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How To Get Rare Things in Elder Scrolls Online?

Do you want to know where you can find cool or rare things in Elder Scrolls Online? Check our list below for rare ESO items and how you too can acquire them!

Fire-Forged Maul

The Fire-Forged Maul is a two-handed weapon style. The style takes the form of a maul. It emits smoke and flaming particle effects while drawn. (Cool, right?)

Lucky for you – this weapon style is extremely easy to get. All you need to do is enter one of the two new dungeons included in the Flames of Ambition DLC. In order to access The Cauldron or Black Drake Villa dungeon you must either have an active Elder Scrolls Online Plus subscription or purchase the standalone DLC pack from the Crown Store, which costs 1500 or 4000 crowns depending on exactly which pack you wish to buy. The best part is you don’t even need to complete the dungeons – only enter them.

If you don’t know where the dungeons are - the Cauldron dungeon can be found in Deshaan, whereas Black Drake Villa dungeon is located in the Gold Coast. Travel to either location after accepting the dungeon’s associated quest. Both of the new dungeons can be completed in Normal or Veteran mode, and Black Drake Villa's got an optional hard mode for an even bigger challenge. Its as simple as that!


Trueflame is a unique one-handed sword, which in my opinion, is the rarest weapon in the game.

You probably didn’t even know it existed. Well, that's because the developers most likely added this weapon by accident. At launch, you could catch this item while fishing in Stonefalls. Since then, the drop rate has been patched, and the weapon cannot be acquired from trading. Sadly, this weapon cannot be obtained any longer. Although, there have been some claims that it can still be acquired from fishing in Stonefalls, however, at an extremely low drop rate.

Not to be confused with the Trueflame set or Trueflame campaign.

Velothi Triptych, Volcano

Velothi Triptych Volcano is a pricey painting.

True veterans of Elder Scrolls Online know that weapons aren’t the only things worth collecting. Everyone loves to customize their home in Elder Scrolls Online and I for one, have spent tons ofhours doing exactly that. One house item in particular: Velothi Triptych, Volcano, an epic painting, has been sold, on average, for a staggering amount of 950000!

So how can you get hold of this pricey painting? They can be found in treasure chests, thieves’ troves, and safeboxes, in the Vvardenfell zone only. However, they have an extremely low drop rate – which is what makes them so expensive. If you are lucky enough to get one – consider yourself extremely lucky.

Radiant Apex Mounts

I don’t know about you, but there is something spectacular about riding around the fields of Tamriel on a magical, mythical beast. Especially ones that are so rare and sought after. (Did I forget to mention that they look jaw dropping?)

These incredibly rare mounts can only be acquired by opening Crown Crates. If you want one of these mounts, you will need to spend some real money, and their drop rate is only 0.6% per chest. The one pictured above can no longer be acquired.

Runebox: Clockwork Reliquary

We all want to look cool while slaying enemies, right? This Dwarven themed costume certainly stands out among some other cosmetics.

It made my list because, although not extremely rare, it is somewhat difficult to obtain. Difficult in the sense that you will most likely spend a lot of hours farming for this. Why? Well, for starters this costume drops from enemies in the mini-trial Asylum Sanctorium. And it only drops on Veteran Mode Asylum Sanctorium, making it a very challenging (and time consuming) item to farm. And secondly, you probably already guessed it… It’s has a very low drop rate.

V5 Purple provisioning recipes

VR5 purple foods make a huge difference in the capabilities of a player. 

Because it provides increases to 3 stats, and this item is sure to put a dent in your bank. These little bad boys sell on average for 300k. I once saw a guild offer where someone was offering to sell one for 1 million. I even saw someone offering $100 real life cash for one of these and no one wanted to sell – that's how rare they are!

In Early access of Elder Scrolls Online, these purple V5 recipes were found in the starter areas. Few weeks later, the drop rate was patched and now very few have found these little buggers.

So how can you make bank from acquiring one of these? Players are having the most success with these 2 locations: Craglorn, and Cyrodiil dungeons (humanoids). Alternatively, provisioning recipes in ESO are found in drawers, cupboards, cabinets and other interactable containers. Vendors do not sell them. You can also get your hands on them by trading with other players. (Not likely to happen)

And that's it for my list of my most rare items in Elder Scrolls Online and where you can find them. We also sell a ton of items for Elder Scrolls Online, including ESO Gold- which you can totally buy here at SSEGold.

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