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Tips for the elder scrolls online newbie

Tips for  the elder scrolls online newbie

When you first start playing on the elder scrolls online, you will find that in most cases, each newbie will be at the same level, and your purpose is just to explore and understand the game. You should use this opportunity to group with other newbies and walk through the early dungeons. Not only will you gain experience, but there will also be a lot of loot in each dungeon, which will help you improve your character.

Once you have a rough idea of the elder scrolls online and your level, you can begin to find better weapons and armor. You'll soon be able to enchant. In most cases, you should be able to enchant as fast as possible. This helps maximize your damage output and makes your battle easier and easier when you upgrade and get new and improved weapons.

You can ask a guild, a friend, or a stranger in a local chat to make a training kit for you. I would suggest that you fully experience all of the areas with your first or main role. This means completing all the mission centers and exploring the caves! These tasks are not only very good writing and entertaining, but also offer unique rewards and skills. The cave has sky debris hidden inside them, and also gives good XP. Later will learn to collect every skill point, every sky fragment, and even the importance of each book.

One of the great things about the elder scrolls online is that its world is vast and you can generally explore all of it without getting a single level. Unfortunately, the more you explore, the harder it will be until you're so cool.