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How to unlock Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

This FFXIV guide will walk you through the exact process of unlocking the Island Sanctuary, what you can do in them, how you can invite people to your sanctuary, and how you can visit other player’s islands.

What is an Island Sanctuary?

Since we’re about to talk about Island Sanctuary from top to bottom, might as well talk about what it really is and what you can expect. The island functions separately from the rest of the game, providing resources for crafting things and constructing buildings, which may then be sold for the game's two unique currencies, the Seafarer's Cowrie and the Islander's Cowrie.

Because the island can be left unguarded, it serves as a gathering place for friends, Free Company members, and Party members. Participation in this new feature is optional, but it does provide another way to gain access to materials that would normally need FFXIV Gil or another form of in-game currency.

The first thing you should know is that the Islekeep's Index will become your new best buddy on the Island Sanctuary. There's a menu here with all the options you need to start interacting with the island.

The Index is where you'll go to assign your minions to certain areas, and craft supplies, and view a running tally of what you've collected and where it can be found.

Concurrently, it's crucial to learn the Island Sanctuary's various modes. A mode is an attitude that shapes how you engage with a certain environment. For instance, you'll need to switch to Gather Mode so that you can collect resources from nearby trees and rocks.

Some modes, such as the Sow and Capture ones, require the usage of a special item in addition to the command. The Islekeep Index serves as the central hub for activating all modes. Gathering, crafting, constructing, and completing Visions given by various NPCs on the Island Sanctuary all contribute to your experience and thus your rank.

In addition to providing experience, the Visions will also reveal new locations at which to build, as well as new infrastructure and crafting materials. The vast majority of Visions are simple item-collecting quests. (Check out FFXIV Items on sale now! )However, unlike Visions, the experience gained through a gathering is minimal, and the time spent crafting and constructing is prohibitive.

The resources acquired on the Island Sanctuary can only be utilised within the confines of the Sanctuary. You won't get any Gil from them, but you can use them in crafting or trade them for Seafarer's Cowrie. Furthermore, rather than taking up space in your regular inventory, these items will do so in your Isleventory.

How to Unlock Island Sanctuary in FFXIV?

Well, now is the time we tell you how you can unlock it for yourself. Obtain the level one quest "Seeking Sanctuary" from the Clueless Crier in Old Sharlayan in order to gain access to Island Sanctuary (X: 11.9, Y: 11.0). Unlike many other quests in FFXIV, Island Sanctuary does not have a level requirement, though you will need to have finished the Endwalker MSQ in order to gain access to the unlock quest.

After gaining access to the Island Sanctuary, players of any class or Job can relax there. And while you will be doing some creating and gathering while you're there, you won't need to learn any Disciplines of the Hand or Land to do so. Please come prepared to work and with nothing but yourself.

If you'd like to leave the island, you can do so at any time using Teleport, Return, or the boat that will be waiting for you at (X: 9.2, Y: 28.3). Like Bozja and Eureka, if you're inactive at Island Sanctuary for more than 30 minutes, you'll be transferred out. Those involved in the action at Lower La Noscea will be left (X: 24.9, Y: 34.8).

If you leave Island Sanctuary after unlocking it, you'll need a way to get back. Seek out Baldin in Lower La Noscea (X: 24.9, Y: 34.8), and he will gladly take you back to the island via ferry.

Visit other player’s Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

You absolutely read that right. Island Sanctuary isn't just Exclusive to you, you can visit others as well. Even if you haven't finished Endwalker, you can still go to other players' islands.

To use this feature when talking to Baldin, you'll need to have finished the Patch 2.0 main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon."

In a single time, up to 16 players can explore an island simultaneously, but they can't gather or craft while there. You can go to the islands of your friends, people in your party, and people in your free company.

The island's owner has to mark it as visitable, and they can restrict any of the three above mentioned groups from visiting the Island.

When you talk to Baldin in Lower La Noscea (X: 24.9, Y: 34.8), you can choose to go to your own island or to other people's islands.

Before you can let people into your Cosy Cabin, you have to finish the first tasks from Felicitous Furball and build it. Once you've done that, visit your Islekeep’s Index menu and press the Settings icon to choose who you want to let on your island: friends, free company members, and party members.

Activities to do in the Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

Cabin, cropland, pasture

The Cozy Cabin is where others can visit you on the island. It has an Orchestrion for playing music. The Cozy Cabin isn't just for group shots. There are essential NPCs like the Horrendous Hoarder, who sells Seafarer's and Islander's Cowrie goods. They sell equipment and supplies. This facility doesn't craft or cultivate materials, yet it serves as a hub because many vital regions are nearby. It's the only building you can customise.

Croplands surround your Cosy Cabin. This area has places to grow plants. First, move to Sow Mode to plant seeds, then Water Mode to water the crop. Rain won't affect the second step. Crop materials can be utilised to make Pasture animal food.

The Pasture is where you can engage with your captured critters. Feed, Pet, and Beckon Modes are utilised to bond with each creature. Creature Comforter NPC can check the status of your animals.

Workshops and Sites

The Workshop allows you to export handicrafts. Once the building is ready, talk to the Tactful Taskmaster NPC to start on the Isleworks Agenda. The agenda lets you arrange the manufacturing of products utilising island supplies, but each item takes real-time hours to craft. You can plan to craft and collect later.

Second, build landmarks. These constructions require particular plots to build and buff NPC island labourers. Building one of these will help your island rank. They take 11-12 hours to finish.


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