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Best ESO Addons for Players

Many players have never used the ESO addons, and they are mainly worried about whether ESO addons are safe to use. There are also many players wondering what are the best addons for ESO or how to install addons to ESO. In this ESO addons guide, we will figure out all the problems and introduce 10 best ESO addons for you.

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Are AddOns allowed in ESO?

Yes, AddOns are allowed in ESO. Many players wonder if ESO addons are totally safe to use or something that will get banned. Downloading any ESO add-ons from third-party site can be very risky if you don't know who owns the site. If you download ESO addons from official and safe website like Esoui, then feel safe to use them.

What are the best AddOns for ESO?

There are many ESO AddOns in the market, what are the best ones? Different ESO addons have different functions, so it is difficult to judge which is the best AddOn for ESO. Here we will recommend 10 good AddOns for ESO and you have options.


QuestMap is one of the best ESO AddOns which will show you all available quests on your map / mini-map. This is purely essential for completionists. You can add pins for completed and uncompleted quests to the world map.
QuestMap Download URL:

Dungeon Tracker

Another great ESO Add-On for completionists is Dungeon Tracker which tracks your dungeon progress across all of your characters. By using this ESO addon, you to see which characters have completed group dungeon, public dungeon or trial, and which have completed the hard mode, timed trial, and no death achievements from the tooltip clearly.
Dungeon Tracker Download link:

Inventory Insight

Inventory Insight can be one of the ESO must have addons. This ESO addon can search items of all your characters. After you installed it, make sure that you login on all your characters and open the bank and chests inventory, in order to index all your items of your characters.
Inventory Insight Download Link:

Bag Space Indicator

Bag Space Indicator is a small ESO add-on that can quickly check the available space of your bag. This ESO add-on makes a small change to the UI to show free space and maximum size of the player and bank.
Bag Space Indicator Download Link:


SkyShards allows you to mark every SkyShard to the world map and compass. With this ESO addon, you can go hunt for as many as skill points from Skyshards.
SkyShards Download Link:

Votan’s Minimap

Votan’s minimap, as its name indicates, reactivates the mini map from ZOS. It is the built-in world map, so this addon for ESO will not slow down your game at all.
Votan’s Minimap Download Link:

Master Merchant

Master Merchant is one of the best ESO addons that will show you the average sale price of ANY items in the guild store. Thus, it is easy for you to decide whether the item is worth keeping or not. This tool may impact your game’s performance. It is recommended to use only if you want to do some trading.
Master Merchant Download Link:

Combat Metrics

Combat Metrics is an ESO Combat mod which will record all your actions during a battle. By using this ESO mod, You can see DPS live along with your group’s total DPS, healing done and damage taken, etc.
Combat Metrics Download Link:


HarvestMap is an indispensable Elder Scrolls Online addon for beginners. It displays every location where you can find resources in, including harvest nodes, fishing spots and chests. This tool can help you find ores, clothing material and farm ESO gold.
HarvestMap Download Link:

Advanced Filters

Although the default inventory has type filters, but it also take you much time to find an item you need. Advanced Filters will shorten the time you need to find exactly what you’re looking for.
Advanced Filters Download Link:

Where do I get AddOns for ESO?

As mentioned above, you can get AddOns for ESO from Esoui. The site is by far the biggest database for ESO addons . You can find many good ESO AddOns there. Another common way to get AddOns for ESO is to download Minion which is a software to find, download and manage ESO AddOns easily.

How do I add AddOns to ESO?

If you download your chosen ESO AddOns from Esoui, you need to extract the files and add the files into your ESO AddOns folder manually. If you have installed Minion, you can log in with your Esoui user account and pick your ESO AddOns to install and manage. You can follow this detailed guide to add AddOns to ESO: How to Install ESO Addons.