVP mode and thank us later.

            Pick a zone and kill all world bosses

You can literally go into any zone and explore the whole area by yourself. And while you are at it, just go to the map and find out where the bosses’ are located, to kill them, and unlock everything. If you are more into the PVE content then give it a go.

           Try defeating dungeons with just 1 friend

Go in with just two players and try to do a dungeon on your own. We know it will be tough! But that’s the fun part: Adjust with your partner so that you can enjoy the content together and establish a cool synergy when playing the game.

             Become a mentor

If you’re really good at the game, becoming a mentor for new players can be your thing. All you need to do is go to the starting zones and ask new players if they need any help or you can connect with them via in-game chat. Needless to say that you’ll better as player and make more friends in the process, so its a win win.

Enough with the ingame discoveries and achievements. What’s really kept this MMO title afloat all these years are timely upgrades. And that’s what we talk about next.

Upgrades to save the day:

The good thing about the ESO is that its developers are constantly upgrading the game with new content and features to make it even better and engaging for both seasoned as well as new players.

The developing team is closely in touch with the player community, and rely heavily on their feedback to provide a more user-driven game.

Here are some of the key-upgrades that the game has seen after its release.

Additional Content and Stories

If you have completed the game long ago and wonder what new could be in store, then you are in for a surprise : Dozens of chapters are integrated along with some new maps and extended versions of older ones for further exploration. Also the DLCs, PVP, in game customization and a lot more content awaits you.

Diverse Expansions

The game has seen a host of expansion introduced over the years, from smaller DLC packs like scale breaker and rathstone to massive additional continents add-ons for ESO. Everything is designed to give players a new experience every single time. You are not running out of things to do in ESO anytime soon.


As discussed above in the “must try things'' section, the developers have announced that players can expect changes in the PVP mode to make it more unique. What those changes are? Find out here.

Cosmetic Customization

Every year, developers add an abundance of new outfits and cosmetics in the game. So almost everything regarding your character’s appearance is now customizable. Meaning you have all the freedom in the world to make your character look exactly how you want--the armour, the capes, crowns, weapons and even shoes you choose. Absolutely everything.

New Classes, Weapons, and Abilities

In the beginning, there weren’t enough classes to try out as they are now. Every class has access to three different skill lines. Each of those skill lines has abilities that can be levelled up.

Also, the game now has multiple expansions with additional bosses, hence there are also new weapons that can be crafted or picked up after you’ve defeated a boss.

At last we take some time to observe what’s the players liked or disliked about ESO in 2022, so you have better idea :

What players liked:

• Level scaling is wonderful to start with. ESO puts you in a beautiful world with detailed characters and voice overs. That is open to exploring right from the beginning. 

• All of ESOs lore is confirmed Canon which makes it much more interesting, setting a foot in parts of Tamriel's history before Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim.

• Customization is a game changer here, players love the freedom they are given with their characters.

• From class skills, guild skills, to being a werewolf or vampire, whatever you choose has a distinct arc and quests associated with itself.

• PVE is perfected in ESO with both public dungeons and traditional dungeons.

• There is a vast amount of crafting to be done in this game all of which can serve a very important purpose in other areas such as set crafting, food/drink buffs etc.

 Not just that, there is also fishing, stealing, role-playing, guilds, resources, and ESO gold farming that it can help with.

What Players disliked:

• PVP mode is not that charming like other MMORPG games with lag and frequent disconnections.

• The game lags behind in terms of graphics. Especially in combat, and transition animations where you can clearly notice the difference.

• Same old bugs continue popping-up after every new update.

• Trade guilds can't see any of their trade history making them impossible to manage.

• Skill-bars are locking out, making you a sitting target in PVP for the bosses and the enemy.

Final Verdict:

To conclude ESO is a buy once and play forever kind of a MMO title, which tells a lot about the content that gets added from time to time. If you are an MMO fan or even remotely interested in the genre then we would definitely invite you to get sucked into the vast and ever expanding world of ESO.

Choose your own path to progress in this massive open world game and take decisions that will either lead to a reward or a consequence.

Either way one thing is for sure you’ll have loads of fun. And we hope to see you in game someday! By the way, welcome to our ESO Marketplace if you need ESO items, gold and eso power leveling services.